did a system reinstall, cant delete old backup shit

Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by skaught, Mar 10, 2012.

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  1. skaught

    skaught The field its covered in blood

    I had to reinstall windows. Upon returning, there is a folder in my C drive named "Backup" See the photo below. Its a useless folder that doesnt need to be there and is screwing up my defrags. You can tell by the picture what my problems are with it. Any advice on how to get rid of it? I have tried unlockler.

    Also, I am running a laptop with windows XP, all current on the updates.


    Oh and wow. This be me 4000th post! Hooray!
  2. keith1

    keith1 Guest

    Upon returning...I don't remember walking away. It may have asked to save a Windows version existing before your new install. You weren't there.
    You could go into F5 or F8 before windows starts and start windows in safe mode. Try picking at it from there, or as administrator.

    Or do another reinstall and hang out for the prompts to remove old windows versions.
  3. skaught

    skaught The field its covered in blood

    I first did a reinstall with saving old stuff, but too much of it couldnt be deleted. SO I did a complete format. That got rid of everything except that cursed little folder....
  4. keith1

    keith1 Guest

    If you have a legal updated xp, you shouldn't have any trouble getting microsoft to help you. check their help /support files.

    Sounds easier than format c and repartitioning. good luck.
  5. aaqucnaona

    aaqucnaona This sentence is a lie

    Why win xp? Did you buy it? Pirate win 7, totally format the native disk drives and install it.
  6. skaught

    skaught The field its covered in blood

    XP is what came with my computer when i bought it in about 2006.

    I did reformat the drive. This was left over after the format.
  7. Chipz

    Chipz Banned

    By default, Windows will install over the existing partition and try to retain data, it mixes old data with new data (outside system and program files). To properly purge all data you'll have to reformat again. This time, go to the "custom" or "advanced" settings. When it lists your partitions, select the large one -- delete it -- select the large space again -- partition it. Now it will for sure clear out the data.
  8. skaught

    skaught The field its covered in blood

    Yeah im not reformatting again... But thanks for the response
  9. skaught

    skaught The field its covered in blood

    Damnit, wheres Macguyver when ya need him...
  10. Chipz

    Chipz Banned

  11. skaught

    skaught The field its covered in blood

    Yeah when i right click on the folder, there is no "security" tab...
  12. Chipz

    Chipz Banned

    Right Click --> Properties --> [Tab] Security.
  13. skaught

    skaught The field its covered in blood

    No such tab brother
  14. keith1

    keith1 Guest

    If you are running Windows XP Home Edition, you must start the computer in safe mode, and then log on with an account that has administrative rights in order to access the Security tab. Access to the Security tab is required in order to change security permission. If you are running Windows XP Professional, you do not have to start the computer in safe mode


    To verify that you are logged on to Windows with a user account that is a computer administrator, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

    You could try Backup/System Restore, and have two separate Windows files? No? Good luck!
  15. Chipz

    Chipz Banned

    And then there was one.

    I guess my memory of XP fails me, thinking back on it now...it's been more than a decade since I used it with any regularity.
  16. dumbest man on earth

    dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

    Try unchecking "read only" box - then click "apply" button. Folder should now be able to be changed or deleted.
    If that does not work - something is not correct with your "clean" install.
    Did you use an XP "install" disk or an "upgrade" disk?
    To do a clean install, it is important to delete all partitions on instal HDD and reformat before beginning actual installation.
    Proper way is to put XP disk in drive - shut down computer - power up computer and ACECSS BIOS !! - in BIOS set BOOT to CD/DVD drive - SAVE CHANGES AND EXIT BIOS !!
    Should come up to HIT ANY KEY TO BOOT FROM CD/DVD or similar prompt - at this point hit any key on keyboard.
    DO NOT LEAVE !! - After a few minutes set up will proceed - depending on XP setup disk, you will get to a point where it asks exactly what you want to do; Repair or Install - choose install !
    Setup should show your HDD and any?all partitions on it - highligt each one and choose "delete" - when you are left with only ONE partition, choose to format it ( quick format is fine and takes hardly any time )
    Once it is formatted proceed with install !!

    Hope this helps - if not - post back and the dumbest man on earth will see your post and we'll go from there !!
  17. Aqueous Id

    Aqueous Id flat Earth skeptic

    Try going through your DOS command line interpreter. See if you can set the attributes to -R -S -H, and then delete the unwanted stuff. It's a service pack uninstaller.
  18. skaught

    skaught The field its covered in blood

    tried safe mode. still no security tab, and wont let me delete it.

    tried that, wont let me. gives me the same error message.
    With the disk that came with my computer

    yup, thats what i did actually.

    hmm... can you elaborate on that? Im not sure what this means.
  19. Chipz

    Chipz Banned

    Did you try yelling at it?
  20. skaught

    skaught The field its covered in blood

    Lol... not quite yet... lol
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