Do you have USPS Informed Delivery®.???

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by cluelusshusbund, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. cluelusshusbund + Public Dilemma + Valued Senior Member

    Its kinda neet to get a pic of mail or a package in email befor its delivered to you.!!!
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  3. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    picture paints a thousand words and panders to facebook crypto currency

    instagram your parcel so you give free advertising for mail companys who are about to start battling for global dominance with amazon...

    the slight of hand is
    putting the discretionary cash cost back on top as a premium add on option
    which doesn't add any liability or real cost.
    charging $1.00 for a $00.01 cent picture is good business
    it also doesn't make the company more accountable.
    it makes a tiny difference when attempting to find a hopelessly lost item in the transfer stations.
    and it makes good customer service appearance by being able to send the person who has not recorded anything a picture of what is missing to make them feel your in control of something they have lost.
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  5. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    amazon using only facebook crypto currency to add a picture...
    would corner the market quite well
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  7. cluelusshusbund + Public Dilemma + Valued Senior Member

    A while back i sent a package by way of USPS an the postman said it woud arrive in 3 days.!!!
    After 10 days i told 'em that package didnt arrive... they asked for a copy of my receipt to mail it an a pitcher an discription of the item sent... an after i sent the requested info they said they woud hunt for the package... well... the package arrived after 3 weeks... unopened an in excelent shape... then a couple of times they notified me that they was still lookin for it... an by the 3rd mounth they just said... sorry... we coudnt find you'r package

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    I desided to sigh up for USPS Informed Delivery after i read... if you dont sign up or opt-out... sombody else wit some facts about you (angry X spouse/jilted lover/hackers/porch-pirates) coud sign up in you'r name and have the pics of you'r mail/packages sent to ther email account.!!!
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  8. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    quiet fascism to serve the might insurance companys

    mail processing
    compulsory scanning, with compulsory pictures of every package
    then compulsory loading of personal details to a picture of a package, then creating a data base full of pictures and names showing items and addresses and names ...

    now that the mail companies are about to go globalAsstion(globalisation) they will be competing against cost leveraged service reduction cost cutting on delivering less as more to a customer who has not received what they have paid for or whom someone else has paid for as a service.

    the large companys can just play dumb and give bad service
    the smaller companys lose business and loss money
    This is one of the majour faults with Lassair Faire Capitalism
    without strong regulation you get a false unstable market that can fall over easily and become a monopoly holding the entire country to ransom over a system that cant be run by anyone except them.

    this was one of the main ideological market imperatives that the alt-right decried of the US postal system and why it should be asset stripped and have all its profit given away for free to private company investors... for nothing.

    "as long as we dont have to employ americans or pay modern wages" cried the American company owner waiving the stars n stripes calling themselves patriots.
  9. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    roomies, work-mates, neighbors ...
    family members
    remember the majority of personal financial theft is from family members
    as far as lost mail is concerned.. parcels...
    probably 75\25 accidental loss and theft from a company employee
    stealing from peoples houses is probably a very very small %.

    the hours that the company spends trying to track parcels to avoid having their insurance company send them a rude letter threatening to increase their customer liability premiums, drives their cost cutting.

    does the company spend $100.00 trying to find a $50.00 item they can replace for $25.00 AND risk getting their claim ratio soo close to the top that regulation for liquidity becomes an issue with compulsory cash holdings ?

    then a company executive steals millions from their self insurance slush fund lol
    then they get audited lol

    modern parcel digital tracking has wiped out the psychiatric patients who use to work as mail service and steal bags of mail.

    engaging in these click bait ideas to up-skill their digital processing to make their costs less, is just adding to your own personal risk by creating more data about yourself which in turn they must store somewhere.
    that storage usually gets written back to the customer who must then sign off saying they accept the data is stored and or deleted at the company discretion.
    which tends to invalidate the customer protection process for customer loss of an item.

    "why didn't you report your lost item earlier?"
    because i didn't know someone was sending it !!!!!
    "sorry but you have reported it too late for us to keep a picture so we cant track it properly for you.
    we will let you know if we find anything...
    back around to the start again with cavemen banging rocks on cave walls...

    ... "if you wish us to track it for you and validate the insurance, you need to keep your track email pictures with names and personal data"
    ... who does ?
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