Cosmology at the threshold of encountering the reality

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience' started by The God, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. paddoboy Valued Senior Member

    That is not true, Please substantiate your claim.
    In fact the total opposite is true. In your usual anti science religious driven agenda, you questioned my approximate figure about squeezing the Sun into a certain volume as not being approximate[ My approximate figure being around squeezing the Sun to within a volume of 5kms against your calculated 3kms radius

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    ]. Of course such pedant was driven by the fact that you were unable to find any error in my tutorial, and this was simply an exercise at grasping at straws.
    That's also totally false, and I have used reputable links on near every ocassion to substantiate what I have claimed.
    Again, it is your fabricated so called corrections, that are never supported or validated. My two tutorials stand as a testament to that.
    I don't need to defend mainstream accepted science, as mainstream accepted science literally falls out as the reasonable, logical interpretation of our observations.
    My own part is simply following that reasonable logical path to knowledge, unhindered, as opposed to your own agenda.
    The rest of your personal claims regarding myself are totally unsupported, just as your interpretation on mainstream cosmology is unsupported, as is evidenced in this thread and the crazy claims made in the OP.
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  3. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    Oh, I have had a link to that definition of classical science in my favs for a long time. In fact I posted it a long time ago in this thread, in the link you say you do not have access to. Yet you rejected all classical physics out of hand.

    Now you are using it. I thought you had a different (better) way of solving this equation which has been around for some time now. That's why I asked for it.

    So you are agreeing with classical physics after all? Then why, in your post #1 did you say mainstream physics is all rubbish?

    Now give me the length of the English coast-line to within an inch (or smaller). It can be done, do you know how?
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