Did you burn ants?

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by S.A.M., Aug 13, 2006.


Did you burn ants?

  1. Yes I did it once

  2. Yes I did it several times

  3. No never

  4. I'm male

  5. I'm female

  6. I'd rather not say

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. shorty_37 Go! Canada Go! Registered Senior Member

    I couldn't do it! I would

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  3. Enmos Registered Senior Member


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  5. Thrylix Registered Member

    Never burned ants. I stepped on them all the time though. Still do if I see the puny bastards in my vicinity. For one thing, it's fun watching them try to run from the impending doom that looms over them (my feet), and two, they're just bugs, so their lives don't matter. I'm someone who has no problem squashing things that are smaller than me. I don't make it an activity, but I've no problem demolishing the occasional anthill that's nearby, or slapping mosquitoes and flies with my hands. Sometimes I'll stand over an ant colony war and slowly bring my foot down over the entire battle and crush a hundred of them at once.

    I don't like bugs and I have no responsibility to save them. At best, their existence only serves to amuse the cruel, egotistical whims of a colossal being thousands of times their size -- me.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2007
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  7. mountainhare Banned Banned

    Are you Orleander's husband in disguise?
  8. Cross Registered Senior Member

    No, I never did. I've never had any desire to be cruel to ants. I did once put my foot squarely into a big ant-pile while waiting to cross the street. I didn't know my foot was in it until they all started biting me. Why would I want to do something like that on purpose? It sucked. Of course to the ants it was an act of aggression though, hence the merciless biting. I would've saw it if I was looking down, but I wasn't. Plus it was hidden in the grass. I didn't expect it to be there and I was looking in front of me at the traffic. So I had to stop and take my shoe and sock off and try to get them off of me. Then it started raining.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2007
  9. Orleander OH JOY!!!! Valued Senior Member

    No, my husband didn't want to wait til it was night and cooler, when they would all be in the nest and lethargic.

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    But is there a class they teach somewhere and you had the same teacher?
  10. The Marquis Only want the best for Nigel Valued Senior Member

    Your poll is flawed.
    It is difficult to determine how many male respondents claimed to have burned/not burned ants.
    Having said that, the number of male respondents seems to coincide with the number who said they did, so perhaps in spite of it being flawed the representative populations here make the question moot.

    I did. Frequently. Usually with a magnifying glass doing one at a time and watching the effect this had on other ants. Another method is to place an obstruction in the food gathering pathway of a nest and see how they get around it... and how long it takes for them to find it.
    I set fire to an ant's nest using petrol once, and was subsequently barred from attending a birthday party seeing as it took several trips to the laundry and half an hour to control the blaze.

    The most interesting part was watching them come out by the hundred in order to determine what the problem was with the nest. Humans aren't all that different, really.
  11. The Marquis Only want the best for Nigel Valued Senior Member

    Should I tell you how many you're likely to eat each night while you're asleep?
    Probably not. Pointless, really.
  12. Donnal Registered Member

    Well i asked about myself face to face and only to do with people who had medical problems
    they said they were killing ant or getting them off themselves legs or arms
    they also mentioned the smells i asked them the species what type
    it seemed each specie tha smelt had an lingering after effect on people and caused medical problems permanently
    not all species did the same to us humans

    which was what i really was looking for not who killed what
  13. Nickelodeon Banned Banned

    who killed what?
  14. Quoting: "I burned more than a few ants with a magnifying glass when I was a kid, however I have since repented, and now just ignore them...or step on them."

    I was painting a client's house, just finishing up the job when I'm walking around the house along the brick path, and stops to check my work on a window frame, when I looks down by my foot, and sees three large black ants pickup a dead sister in their six pincers, and hold it up as high as they could, as if saying to me, "See what your carelessness did!".. Then they dropped its carcass in a crack in the walk, and went on about their business...


    Quoting: " The only bug torture I indulged in was catching dragonflies, tying them to a string and "walking" them around while they flew."

    Last year, in my yard, I was standing on the grass, when a huge blue dragonfly flies by about three feet from my head... I says an excited "Hi!", and the bug flies a tight circle around my shoulders, decelerating, and lands on my nose, and stayed there for about two minutes...

    Life's little creatures respond well to kindness...
    Be kind to the little life, and the big life will be kind right back...


    Quoting: "i remember doing something similar to a bunch of yellow jackets."

    When I was 14, down at the river fishing, I accidentally stepped on a huge yellow jacket's nest which was hidden within a pile of twigs... Out from the twigs came a yellow rope.. at least that's what it looked like... It made a beeline for me... I shook off the dozen that landed on me, jumped back 6-feet, and made my stance... I held my hands by my side.. firm, and unyielding, waiting for the opportune moment to strike... The line of angry hornets came in directly for my face... I held.. I held.. I held.. Then when the point was just two feet from me I raised my hands as fast as I could, and clapped the point bugs between two hands, squishing the first seven warriors.. and I stood my ground, and slowly opened my hands to show the rest what had just happened to their best... I stood there solid, and telepathed to the queen, in her hive, a video of me squishing her too... Suddenly the whole line broke-up, and the all hornets went home...
    If my trick hadn't worked they would have stung me dead...

    I say an excited "Hi!" to a passing huge shiny black wasp, and it lands on my face, and preens a while, then leaves... I enjoy being friends with the venomous creatures...


    Quoting: "Why would anyone torture such wonderful animals?"

    I think it's their fear of animals...

    I heard about a hunter who would get a small bear in his sites, and shoot off toes and ears to work the animal up into a rage.. and then when the bear charged its attack, he would do the kill shot... I suppose he would rush and drool from doing the kill... I suppose he labeled it "defensive killing"...

    One of my high school buds turned out to be a serial murderer... One day he detailed how his last kill, killed himself with the game he had set up for the kid to kill himself on.. and he drooled so profuse while he told his story, that he had to wipe his chin three times... It sickened me, by I tried to remain neutral, so as to not frighten him away...
    Then I was his next victim, his "number four"... I barely survived that guy's games...


    I find when I'm working with tools in the yards, that should a bug happen to be in the way of my work, and will likely be killed should I continue.. I stop my work, and gently invite and persuade the critter onto my hand, black widows too.. and relocate them to a safe place away from my project... I find that little gesture of kindness to some little life, reflects in my work.. by allowing me to see the errors in advance of them happening, in time to correct them before doing them...


    Lets take a little peak at a tiny scratch into some honest reality...

    "So I see you read hunter's mags... Are you a hunter? .. as in do you kill things?..

    You don't know, but all that killing you do comes right back at you... It's a Karma thing...
    Hurt Life, and Life Hurts you right back...

    I sees a huge dragonfly fly-by a couple feet away... Critters feel safe near me... I might say an excited "Hi!" to the dragonfly.. and the thing lands on my nose, and rests there a couple minutes.. meeting me... and I gets a chance to see a huge bug up-close...

    I sees a large leafhopper bug on the rain barrel.. and I says to the bug, "You won't find any food here on this ole plastic thing.. Here!.. Hop onto my thumb, and I'll take you to a better place."..
    The bug crawls onto my thumbnail.. and faces forward...
    "Ok'ie.. Hows about a dandelion..?"
    We stops at a dandelion, and bug flips around so fast.. I saw it facing forward, then it was facing me.. My eyes couldn't follow what happened in between facing out to suddenly facing me, it was done so lightning fast!..
    "Ok.. Not the dandelion..."

    "Howzabout a rose?.. Lets go see the rose.."
    We gets to the rose.. a foot away bug flips its back on the rose...
    "Ohkay.. not rose."..

    "Oh Look!.. I faces the bug to me, by twisting my wrist.. "There's a Huge Daisy over there!"... I points the bug at the daisy... "Look at the Size of It! It's Absolutely Huge!.. Lets go see the Daisy..."

    A foot away, the bug seems a little excited... Eight inches away bug is doing a dance.. It's legs jumping all over.. it's rocking side to side like it's so excited that it's gonna shit itself any second... Six inches away the bug leaps to the daisy, while I continues along the path in stride...

    Two days later I'm walking near that daisy, and a large bug leaps off the flower, landing on my face, slips off my skin, falling into my cupped hand... I looks down at my little visitor leafhopper.. "So.. I'm bettin' you wants a ride to the rain barrel, my little friend."..


    I sees a butterfly flapping around a few feet away... I says, "Hi.. I'd like to meet you"... The bug lands on a log.. and I walks over, and when my hand is six inches away, it opens its wing a bit, and permits me to move them open, then raise them closed... and it opens them again a little, for another round... and holds its wings where I set them... I pushed one wing, and its legs buckled on that side... I moved my finger to the other wing, and notices it is setting its legs to take the same applied force as the first wing took... I wait till it has firmed up its stance, then gently pushes that wing down.. touching lead edge only, and avoiding touching overly sensitive feelers... That would be like touching a biased mosfet transistor after walking across a carpeted floor...

    I meet a black widow spider out for a stroll... I says "Greetings your Majesty.. May I touch?.." She permits me to softly tap on her back, and holds her legs in what ever position I push them to... I can make her seem like she has only four legs, by pushing them together in pairs... A light puff of warm breath, and she sets her legs back to eight, and slowly walks away...

    What do people do when they see a little bug on the sidewalk..?
    They crush it with their foot... Squishing the Life right out of it.. killing it for living... Killing it for fun... Killing it for fear...
    Then they somehow hurt themselves a little.. like a cut or bruise, within a few minutes of the needless murder of that innocent little life...

    You kill things.. Now they're dead and gone... Now you can't play with them...

    I once walked up to a grizzly adult she bear, bowed, said greetings your majesty, sat eight feet from her, and employed sounds and telepathy to teach her English... She was shot on the bored of Jasper national park after she told a hiker to get out of her forest... I had injected a telepathic map in her head to where she would be safe from hunters... She though I gave her that forest... Her babies would have played gently with humans...

    Did you get a rush killing something little and innocent..? You must eat what you kill!.. You can't eat bugs... Leave them be!..

    All the bad that's happening in the world is because of people killing things, and each other... It's all coming back at us... There is less and less Life on this planet from second to second... One day she's just gonna up and run out of Life... and humanity we will wake up on its deathbed...

    Everything is so integrated on this planet... Tap a long piece of steel.. and it rings at the other end...
    Kill all the mosquitoes.. a billion billion critters have run out of food... Put garbage into the oceans, and we get it back in our seafood and drinking water...
    Shit and piss on the land, and it comes back in our food... Exhaust the air, and we breathe it back... Run diesel engines at the poles, and the ice melts from the exhaust dust holding the sun's heat, and the weather dies when there is no more cold air to make weather... and the planet turns into dessert...

    I used to hunt too.. I enjoyed doing head shots just like you do... I could shoot the eye of a pigeon with a pistol at two hundred feet.. till one day I looked into a dying animal's eyes, and saw and felt, only "WHY?"... It still stings me hard when I think back on it...

    So I quit hunting and killing.. and suddenly all the bad things that used to happen to me, ceased happening... It was as if I hurt Life.. then Life hurt me back... One for one.. Life always got even... My killing Life, was really killing my life... It was like a wake of sticky-shit for all the shit I do... And sometimes it would catch up to me, and bite me real bad... like when I made explosives in my basement lab, and blew-off the tips of of two fingers... I can't tell you how much that hurts... You gotta be in it to know... Just thinking on it gives me some of them horrid rushes...

    I'm seeing hunters having all that hardship happening to them.. as horrid diseases ravaging their bloodlines.. and hundreds of accidents in the family.. and pain and sorrows, creeping in from all directions, like a devil is clawing at your back, trying to rip your skin off... It's the killing you do to Life.. It's all coming back at you, in Life killing you as much as you are harming Life...

    We aren't the only thing that do the "eye for an eye" thingawhozits... There is bigger Life than us... Those who kill are acting like little bad-gods to Life.. and Life is slapping all your own shidt right back at you in your face...

    I'm not saying you should quit hunting... If you must hunt you must.. but if you can stay one jump ahead of your evil wake of Karma, and you really do enjoy killing.. then have a pardy if you must... But if you are fed up with all the pain and misery slapping you down day by day.. Then start treating Life nice, and Life will start treating you nice... It'll be your first "miracle", to yourself... No one else is gonna do it for you... Either you want Life, or you want Hell... It's your freewill...
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  15. Meganeura The Stuff Of Dreams. Registered Senior Member

    I can't understand adults that think it's fun to kill little animals.
  16. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    Black ants can't sting humans the red ones can, but the red ants stings don't work on the black ants and they lose. I used to make black/yellow/red ants fight each other when I was a little kid. I used to always make insects battle each other I loved it, Put wasps and bees in a jar together and watch the Bee lose even if it wins with its stupid stinger that comes off, what a crappy weapon. Make spiders fight big beetles and wasps etc. I used to dunk wolf spiders into jugs of beer for awhile then watch them slug it out drunk (It mde them more aggressive and also clumsy.)

    Me and my best friend used to get about 20 Bees/wasps lock them in a small tent with us inside and punch them all to death and see who can get stung the least, my friend got one right in the eye one time he had heyfever too his eye was huge. We used to squirt flys/Bees/dragonflys down with water pistols and make our kittens hunt them.

    Now I think of it I did loads of horrible things to insects when I was young, I dont aymore but I do still punch any flyig insect thats In my house, I just like to try and punch them and watch them go zooming into something.

  17. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned


    Tha was the most entertaining post I ever read.

  18. Buffalo Roam Registered Senior Member

    I used to mix Black Powder and powdered sugar, and watch the Fire Ants move it into the mound, they could move a whole pound in a day, then I would run a trail of black powder to the nest, and light the train, spectacular, Boom, miniature volcano, take out the whole nest.
  19. S.A.M. uniquely dreadful Valued Senior Member

    Geez, this thread is still alive?

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  20. Vkothii Banned Banned

    The night of the dawn of the living zombie ant-thread?
  21. nietzschefan Thread Killer Valued Senior Member

    I've got to try that...can you even buy black powder anymore?
  22. Buffalo Roam Registered Senior Member

    In the U.S. you can, GOEX, Swiss, Elephant, I don't know about Canada.
  23. Eidolan Registered Senior Member

    I didn't burn the ants. I drowned them, and I destroyed their holes.

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