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Discussion in 'Eastern Philosophy' started by Dionysus, Jan 29, 2003.


Psychoactive Drugs

  1. Quite useful, I recommend.

    9 vote(s)
  2. Has uses, but I am cautious about use.

    6 vote(s)
  3. Depends on the individual.

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  4. There is no beneficial use.

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  1. Empty Dragon Empty Registered Senior Member

    How so?

    I came across this in a meditation book I was reading. It was in the Faq's. "Can you do Daoist water meditation on Canabis"

    Relaxing Into Being by B.K. Frantzis

    Don't Forget it distorts the chi and impaires clarity.

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  3. Blue_UK Drifting Mind Valued Senior Member

    Wow - didn't see this thread.

    I have done just about all the basic recreational drugs there are (except Heroin or Crack).

    My opinions of recreational drugs have changed dramatically - I am no longer in favour.

    As far as the psychedelics go, I have not taken enough to do my self (noticeable) damage. But I would strongly recommend not getting into cannabis or ecstasy. They made me a lot less intelligent. Specifically, in the memory department. I still think my logic is good, but the memory is certainly not as it was. This is highly irritating for someone who would like to make use his brain.

    My mates who advocate their use always say:
    Everything in moderation
    But that means nothing more than:
    Do everything in the amount that you should
    It would be more useful to say:
    If moderation is less than dosage then do not take the drug

    Defining moderation to mean "the maximum amount which causes no noticable damage", and dosage to mean "the minimum amount which gives a desired effect".
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  5. river-wind Valued Senior Member

    I have gone through expiriences where the walls were melting, bubbling, things became pixelated and broke into peices. I flew, I frooze. I've been to mountain tops and sea bottoms. I have seen souls, and the silver threads which bind souls and worlds. I have forseen deaths, and felt the heat of the blood of peopleI've killed.

    And I've only smoked pot twice (both times were after 90% of the above occured), and nothing harder than that. I don't drink more than a beer a month. Meditation kicks ass.
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  7. river-wind Valued Senior Member

    In medical terms:
    LD=Lethal Dose
    ED=Effective Dose

    We should officially add a third classification, DD=Damage Dose

    The LD of pot is huge (off the scale), but the DD is pretty close to the ED (bad). However, one must also keep in mind the differing levels of effect from different drugs. the ED of Extasy is much lower than that of pot, but it's effects are much stronger, and it's LD is dangerously low.

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