Demantling the Culprit: JOSEPH LEDOUX’S, “Using Rats to Trace Anatomy of Fear, Biolo

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    Demantling the Culprit: JOSEPH LEDOUX’S, “Using Rats to Trace Anatomy of Fear, Biology of Emotion

    The following posting, unlike any others which have come before it on the sciforums, serves the sole purpose of [the] Crumbling up of, as a result of the following grinding up of, as well as the toppling down of, as a result of setting on fire, the very foundation of NYU’S neuroscience research center’s JOSEPH LEDOUX’s “Using Rats to Trace Anatomy of Fear, Biology of Emotion.”

    Now of course, in every endeavor to prove, unstable, the very foundational basis of something that is such a standard, as with the published “findings” of Joe Ledoux’s experiment, in this case, The very proclamation to do so (and it goes without saying) must itself be of a non-related, firm, and transcending foundational basis so that in off setting the intended target’s unstable foundation, the degree of validity, if any, as well as the causes and effects of the target will be reassured beyond a shadow of a doubt. So without further adue in the taking down of this ‘sham’ experiment, of which the reasons for its “…efforts” was said to be “…ill-founded,” and justifiably so now ensues. SO, WE ARE NOW PROCEEDING TO DO THE DAMN THING THAN, SO LET’S GO!!!!
    Now Before I go any further, I wish to and ‘am “opening a parentheses” here, (as they say in France) by asserting that even though the Creator of our planet and the Universe, said that no one should swear by anything in the heavens, on earth nor in the earth beneath (or anything under the earth), I do swear that if Ledoux had simply done the honorable deed of defining, meaning understanding the definitions of the very object of the studies that he did and that were done, in and/or around the pursuit of his experiment, things would have been different. In fact, simply put, I would have not need of being here today to shoot ‘em down.
    [so minus all the babbling I’ve done in this short novel here which you see above…READ ON!!!] ‘CAUSE FROM HERE ON OUT IT’S GONNA BE ‘FULL-BACK WIDE OPEN RIDIN’ ALL NIGHT LONG,’ [baaaby!] hee-haw!!! ( so let’s do the damn thing….
    The article was poorly written, in that it was written under lack of material knowledge to the topic, as it seemed, because it started off by saying that [and I quote] “Writers, psychoanalysis and psychologists may try to sort out the interplay of cognition and desire, of thought and compulsion…” [Now STOP! Right there and I don’t even need to continue with the rest of the quote], ‘cause, I mean, even the girl writing the article was under ‘bad-guns’ too (in two words) you know! Because, (I want everyone reading this to please understand that) my point(s) to discuss here is the very case and point(s) we are dealing with here. Because if the article was written under responsible supervision [as I am sure it is required to be done as such anyway,) I am sure [at least I think I am] that Mr. Ledoux would have been “responsible” enough to realize the essential importance of correcting Ms./Mrs. Sandra Blakeslee, of the NYTimes, by guiding the whole way of the process in advertising the article! [Now! Anyway].
    NOW ANYBODY READING THIS, I WANT YOU TO FOCUS, RITGHT ABOUT HERE!>Cognition and desire are inclusive of the total framework of our instinctual infrastructure as animals just like all other animals.>Now thought and compulsion, which may be and probably are perceived as parallels of cognition and desire, respectively, and also, though they may probably be derivations and/or derivatives (if you will) of the former two, are actually not embodied within and/or even as part of the mechanical capability(ies) of animals as long as they have existed. This is, of course, not the case for human beings as part of the animal kingdom, for we are the exception to the rule as our numerous levels and dimensions of thoughts, clearly so demonstrate, by being capable of transcendingt the foregoing hypertates—as I like to call ‘em.
    In paragraph 3, the points of discussion made on the preceeding paragraph sensefully invalidate the notion of rats being, “the key to linking emotions to activity in the cells of the brain?” [C12 paragraph 2]
    Note: Around paragraph 4 & 5, Articles gets very vague, not to mention confusing, due to lack of detailed (QA/QC-typed) procedura information on the experiemtn and the way it went.
    @ paragraph 5 Ln 6,7 Dr. Ledoux shoots down any genuine credibility that there may have been to the experiment and the potential findings he kept mentioning to the article writer. But then tries to make it up, in a whisical round about way by proclaiming the, already centuries old, globally recognized, outstanding obvious fact of the imcoprehensibility of the ramifications and dimensions of emotions, esp. in terms of their origin of/in form and function.
    A special note is in order regarding Ledoux's statement that there are no correlation between cortical processing and emotional pathway executions. It must be said that:
    Just because hormonal-yielding cortical processing helps to understand elicited "emotional responses," that "emotional responses" won't be understood because there were no cortical processing, hence releasing the hormones which will trigger emotions that we will surely be able to identify (as a result of our cognitive capabilities) where is the 'beyond a shadow of a doubt proof" that this is so.
    The following statements may be one of Ledoux's many arguements in an effort to discredit me where he asserted that

    Before going any further, GIVE SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH, in keeping to the main idea of how crucial this statement is to what's happening here.
    Not to forget, our comic relief here, the only thing that I think that I probably agreed with, and that sort of made sense was in Ledoux's statement that
    because that probably may be true. ALSO PART OF OUR INTERMISSION IS:
    where Dr. Gazzaniga said "Dr. Ledoux had the courage to tackle a subject -- understanding the neuroanatomy of emotions in the brain -- that others thought was impossible todo. "Joe jumped in .....and has unearthed some basic truths about the brain."
    well, all I have to say about that is 'Duh!' because it couldn't be done any other way buddy!

    But with all jokes aside now, one of my burning question to Ledoux is: On what basis, and explain what was the evidence pertaining to the statements that
    and Not to forget the (very) basis of all arguments on the subject which is right here [in the following]
    and sure enough, lo and behold, there it was, in that Ledoux stated:
    Now you're talking, [Joe] which proves you wrong the first time huh, you know 'bout your statement
    [C3 paragraph 1].
    In additon, he worked against himself again, when he said
    Ah-ha! so there may be an area underlying emotions and motivation to "carry out" and/or express that emotion after all huh! :+ ,

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    When Joe Ledoux said that
    Well, you know Joe, this may very well prove you wrong, in the diagram in this article 'bout how cortical processing not occuring as part of the pathway mentioned there, in the diagram. well now!
    Last but not least, where Dr. Ledoux said, "the amydala is specialized for reacting to stimuli and triggering a physiological response, a process that he would describe the "emotion" of fear." I want to know:
    WHAT THE HECK MADE YOU USE THE WORD Hypothetical in saying that limbic system is a hypothetical construct of pathways in the forebrain, which contains the hippocampus, amygdala and a few other tiny structures, that supposedly gets all sorts of sensory input from the external world—sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste—
    And Finally…..”Neural connections from the cortex down to the amygdale are less well developed than are connections from the amygdale back up to the cortex.”

    Look Man, I just want to say one thing to you and you listen good! (‘cause if you don’t you’re gonna send yourself into an eternity of you know?....and we don’t have to say it.

    The Divine breath of Life of our creator, buddy, and you can give upright now on trying to solve that. For, that spark is the very thing that causes your heart to beat, hence everything all the cultivated feelings orchestrated during that slower response mentioned up to the brain.
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