Could the universe be just part of some bigger "living" lifeform?

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by noope, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. darksidZz Valued Senior Member

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  3. einsteinagogo Registered Member

    I have always wondered about this very question which has led me to here. I think it is a very interesting hypothesis. It blows my mind excuse the pun how the above picture, the map of the universe looks just like a neural network of the brain too. I think noope could be onto something. Our universe seems infinite or almost to our perception. Perception makes all the difference here for this argument. If our universe is just a tiny unit smaller than an atom, it would seem to be to the perception of a "giant". Yes giant is'nt the best analogy but hey there we go. The universe seems to behave like a living entity.
    Size is relative to the perception of the viewer as such. I think maybe noope has'nt articulated what he meant in the best way. Still a very interesting hypothesis and I'm glad I wasn't the only weirdo who has been thinking of such things.
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  5. spidergoat Valued Senior Member

    The speed of light doesn't scale, so a universe sized brain could only think extremely slowly, if at all. And the universe has a limited lifespan.
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  7. einsteinagogo Registered Member

    I think there are some interesting quirks in nature. for instance how mammals have roughly a set amount of heartbeats linked to their lifespan. sorry my shift key is stuck at the moment so forgive my lack of capitals at the beginning of sentences. how hurricanes or the swirling of a cup of coffee resemble large scale galaxies. how large mountain ranges behave almost like a liquid in super slo-mo. this may seem a little off topic but possibly linked. i didn't mean the universe map was like a giant brain. no scaling of the speed of light involved. its just another quirk of nature that these fundamental shapes repeat in the micro and macroscopic scale. i'm going to go all out here now on my own interpretation. i did say size would be in the eye of the beholder in last post but perhaps time also. So our 14 billion odd year history of our universe(to our perception) might be merely seconds to an outside observer in the "giant's view" universe.
    I was just reading a paper by nickodem poplawski about a different matter, an alternative theory to the big bangławski#Black_holes_as_doorways that made me think of this even though he doesn't mention this. there is no way to prove this of course the birth of our universe in or from the back of a black hole from another birther older universe. however i had been thinking about his hypothesis when it occurred to me about the size of our universe. Perhaps as time can be relative and if there is no singularity in a black hole and a white hole spurts out all the information into another universe or dimension. perhaps time and size are totally different in this postulated new universe. This is just a fun topic i like to dream about and i offer no proofs or evidence. it is difficult for me to articulate what i mean but please don't all kill me at once. sorry if i wondered off topic. the universe seems to behave like an ecosystem. everything is interdependent and interconnected. space itself seems to be like the blood in a body. there is waves like in an ocean when gravitational waves pass through it. I'm not some ancient aliens dude or anything and believe in scientific logical thinking. i have an intuition about this universe in a tiny atomic structure and/or the universe being part of a living system of sorts. maybe not a being but an ecosystem on a grand scale
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  8. river

    Enjoyed the perspective .

  9. Xmo1 Registered Senior Member

    Could the universe be part of a life form? No. The word life has meaning (as in a one celled organism and on up the food chain). The word universe has meaning (as existence, time, space, and all the relationships therein). There is too much energy, and not enough matter in the universe to support a life form. Except, what we know is very little. Human knowledge is a drop in an ocean of ignorance (or something like that). Even if a ghost could talk it would not be a life form. Life and the universe are separately defined, and so far it cannot be said that the universe is living. So could it be because anything is possible? No. To say that the universe could be living would be an unreasonable statement for us.
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