difference between intelligence augmentation and intelligence amplification

Discussion in 'Intelligence & Machines' started by Cyrus the Great, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Cyrus the Great Registered Senior Member


    Would you kindly tell me the difference between the following?especially I am confused with their differences.

    Intelligence amplification

    Intelligence augmentation

    Moreover, if I am right, would you please explain each part and give me some example about each one?(what does here mean external and internal?)

    1. Intelligence augmentation has made of two parts(external and internal)

    2. Intelligence amplification has made of two parts(external and internal)
    I have found some sources but somehow I can understand...:

    Source: englishforeveryone.org/PDFs/Advanced%20Critical%20Reading%20-%20Intelligence%20Augmentation.pdf

    Source: aleph.se/Trans/Individual/Intelligence/

    Source: urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=intelligence%20amplification
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  3. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    There's no difference. Amplification and augmentation mean essentially the same thing in this context.
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  5. wellwisher Banned Banned

    I picture augment to mean to add something, like a breast enlargement is an augmentation which adds to the breast. Whereas an amplification would make use of what is already there and brings it out better, like a pushup bra.

    In terms of intelligence, an augmentation may require adding new code for additional tricks. Whereas an amplification would make performance improvements out of the existing logic.
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  7. ZMacZ Registered Senior Member

    I'd say augmentation is the only way it works...

    augmentation means to add stuff that will make you more intelligent..
    but amplification sounds like a multiplier..and that's not possible..(repetitiveness..)

    A simple augmentation would be an eye socket having been fitted with an extrnal device that allows you to 'see' (experience)) a HUD..
    And that HUD providing stuff like pre-processing that responds to numbers and questions..

    Like if you'd say "what's 6479x32478 ?" and the 'HUD' showing you the result...

    Or a device that does stuff and is hooked up into your brain that allows for complex mathematics to be performed and the results being 'uploaded' into ur brain..

    Or maybe an extra device that helps parts of the brain to become more usefull..

    But all these are augmentation..not amplification..

    An amplifier would make your brain smarter by a factor..and with repeated result infinite..so..nope..I'd say augmentation..not amplification..

    (but it's dependent on the definitions..)

    Personally..I believe brain augmentation is surely possible..but not amplification..
  8. !!!!!batman!!!!! Registered Member

    i would have to agree with wellwisher in that augmentation implies adding something that wasn't there where amplification enhances what is already there.

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