Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by Number Six, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. Number Six Registered Member

    I love having a good dream. Sometimes they are like a really good personal movie. What's been a memorable dream for you? I'll post mine when I've woken up.
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  3. SoLiDUS OMGWTFBBQ Registered Senior Member

    A personal re-creation of the Terminator 2 introduction (2029 AD).

    It all happened in my hometown, but after a nuclear weapon had
    dropped on it. The machines were everywhere and my rifle wasn't
    nearly enough firepower to hold ground so a friend and I grabbed
    a truck (like in the movie) and split: too many ground tanks were
    approaching. He took the wheel, I took the gun turret. Somebody
    else joined me in the back... but I'm not sure who. Anyway, after
    turning the corner, we went down the hill, turned left on the main
    road and a flying machine passed over us really fast: I shot a lot
    but missed and at about 100 meters away, he slowed down and
    turned to come at us (really neat, too). He shot at us and one of
    the lasers hit the guy next to me, making him fall off the truck.
    We exchanged fire and I got hit right in the forehead: the feeling
    of getting shot in the face is very interesting indeed. I felt a crush
    (if that helps) and woke up with a slight headache!

    In any case, one of the coolest dreams I've had: very realistic and
    engaging. The funny thing is, I was never 'aware' or 'conscious'
    that I was dreaming: I'm always an observer in my own dreams...
    I could tell you about my dream with ninjas and some other shit
    but I'll let someone else take over.

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  5. IXL777 mature with wisdom Registered Senior Member

    I dreamt I was a log..and ended up in the fireplace.

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  7. Number Six Registered Member


    I work night shifts occasionally and yesterday morning from coming in from work I thought I would unwind before retiring to bed by having a quick game of Counter Strike.

    Anyway I eventually went to bed and I actually had a dream that I was really running around some rocky environment playing counter strike. It was quite realistic apart from the fact that I had a swiss army knife to try and defend myself !!!!
  8. A Canadian Why talk? When you can listen? Registered Senior Member

    my most memorial dream was the one i had that seemed like a laser light show

    aliens where shooting shit at earth destroying it, but thing i saw no aliens, no space ships, just lights of differnt colors, shapes, size, brightness, etc etc

    it was a SWEEEEET dream, was just a total light show!!

    also i had a dream once where i was in my basement, fell off a ladder, it seemed to take 5 minutes to fall then before i hit the ground i woke up winded

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    dreams kick ass!!! best dreams i get are after a night of drinking ehhe
  9. Nightpoet Registered Senior Member

    This was a few nights ago. The most important part of the dream was this:
    I was with this guy (may have been Brandon Boyd from Incubus, as I had just been watching a show about them, and the guy had the same build, hair, etc, but i didn't see the face) and his mom. WE were on a cliff, and this guy was giving helicopter rides, except, you held on to a bar on the bottom of the helicpoter, but weren't strapped in or anything. We told him not to, but the guy went ahead anyway. The helicopter headed out over the forest (we were quite a ways up from the ground, obviously) and the guy started slipping. He regained his hold, and the helicopter was about to turn around and head back cause the pilot knew something was wrong. BUt the guy hanging on to the bar passes out and loses his grip. He falls, and its excrutiatingly long and meanwhile I"m frantically trying to come up with some brilliant idea to save him, but I know there's nothing that can be done. So he hits bottom and obviously dies. His mother and i are devasted, and hte dream goes on, but that's all I really remember.
  10. Julie Registered Member

    I dreamt I was a witch ...and ended up in the fireplace...It was the most horrible and the most exiting nightmare in my life .

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  11. Crystallized Blood Registered Member

    I only remember my nightmares...so mine are all kind of terrifying and ending in death... :bugeye:
  12. sciencegeek Registered Senior Member

    These are my two most memorable dreams. The first one I fall asleep and wake up in this midevil English village. Everything looks like it was from the 16th century with the exception of this one building in the center of the village. It was a totally modernized art gallery. All the people in the town were miserable because their children were gone. In the gallery there were tons of painting with English children in them. The gallery was run by some old woman that looks like Maggie Smith. She explained to me that there was a terrible curse on the town. Dark forces had imprisoned the children in the paintings and that they were waiting for the one to defeat the evil force and save the kids. She insisted that I was the one who could save them and restore order to the village. So I examined the paintings until I reached one at a dark part of an out of the way prtion of the gallery, a strange hallway. It was glowing with rainbow colors swirling around in circles until I can make a figure out of it. Out of the painting ran a psycotic screaming wallaby wearing a blue button down shirt. I punched it in the nose and ripped it's shirt off as it lunged for me. After it's shirt was off it turned into a little boy. The old woman turned young and all the children appeared in their homes.
    Then later I had a dream that I was doing the laundry and Gollom, from Lord Of The Rings, sprung out of the hamper screaming for his precious. His precious turned out to be a pair of christmas socks. Hee started climbing up me and trying to get these still dirty socks. So I made him my servant. I made him clean the garage and do the laundry. Then he took the socks and disappeared into the hamper again.
  13. A Canadian Why talk? When you can listen? Registered Senior Member

    i think this thread should be moved to the correct forum catagory....

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