Do we roll the dice with salvation?

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by stanleyg, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. stanleyg Cranky old fool Registered Senior Member

    Can we agree that Jesus said that he is the light?

    Light is a form of energy. Energy is necessary for power or life. If something loses it power then it dies. We apply these terms in everyday life.

    For Example:

    *My car engine died
    *My battery died
    *My lights died

    Death is the loss or disconnection of energy.

    So the question is where do we connect our source of energy to have life?

    The human body receives it source of energy from oxygen or blood that is transported through our cardiovascular system to our major organs to sustain life.

    The life of the human body is temporal. It loses its source of power after X number of hours.

    According to the scriptures God breathe a breath of life into Adam and he became a living soul.

    Our soul requires an energy source same as our physical body.

    The energy source of our soul survives on the oxygen and blood from our light.

    Of course if our soul becomes disconnected from its energy source then it too can die same as the human body dies when it loses oxygen or blood.

    Our soul owns the property to rise. It can lift up or settle down. If it rises, then it becomes disconnected from its power source and dies.

    Leaven causes our soul to rise up. When our soul rises, then it becomes stubborn. It can't receive the light from its energy source. It begans to move in darkness. This leads the soul to stumble and fall. It has no guide.

    The light has to burn the soul when it becomes stubborn and useless.
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  3. mis-t-highs I'm filling up Registered Senior Member

    no there is no evidence that a jesus person every lived, so the answer can only be no, but we can say the the bible myth writers, made the fictional character called jesus say those things.
    thanks for the biology lesson, but not needed.
    a little longer than that I hope.
    the word soul and the word spirit both formerly meant breath.
    this is different to your link, it's wikipedia
    there is no evidence for this thing, you call a soul/spirit, it's pure fiction.
    wtf are you talking about. the soul/jesus/god are all products of fiction.
    I doubt very much, if you'll getting anyone to agree with you here.
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  5. Cris In search of Immortality Valued Senior Member


    As yet no historical evidence can be presented that shows he ever existed. Everything that he is claimed to have said was invented by myth-makers many decades after his alleged death. So no we have no agreement on what this alleged character might have said.

    Also the “light” concept is common to most religions. It is a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment so naturally all claim it to help their particular fantasies.

    Yes this is typical of ancient superstitions and many religious myths use this concept. Soul/spirit comes from the concepts of air and breath. In earlier more ignorant times it was noted that when someone died they had no breath and hence arose the idea that breath was somehow a spirit that would leave the body and float around in the ether somewhere. From that came all the ideas of evil spirits that could be breathed in and cause all the known diseases of those times. We now know the real purpose of breath and clearly it has nothing to do with this ancient ignorant superstition.

    Here you fail to make a connection between the need of a physical body for energy and the needs of a soul. You have left the soul undefined and it is unclear what its needs might be. The common speculation is that souls are immortal and hence do not need energy in the classic sense.

    The other problem with the soul concept is that it is no longer clear what it is meant to do. In times of ignorance about brain function the soul was seen as the source of thought, emotion, and memory. We now know the brain does all that so what role would a soul perform?
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  7. battig1370 Registered Senior Member

    salvation? = eternal life?

    "Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?" > Luke 10:25-37

    Those that shall inherit eternal life/salvation are discribed in Matt. 25:31-46

    Peace be with you, Paul

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