Contradictions in Spite (U.S. Election Cycle)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tiassa, Oct 13, 2007.


Bring on ...

  1. ... the shorts!

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  2. ... the santorum!

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  3. ... the g-strings for Mitt!

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  4. ... the thousand gay men on my lawn!

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  5. ... other (this better be good)!

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  1. Tiassa

    Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ...

    Wow. We're a long way out on this one. Over a year to go until the actual election, and many Americans are already sick of the process.

    Prognosticators, daredevils, and village idiots are hereby invited to take part in SpiteFest '08: How bad will it be? How bad has it gotten? What will be your favorite moment from the upcoming season? What's your favorite so far? Who will have the worst hair? Who will fall off the dais? Who will sling the lowest insult at Hillary Clinton? Barack Obama? What will they say? How do you feel? What do you think? What the hell is at stake for you, and why the hell do you matter?

    First up, from our local discussion of the Armenian Genocide:

    Personally, I'm expecting a Republican victory. (S.A.M., #1574636/26)

    I swear I'll eat my underwear if Republicans win. (Michael, #1574752/27)

    i think we right wingers should get used to the idea of President Hillary and her beautiful 1st lady, William. (Otheadp, #1575074/30)

    Americans will not vote a woman into power. (S.A.M., #1575522/34)​

    Look at that fear and loathing. S.A.M.'s in a dubious position; she can be right and wrong. If the Dems bug out and back the white Southern male, the GOP's job will be even tougher. Nonetheless, her lack of faith in the American people is reasonably justified. Its best to focus on the things we can do correctly, like selling forty-four ounces of Pepsi for under a dollar. Oh, wait, we don't even do that anymore, do we? Oh, wait ... yes, we do. At Wal-Mart!

    No fear from our neighbor Otheadp, only loathing. It wouldn't be fair to leave him out.

    But Michael ... oh, Michael. If January 20, 2009, sees a Mitt or Fred or Rudy, or some other GOP nut being sworn in, please know that one of the few things that will cheer me up would be to see the YouTube video of you eating your shorts. In fact, you've inspired me to find some stake we can offer the people for a Democratic victory, because a parade of angry folks eating their shorts is exactly the kind of thing most Americans would for. You're onto something, but the polarity is off.

    So pile 'em up here, folks ... predictions, premonitions, and prognostications; dares and promises and tantrums alike.

    Could we book a thousand lesbians for an "Eating Out With the Girls" video to be filmed along Fifth Ave in Seattle if the Dems win? Call it a charity event? Volunteers only?

    Would it be a hate crime if, instead of eggs, we sprayed Coca Cola on Mitt Romney's limousine? Ooh, what if the thousand lesbians all wore g-strings, and then threw them at a Republican president's inaugural motorcade?

    I know! Family Values! If the GOP wins, we ought to combine the two: get a thousand Log Cabin lesbians to throw babies at the motorcade!

    I've got it! Okay, okay ... if a Democrat wins, one thousand gay men won't have an orgy in your front yard!

    There we go ... the winning strategy: "Vote Democrat, or watch out for the santorum."
  2. superstring01

    superstring01 Timelord in training.

    I'm hoping for the thousand gay men on my lawn.

  3. Tiassa

    Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ...

    Well, then, give the Log Cabin a call for us.

    Are there Log Cabin lesbians? I mean, we never hear about them, but I would assume the Log Cabin isn't sex or gender segregated.

    Oh, right. Sorry, I forgot you're not a Republican. Like Bomani Armah isn't a rapper.
  4. Baron Max

    Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    What, pray tell, is this topic all about???? ...just for us to sling hate messages?

    Baron Max
  5. Read-Only

    Read-Only Valued Senior Member

    It will be just more of the same. The only thing that changes is the names - in order to protect the guilty.
  6. Baron Max

    Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    ...LOL! Yeah, and isn't it funny, odd, strange, that most of these same people will preach understanding, tolerance and love of others?! ...LOL!

    Baron Max
  7. Tiassa

    Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ...

    From: "Laura wears hijab ...."

    So, yeah. Obviously I'm not combing the topics for the early predictions, but this exchange caught my eye:

    Either way, you'll get a president with practically the same views: Giuliani or Clinton. Both from the same neck of the woods, philosophically and geo-politically. (Superstring99, #1595772/6)

    I don't think so. I don't think either of them will be the next POTUS. (Sandy, #1595820/7)​

    And side bets ... odds, anyone?

    Christian Conservative Republicans. We decide who the president will be. (Sandy, #1595520/5)

    Bush is the most unpopular sitting president since polls started being kept. He's guaranteed that the CCR's will be not be heard come primary day, and since a majority of the people in this country aren't CCR's, thankfully, the next president will be someone a bit more rational. (Superstring99, #1595772/6)​

    Anyway, carry on. Nothing to see here. For, like, another year or so.
  8. superstring01

    superstring01 Timelord in training.

    I won't deny having voted Republican and generally favoring the Republican platform (sans the gay & abortion issues, I think it's right on most of the time), but I've split that vote equally with Democrats. Let's face it, the Republicans have strayed far from the actually philosophy of the party-- that many dislike that platform is fine, but it is valid and it hasn't been lived up to at all. Lately, I've favored the Democratic vote. I'm not sure if you know anything about Ohio politics, but our current round of Republican rulers were thrown out by people like me for mismanaging the state about as badly as Republicans have mishandled the Federal Government. I voted almost exclusively Democrat in the past election (voted for a Republican mayor to my town, that was it, and that one got my vote because I know him personally and I think the Democratic lady who ran against him was a heinous bitch).

    You know Tiassa, just because I have little respect for the Democratic party, doesn't make me a Republican. The reason you don't hear me jumping on your bandwagon of anti-Republicanism is twofold: one, it ignores the equally pernicious effects that the Democrats have had on our society and two, it's too in vogue right now to hate the Republicans (what more can a person say, the Republican suck, there's no need to keep singing that old tune when we have 85% of the people here all chanting that in chorus-- I prefer to be a voice of descent on the issues that I think matter and are being ignored by the left). The Reps have utterly mismanaged the entire governmental infrastructure for the better part of a decade now and, I'd say, that we're worse off now for it.

    Though I doubt we'd be in a better place had we elected all Dems, it doesn't mean that we should give any of them an inch of slack.

    If you ask me who I'm going to vote for president-- probably nobody, I was favoring Giuliani, but let's face it, isn't he just Hillary with a penis? Both from NY, both are party cogs.

    Hmmm. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

    Last edited: Oct 29, 2007

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