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Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Mavrix, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. Mavrix Guest

    Greetings Friends.

    Imagine, a place, where open minded, unbiased, intelligent conversation can take place. Where ideas may breed without fear of ridicule, nay sayers or trolls.

    Imagine an environment, full of like minds. People that are Open Minded, Intelligent, Aware, Gifted, Talented, Successful, Motivated and Determined.

    A place of higher evolved beings, where we make no use of negative comments such as, that is not true, and "you cant do that" or, your theory is not true.

    A place where we can discuss, brainstorm, and not be afraid of being wrong. Not being afraid of being kindly corrected, or kindly proven wrong.

    An atmosphere, of refreshed motivation. Where we will support your ideas, goals and provide insight and resources to make your dreams achievable.

    This place will be born. The brightest or the bright, the open minded, the most motivated, the most harmonious minds can develop, and partake in intelligent, worthwhile, useful conversation.

    A place where No's and Cant's are shunned. And Yes's and Can's are praised, no matter how unbelievable or complicated they may seem to uninformed Psycho Skeptics and naysayers.

    My fellow positive thinkers, my enlightened friends, my prodigy children, my indigo children, come with me. Let us establish our place and light our Torch and never shall we extinguish the Flame that will burn so Brightly!

    A Think Tank, a place where resources come together, professionals meet, business men ready for business, inventors ready for inventing, visionaries ready to actualize their visions..

    We invite you to be the first to join our online community. You know who you are. Its time we come together now, and bring our kind to the light.

    Skeptics have their homes, scientists have their homes, now the Prodigy Children shall have theirs!

    Show your support by replying with Positive, Productive, Thoughts, statements, questions and suggestions.

    Chat room and group membership page will be up as long as we all work together to actualize this concept. We need your support.

    Kind regards, James
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  3. artistmosi Registered Senior Member

    You CAN'T do this.

    Hahaha. Just playing with ya

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    Are you a child prodigy Marvix?
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  5. Mavrix Guest

    Indeed I believe I am so. Come my friends, Join me in this Re-evolution.
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  7. ellion Magician & Exorcist (93) Registered Senior Member

    no such place exists, your talking bull. Edit - Please do not insult other members

    do you have evidence that we could talk without being ridiculed? obviusly this is all jsut fantasy a creation of delusion mind.

    if you can support your ideas however count me in.
  8. goofyfish Analog By Birth, Digital By Design Valued Senior Member

    Closed - 3 threads with the exact same content. Free Thoughts still open.
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