Does America have Chavs?

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by The Flemster, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. SoyArtista Registered Member

    That sounds like all of the illegal hispanics around here. The cars are outrageous!
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  3. Thor "Pfft, Rebel scum!" Valued Senior Member

    I'm gonna start taking pictures of examples of the cars. With the money they spend doing it up (or from stealing the parts) they could easily afford a more expensive, and nicer looking, car.

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    That is one of the better examples I've seen. I just love the sound. You can hear a chav car from about a mile away cos they have borderline illegal mufflers. Think of the sound of a Ferrari coming out of a 1.2l Citroen AX.

    Someone I work with spent about a year doing up his cheap ass Renault into this black monstrosity with white Japanese decals (which he didn't know the meaning of - I hope it said "Twat") and two days after he finished it...a great big 8tn lorry smashed into it while it was parked and completely wrote it off. His modifications were not covered by the insurance. I obviously laughed my fucking ass off.

    Also, another style of chav car are the burnt out ones left on the roadside that appear every other night. They were chav cars for one night only and probably was yours two days ago.
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  5. devils_reject Registered Senior Member

    America! Now there's a society capable of making you proud of anything including yourself, which is where I think discourages intellectual prodictivity
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  7. Oxygen One Hissy Kitty Registered Senior Member

    I don't know, Thor. You say they sound like Ferraris, but the rice burners around here all sound like dirt bikes in need of a good mercy killing. I know they can buy things that give off the sound effects of a larger engine, but it's like a recording or something. It has nothing to do with the actual motor. I don't know how they work, but it's kind of like putting glitter on a turd.

    Now, I've seen some that look like the owner put some serious work into the little thing. They're really nice custom jobs for their class, and I've noticed that these guys don't drive them like dicks. Probably it's because they have jobs and worked hard for the money to doll their cars up, and that's something I can respect. These are also the guys who usually don't have huge-ass stickers plastered all over the car. (We joke around that every sticker adds 5hp.)

    The silliest thing I've ever seen, however, was a little Nissan all slammed, big spolier, the whole nine yards with fancy script on the rear window that read (get this):
    God, how I wish I'd have had my camera! We almost had to pull over we were laughing so hard! I guess all the little Einstein knew was that "inertia" has something to do with movement. Yeah, duh! The lack of it!

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  8. Thor "Pfft, Rebel scum!" Valued Senior Member

    I wouldn't say they sound like Ferrari's...more if you didn't know what car it was you could swear the sound came from a car with some power but as soon as you see it coming from a Renault Clio the illusion is promptly shattered and you see the whole car as a total fraud.

    I too have seen some very nice custom jobs i.e. suped up Skylines and Supras. But oh god, there's this guy in the city I live near that has copied the green car from Fast and the Furious to the exact detail. Not only has he gone and raped a perfectly decent car in every single orafice, but he's also gone and proven that he has no taste and style of his own.

    And I had to chuckle at the "Inertia" thing. "Wooo! Inertia means movement right. Yeah! Let's put that on my window. That's the mutts nuts!!" Scary thing is, that could very well be the thought process involved.

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    I've got my camera on me at all times (even at work) so I'm gonna try and snap some chavs. The supermarket I go to for lunches at work is like a haven for these people.
  9. Oxygen One Hissy Kitty Registered Senior Member

    They hang out at the supermarket??? Hoo-boy. At least in Modesto they hang out near liquor stores and sports bars (presumably so they can pretend they're old enough to go in).

    Now, there is a club around the valley here for owners of old Datsun 240Zs and 280Zs. To get in you can have it either customized or restored, but you at least have to be taking good care of it. I don't know much about these models, but I understand they can hold their own with the big boys. These guys may look like chavs ("chavvish"?), but they seem to show a bit more style and taste, even in their choice of hang-outs. They're usually found at the local bar & grills, either the Roadhouse, the Tuscany Grille, Velvet Creamery, or the Elephant Bar.
  10. The Flemster Unstoppable sex machine Registered Senior Member

    Wiggers they aint.
    And they aren't anywhere NEAR MTV/Urban 'cool'. At least the black American (and to some point English) 'ghetto' existence has a visable trail leading back to kinda explain the anger and resentment felt by the (mostly) young black male.
    Here, these litlle shitfuck quaterwits mainly come from middle class households or sprawling but safe council estates. Any 'urban warfare' they encounter is entirely their own making. They really think they're rebelling, unaware of the fact they're all dressed like trainee sports teachers. They sound like retarded Burger King employees and 99% of the little cunts have absolutely no fucking balls whatsoever.
    Their motto really is 'Safety In Numbers'.
    Get the mongoloid twats alone and their arses fall clean out of their market-bought, knock-off Adidas tracksuits bottoms.
    Oh, and when I were a lad, tracksuits enjoyed a resurgence then too... Shell Suits, anyone?

    The Flemster.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2005
  11. Xylene Valued Senior Member

    First time I've heard the word, to be honest. We don't call them Chavs here--what we get are young Maoris, Islanders and white trash who dress up like a bunch of greasy pimps, and think they're the coolest thing since the fridge was invented. They look like a bunch of total dorks, IMO.
  12. ReighnStorm The Smoke that Thunders Registered Senior Member

    Sounds like you guys are just haters....these people and the others mentioned seem to be comfortable being who they wanna be.....R U

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  13. Thor "Pfft, Rebel scum!" Valued Senior Member

    Yes we are haters. I fucking hate them with a passion. Hell, I say put them in 'Final Solution' style ghettos or send them to "re-education" centres cos these people are just scum. Yes it's racist but it's a social disease. Since when are people PC towards tumours? I'd be embarrassed to be one. Many of them make terrible parents and just further the arguement for eugenics (recently saw a programme where a chav family had a 10year boy who was addicted to cigarettes...been smoking since he was four) or some form of license for having children. Hell, most of my old primary school class were parents before they left secondary school.

    And I am indeed comfortable being me, I just don't like recieving 'casual' death threats every time I glance in the general direction of one of these plebs.

    Here's a tip for people: Look straight through them. Look at them but imagine say a table lamp is behind them and you're trying to look at that with x-ray glasses. Do this especially if you're walking past a group of them outside the local offie or McDonalds. Pisses them right off but they don't know how to respond to it.
  14. Oxygen One Hissy Kitty Registered Senior Member

    "Hater"? Is that, like, an occupation or something? You're one of them, aren't you?

    So up the street comes some snot-nosed 16 year old wearing big, flappy pants that Bozo the Clown rejected. They're hanging down around his knees, but you really can't see because he's also wearing a nightshirt, or else an incredibly long t-shirt. His baseball cap apparently didn't come with instructions, so it's on backwards as though it's making some kind of statement other than "I copied this style from grade schoolers of the 1930's." One hand is firmly attached to his crotch like he can't stop fondling himself. He's got a 12 pound Oakland Raiders pendant hanging around his neck which copies the 472 others plastered all over his car (just so you don't think he's a 49ers fan or a Packers fan). He's trying desperately to grow a moustache and goatee, apparently unaware that such things are called "Castro Street Bullseyes". (Feel free to ask if you need an elaboration on this.) He's stooped over like a gorilla with a spine problem, slurs half of his words, and the other half end in "-izzle" or some other such infantile expression. He doesn't have to show anybody else any kind of decent, basic human respect, but you'd better respect him because he's "keepin' it real", or at least as real as Wal-Mart and the latest japanese cartoon says he should. He doesn't have to control his own actions or emotions. You just have to be careful not to piss him off. As we used to say back in the 70's (even before I was a teenager), "He thinks he's hot shit in a wine glass, but he's just cold diarrhea in a Dixie cup."

    Can anybody help me find something to like about these fools?
  15. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    5,196 some kinda racist bitch or something?
    Also, they're called wiggers here. Not Chavs, fucko.
  16. Nysse God is dead Registered Senior Member

    What has race got to do with detesting Chavs, exactly?
    Just because some of them are of an ethnic background and The Flemster obviously dislikes the group as a whole hardly makes him a “racist bitch”, does it?
    Half of these tryhard Chavs are pubescent white schoolboys, anyway.
  17. The Flemster Unstoppable sex machine Registered Senior Member

    Fuck, Hapsburg, who shit in your cereal this morning?
    I AM quite racist, actually, but race is not an issue here.
    In fact, most of these cunty little Chav fucks are white, pretending to be black. It's pathetic and embarrassing.
    Try spending a couple of nights in East London, surrounded by these shitcunts outside of a chipshop or MacDonalds, and tell me you don't want to erase their very existence too.

    And chill out man, not everything is about race, even if it is to you.

    The Flemster.
  18. Oxygen One Hissy Kitty Registered Senior Member

    Most of them here are brown or black with some orientals thrown in for flavor. The white kids around here are either skaters or born-again stoners rediscovering their Heavy Metal heritage.
  19. Russ723 Relatively Hairless Ape Registered Senior Member

    Christina Aguilera and Eminem were first to pop into my head when I heard your description.

    Isn't Jordan the one who attempted to run on a political platform of free breast implants for all?

    We have plenty of these in America, they would be able to save for a 5.0 or something if not for the crap ricer mods (many of which slow the car down).

    The addidas phenomenon!

    Why would someone want to look like they are auditioning for the sopranos every fucking day?
  20. The Flemster Unstoppable sex machine Registered Senior Member

    It seems you Damn Yankees have a better selection of cars for the Chavs to ride in.
    Mustangs and the like?
    The little waste of spunks over here can barely get to a 1.0 engined French imported death trap (see pics above) but probably could if they didnt waste so much on trying to look so 'individual' (ie: the same as each other)!

    The Flemster.
  21. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    You sound significantly white trash I'm afraid.
    If you think having a faster hotter car than them makes you better you clearly don't understand why they suck in the first place.
    The fact they're impressed and fascinated by car modifications is what firmly positions them, and you, at the bottom of the social ladder. The fact they can't afford good modifications is only the icing on the cake.

    But then there's this glimmer of hope that if they actually had money they might snap out of it and grow up, perhaps even laugh at how fixated they were on crap. They have the excuse that they're penniless dreamer teenagers.
    You're a married adult and the family car is a "hotted up 92 camaro", which you're proud of, and you race it.
    That is just absolutely pathetic.
    You've settled on being a white trash family. They might rise out of the scum, it's still a possibility, but you've taken root in it.

    And now you go around racing teenagers' honda civics and feeling all cool because you've worked at the burger depot long enough to become manager, so you can afford "sweet mods" for the camaro and smugly chuckle at their slightly cheaper lamer mods.
    Gee, it must be lonely at the top, hotshot.
    Give me a break.
  22. Oxygen One Hissy Kitty Registered Senior Member

    Lou White trash? What makes liking to race "white trash"? You obviously don't know the definition of the term. We're middle-class profesionals with an appreciation for quality, and I'm afraid those little toy cars just don't cut it in our class.

    We don't race strictly teenagers. We just race. We're both car nuts. We'll take anybody. Okay, so the '63 Corvette hopped (not hotted) up to the gills left us in the dust. We've even had our bow-tie behinds spanked by some really hopped up ponies. What do you expect? Those things were real screamers. And not all of these little ricers are teenagers. Some are adults with decent jobs who are trying to play like they're teenagers. When one of these little twats comes strutting up to us like we're supposed to bow or something, we'll happily take the dare and give them a good spanking. We like to compete, but these ricers really should learn when they're out of their league. But I dare say, you sound jealous, so let's stop talking smack. What do you have?

    P.S. I won't race my Ford against anything, but I did use it to pull a ricer out of the ditch when he went to race it (a '68 Ford F-100 with a 3-speed? Come on! It can't race a turtle stampeding through peanut butter!) and lost traction all over the road when he romped on it. I felt sorry for the kid because it looked like it was his first car and was actually trying to make something out of it. He just needed to develop the old driving skills a little better. It takes more than a fancy wing on the back (of a front-wheel drive car? What the fuck are they thinking?) and a bunch of japanese character decals to be good.
  23. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    There's always going to the rich and the poor. Until the poor can combine themselves into a collective in which to take over the political party and start to change the system, the rich will always control the poor. Since there are more poor people then someone should stand up for their rights amnd start to change the status quo.

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