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Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by birch, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. birch Valued Senior Member

    You know how we often attribute negative attributes to dark and positive to light generally for the sake of conversation to not get bogged down or interrupted with the tedium of explaining where we are coming from? Unfortunately, it seems many believe this literally like its a fixed dynamic.

    There is no moral quality to dark or light technically or energy-wise. Its how its harnessed, applied and the intent and motivation behind it.

    For instance, light can be negative if its shallow, flippant, neglectful or deceitful (wolf in sheep's clothing) etc just as dark can be positive such as deep, strong, fortitude etc. Just as light can be cheerful, uplifting, sensitive etc.

    Interestingly, both can be a perversion of use as well as both illuminating, loving etc. Just as a knife can heal as a surgeon would or harm as a murderer would. Intent and application is everything.

    It would be insulting to laugh at someone's funeral and caring and empathetic to be somber/sad. Both can be sympathetic and unsympathetic.

    What adds characteristics to these energies is virtue or non-virtue. Hate, bigotry, selfishness, dishonesty etc applied or behind the motivation along with the harnessed energy both light or dark will determine if its harmful or beneficial just as love, honesty, caring, fairness, a willingness to try and understand or help etc.

    I think the general reason why we attribute more negative characteristics to the term'dark' is its heavier weight and therefore, impact. As an example, if one were to intend to harm, more than likely would draw on dark energy as it packs more a punch but then again but so can chaotic, insane, perverted light energy devoid of ethics cause tremendous corrosive, even hateful/malicious damage just as well. Just as dark can be cohesive, understanding, stable and
    can also love with lasting faithfulness just as light can be amazingly empathetic, sweet, ethical, faithful with equal amount of fortitude and strength of its own kind.

    Its really about positive or negative, not dark or light. Havent you ever sensed a cold light from people or some chaotic, too high vibrational (acidic?) negative energy just as dark, heavy negative energy as well as deep loving or caring energy? High vibrational can be just as destructive as low and low can be soothing as well as destructive too. There is a face behind that energy. Ethics or lack of, character, intent and motivation.

    Neither are actually stronger or weaker, better or less, just different in its properties. Both can be profoundly beautiful or harmful. What's your poison or medicine? If you will.

    We need both to get along well in the world. How we use it (intelligently with ethics) and if our motivations come from a good/sincere caring place will determine how healthy or unhealthy it's use.
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  3. birch Valued Senior Member

    An analogy i would use is light is high vibrational and can be acidic in its extreme. And dark is low vibrational and alkaline in its extreme. Both are at the same, perfect balanced ph when even situations call for the extreme ends of the spectrum but generally not.

    Just as someone on speed or crack is a chaotic, disruptive influence and a constant weedhead is a lethargic, depressing influence. One pulls too far up, the other too far down. Both unbalanced.
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  5. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    I think the light and dark issue simply comes from the fact that we cannot see very well in the dark. Predators for instance can easily sneak up on you in the dark. So for most of our recent evolution the blackness of night is scary and the light of day is comforting.
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  7. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    In short: we are diurnal creatures.

    Nocturnal creatures crave the protection night brings from diurnal predators.
  8. The God Valued Senior Member

    Light + light = Darkness
    Is also true in some cases, so how do you get acid + acid = Alkali.
  9. Baldeee Valued Senior Member

    Out of curiosity, where is it true that light + light = darkness?
  10. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    I wondered about that.

    Destructive interference.

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