Does anyone take this ET forum seriously?

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Double Overdrive, Jun 6, 1999.

  1. To me this forum is becoming very cluttered & filled with a couple advertisments, ect... I don't think the moderator is doin such a good job at clearing the junk!

    We live, we die, WHO CARES!
    -Double Overdrive
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  3. Dave Guest

    I think it's time for davew to block unregistered seems that's where 99% of the crap is coming from.
    As usual a pile of idiots are starting to cram junk on what started out as a great forum area.
    All I've seen from unregies is:
    Smart-ass child-like remarks.
    Rediculous new posts.
    No I.D. on poster.( no guts to face the comebacks via email! - and I'd be one of the many who would jamn up their accounts with 100's of garbage forward mailings to show my appreciation of their efforts here! Last idiot that sent me junk mail got 965 returns for their trouble!)
    I think I''ll write davew and point this out.
    It's wrecking all the work he has been puttting into this!
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  5. DaveW Guest

    Only registered users may start new topics here. Unregistered users can still reply to existing messages.

    This should reduce the crap-level. (Plus, I'll be deleting some of the more trivial postings)

    Note: This is only for the Aliens forum. All other forums are still entirely public.
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  7. DaveW Guest

    I've decided to make this whole Aliens forum restricted to registered users only, for now. I'm not enjoying weeding out the crap-postings.

    (I think a junior high class may have gotten wind of this website - I was emailed by a random student. Hopefully the ever-shortening attention span of teenagers will rectify the situation

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  8. Dave Guest

    Good Call, Davew!

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