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    This is a fun two-minute play from a Chicago theatre group called the Neo-Futurists. It was featured on the radio show/podcast This American Life.

    Remind you of anything?

    Here's a transcript:

    Her: Title. Go.

    Him: Statement. Statement. Statement. Question?

    Her: Agreement.

    Him: Reassured statement. Confident statement. Confident Statement. Overconfident statement.

    Her: Question?

    Him: Elaborate defensive excuse.

    Her: Half-hearted agreement.

    Him: Insecure statement. Distracted statement. Absurd statement.

    Her: Clarification question?

    Him: Hemming bullshit explanation. Quick, meaningless, comic non sequitur. Fake laughter. Ha ha. Fake laughter. Ha ha. Accidental compliment of physical characteristics.

    Her: Pleased response.

    Him: Shocked continuation of meaningless comic non sequitur. Ha ha. Relief laughter. Relief laughter.

    Her: Superficial compliment.

    Him: Self-assured agreement as denial. ... Exaggerated statement. Exaggerated statement. Grossly exaggerated statement.

    Her: Clarification question?

    Him: Extremely exaggerated elucidation.

    Her: Gentle compliment with accidental double entendre.

    Him: Ha ha. Confident laughter.

    Her: Laughter.

    Him: Confident laughter. Confident, suggestive proposition.

    Her: Violent denial!

    Him: Aghast repetition as question?

    Her: Disgusted, violent denial!

    Him: Defensive, incriminating implication.

    Her: Offensive retort!

    Him: ... Aggressive childish insult!

    Her: Disbelieving rhetorical question?

    Him: Aggressive childish insult.

    Her: Long silence.

    Him: ... Aggressive childish insult!

    Her: Aggressive childish retort!

    Him: Aggressive childish retort!

    Her: Aggressive childish retort!

    Him: Attempted condescending conclusive statement!

    Her: Brilliant scathing remark with literary allusion and long-term devastating scatological implication!

    Him: Pathetic self-revelation.

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