Developing Telepathy

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Lomion, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. S.A.M. uniquely dreadful Valued Senior Member

    Sorry PJ, I was teasing someone; no talent, I'm afraid.

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  3. Satyr Banned Banned

    And one more thing, you uncivilized brute!

    Just because these children are using 10% of their brain and assume that everyone else is thusly damned, does not mean you can mock them with facts.

    Feel it in your gut, sir.
    Truth is a feeling and this sub-forum is the perfect place for emotive reasoning.

    I…I…sense a disturbance in my psychic field.
    I sense anger and some ….annoyance.

    I feel someone is red…..
    Who said "Fuck off!"?
    I telepathically received a message…who was it!!!!?
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  5. francois Schwat? Registered Senior Member

    Personally, I think telepathy isn't as mysterious as it may seem. I think it explains a lot of the "gut feeling" experiences we all get at least a few times in our lives in which we find ourselves flabbergasted. My concept of telepathy goes something like this:

    We are always filtering through information. Our brains soak it up and process it -- even the information that we don't consciously register. In fact, the stuff we're aware of consciously is extremely small compared to the stuff our subconscious is aware of. When we predict something accurately or have a premonition that we consider "supernatural," or call telepathy, all that's really happening is our subconscious is making a connection and then alerting the higher-level conscious aspect of the mind. It's insight.

    Our brain is making connections and associations out of the vast amounts of information it as access to and running complex math on these data. Perhaps the mathematical deduction the brain performs can make some incredible predictions. Perhaps our brains are more amazing than we thought and we can see and manipulate variables and symbols our science has not yet come to recognize. We use these to make predictions that would seem unreasonable especially compared to the predictions we make with variables and symbols that we are consciously aware of.

    For example, if you pour milk into a cup it will predictibly fill up. Duh.

    But what if we were subconsciously aware of a shit ton of variables that we perform calculations on and come upon a means to predict the future and "see" things that ordinarily defy common sense?

    Think about it this way.

    Take this cellular automaton:

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    Now. At the top, the rules are defined. The program starts with the first cell, which is black. The next generation of each cell is determined by three cells directly above it. So everything happens completely deterministically. Perfectly predictably. With this particular rule set, the emerging pattern is both chaotic and orderly. But you don't really notice in this picture because it's a small sample. This rule set is called rule 30, because if you look at the rules and convert from binary to decimal, it equals 30.

    This next picture is the same pattern, except iterated many more times. (not sure how many)

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    But now you can see the larger pattern. And you can see what I mean by chaotic AND orderly.

    Now what if someone asked you what color (or structure) a particular segment would be like at a given coordinate? Your ability to do so would depend on what you know about the pattern. How big of a sample you already have. How many iterations away your prediction is supposed to be. What kinds of patterns the particular instruction set yields, and so on.

    But let's say that you're starting from scratch. You start with a single black cell and the instruction set is, say, Rule 30 and some dude wants you to tell him what color the cell is at, at iteration 30,000, coordinates (921, 30,000 (completely arbitrary figures)). There's no way you'd be able to consciously figure it out. You could, however, make a program do it so you could figure it out on a computer. It wouldn't really be predicting though. It would just be taking advantage of the extreme speed and processing of today's computers. But there's no way you'd do it without a computer of some sort.

    But, the brain is a sort of computer, isn't it? Perhaps, the brain is, in a similar way to the computer performing all of the simple, but MANY calculations, calculating all of the elements (or important elements based on some sort of heuristic) that lead up to the point, where some level of thinking decides to wake up the conscious part of the brain to tell it something important. Usually a warning that something bad is going to happen. Most premonitions, after all, are bad ones, warning the "psychic," or "channeler."

    If this is how telepathy works, it kinda makes it seem less mysterious, and therefore less threatening. But I don't think my explanation is completely crazy. Think about it. Computers are getting faster and more high capacity at an ever increasing rate. This is enabling us to write software that can handle more variables and run more processor intensive simulations. We can now predict weather ever than before. The more information you have, and the better the processing ability you have, the better predictions you can make.

    Our brains are still the best and fastest processors around (in terms of instructions per second). Why can't it be expected for these incredible machines to make incredible guesses every once in a while?
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  7. Satyr Banned Banned

    The subconscious perception and integration of information is not telepathy.
    It is referred to as intuition.

    Telepathy is the direct or indirect exchange of information between two distinct and separate minds, across space/time.
  8. francois Schwat? Registered Senior Member

    Yeah, but what I'm saying is this:

    What if, at some level, the activities of our universe, which include EVERYTHING, all people, all thoughts, all memes, all everything are completely and perfectly deterministic. This has yet to be proven or shown to have adequate evidence. But if, hypothetically if that's the case, then in order to predict the future, or predict ANYTHING at all, you'd just have to run enough calculations until you get a chunk of information you want or that's useful. Just like a cellular automaton. Of course, you could only do this if you had the "key," or knew the rules which the program uses to perform calculations.

    Now, it might be possible that you wouldn't need to simulate the whole universe. You could simulate only parts, regarding what you want to know. Maybe the brain does this to save on computing bandwidth. Well, it would obviously have to. Maybe the brain interprets the messages as though they are coming from another brain, when it has merely only decoded the messages from information it has obtained. Perhaps the heuristics that make psychics and telepathy possible are really lossy, like mp3s. And that's why telepaths aren't easily scientifically studied. They're unreliable. Because the algorithms involved are very lossy.

    I'm not sure how transmission would work though.
  9. Satyr Banned Banned

    You mean everything is part of one big algorithm.
    If that is so then there is no telepathy but only predictability.
  10. francois Schwat? Registered Senior Member

    Yeah. You're probably right. Damn.
  11. candy Registered Senior Member

    Very good work francois. You have realized that the brain is a processing unit not a sensory unit. The failure to comprehend this difference is why most can not understand psi.
  12. SkinWalker Archaeology / Anthropology Moderator

    Why would anyone think that the brain is a "sensory unit?" Indeed, I know of no one that has ever suggested such a thing. Even someone with a rudimentary education that includes biology or any physiology understands that sensory input from elswhere is processed in places like the visual cortex.

    But it takes a truly under-educated or credulous person to think that because the brain is able to process sensory input it is able to thus participate in this fictional thing you call "psi" or "telekinesis" or even "precognition."

    Any instances that people point to of either of these are spurious, delusional, coincidental, or misinterpreted. These are perceived abilities that the observer believes based upon deception, delusion, misinterpretation.

    But the credulous aren't satisfied with the fact that the brain, as it is, is a marvelous and wonderful organ, deserving of wonder and awaiting discovery without adding magical bullhsit like "psi." I hypothesize that hardcore believers in "psi" and other magical abilities suffer from some sort of inferiority complex and have an obsesive need to be seen as "special" or at least have a hope that "being special" is possible.
  13. Alsophia Theophilos Registered Senior Member

    who's the smartest of them all? Is that what this forum is about? Back to the thread parapsychology might be better understood in the light of quantum physics. You know, time and space. AND CONSCIOUSNESS CANNOT BE SEPARATED FROM ANY OF THIS. Oh well, go on squabbling over who is the smartest of us all if you wish.
  14. francois Schwat? Registered Senior Member

    By that, do you mean quantum physics might be able to describe or explain something like telepathy?
    Quantum physics is some weird stuff.

    That might actually be conceivable... just because of how weird quantum physics is. Like how a particle can be in two places at once--even if they (it) exist in places that are very far away from each other. If you could manipulate particles like that in your brain in two individuals in different places... it might make faster than light communication possible. Because they're the same particle.

    As far as what I have read, there is zero latency in the "communication" of two entangled particles, irregardless (yes, it's a word--look it up, yo) of how far away they are from each other.

    Is that what you meant Alsophia Theophilos?
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2006
  15. Alsophia Theophilos Registered Senior Member

    Existence within our realm of consciousness is determined by rules of time and space, but what rules determine the quantum existence? Is there an existence on a quantum level? When an electron appears that was not there before, where did it come from? This all bears investigation. Myself, an aging acid head, prefer to look at it all in terms more akin to Zen. Maybe Quantum Zen would be a good term. Consciousness cannot be separated from that of which it is aware, and time and space is just the stage where the actors and audience play. Maybe that's the primordial trinity; the stage, the event, and the awareness.
  16. francois Schwat? Registered Senior Member

    I agree with you about how existence relies on the realm of consciousness--that is something I feel in my heart and my chakras. Consciousness is a part of everything, and everything is a manifestation of intent of the creative divine that is part of all of us! Sometimes people forget their original perfectness. How perfect and timeless their essence is. Kind of like a blooming jasmine! This leads to despair and a disconnect from their true nature and the original creator. If they were only aware of the eternal bliss of their inner being!

    Hmm... Quantum Zen. That sounds interesting!
  17. TheLastSpiddyock Registered Member

    Telepathy has been demonstrated empirically.
    Scientists have successfully "connected" with people and flowers, developed methodologies to train people into becoming telepaths. Today, machines and devices are not only being develop to enable someone to become a telepath, but to actually read and talk to people. The secret behind all of this : tachyons. This is work spanning the 2nd world war to today, involving work from germans, russians and the US as governements but also numerous individuals from diverse countries.

    you can take all of this for cash. You can find references and quotes in the media, not only from high profile individuals but from a diverse range of private organizations such as Jane's.
  18. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    Very well. Provide us with one of these references from Jane's. Don't bother with the quotes from the general media. They are as reliable and valuable as a paper butt plug during a bout of diarrhoea.
  19. guthrie paradox generator Registered Senior Member

    Dont make me laugh. I need evidence. Now.

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