Corrupt ANC govern bans live call ins to national radio in South Africa

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    The SABC has banned open lines on its radio talk shows in a bid to stop anti-ANC government callers from voicing their issues in the build-up to local government elections. This is according to reports in the Sunday Times and City Press.

    The Sunday Times reported that the order to stop listeners calling in was given by SABC radio general manager Leuba Ramakgolo.

    The City Press said it saw an email from Ramakgolo which said it was an editorial decision SABC radio took, and should not be seen as “canning”.

    In a separate email, Metro FM programme manager Tony Soglo said this was to protect the station and the SABC against anyone using the platform for their own benefit, such as electioneering.

    Open lines would be restored after the local government elections.

    Also, we have a new type of Nazi forming....

    Thought I would share with y`all whats happening in this part of the world. The country is burning.

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