David Friedman: short interview on social anarchy

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    David D Friedman is an economist and physicist. His almamater, if you're interested, are Harvard University (B.A., Chemistry and Physics) and University of Chicago M.S., (Physics) and PhD., 1971 (Physics).

    Here he briefly talks about some of the ideas he has been working on in terms of what a prosperous society built up from anarchism would look like. He also talks a little about public schools (which favor the wealthy) and democracy (works OK, but not as good as you think). His books he offers completely for free for the online version which are linked to at the bottom of the video.

    In terms of poor versus rich. Many think that the poor are only taken care of because government is there to provide services. The truth is the rich have much much more leverage and get the lions share of these services. As anyone who lives in a poor neighborhood knows quite well. They should be the SAME service. But, that's far from the case. Now, think about your iPhone5 contract. Do you see this level of difference in service between poor and rich? Or, are they pretty much the same service regardless of if you are rich or poor?

    Just something to think about.

    He also mentioned an interesting story about how Russians married to get out of the Russian countryside - during the old soviet days. Not to go to the USA or the West - but to go to Moscow. All people are equal, it's just some are much much more equal than others. I'd again point to the product and service Apple proves to rich and poor. Do you think there's this level of disparage?


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