"Contemporary culture creates monsters (BeyondGunControlControversy)". - Pope Francis

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Kaiduorkhon, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Friday 31 January 2014
    Having been placed in what has since culminated into a very controversial national issue, decades before-hand, and having studied and written of it since 1953 when I combined my direct and extraordinary experiences as a four and five year old in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, with my experiences as a 12 to 15 year old adolescent on Nett Lake Minnesota, Indian Reservation: I have grown to an elderly, seasoned, tentatively feral observer having been deluged with experientially acquired information, cultivating a much more refined perspective than the generalized collective consciousness presently reviewing and overseeing what has been known, understood and documented first hand by myself, for well over a half century…

    Indeed, the relatively new controversy is presently ‘profiling’ all military – especially combat - veterans; painting them with the same brush; although there are many historically measurable reasons for this, the post-9/11/01 Homeland Security and Patriot Acts put it in writing as an official announcement from the federal Government.

    The incentive for this writer’s motivation to reflect the ongoing dissertation, began on 15 August 2012, when a singularly over-zealous, federally employed social worker took on the role of psychiatrist and ‘diagnosed’ Truly Yours as a ‘Hallucination’ hazard. I've not had a hallucination - though, certainly I've had visions - in my seventy two years of sentiency. Neither, in over two decades of professional (psychiatrically overseen) counseling, have I ever been diagnosed as paranoid (unreasonably afraid), though I have been repeatedly diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), from which I have suffered (in stratified chronological layers) since early childhood: nor have I ever been legally accused of, or convicted, of any serious crime (felony) whatsoever.

    Non-self defensive, specious violence finally arrested the attention of the anthropological, psychiatric, behavioral and academic disciplines: the former institutions are conspicuously belated in recognizing and responding to what has been a pronounced social problem: since the advent of civilization.

    Regarding it’s tardy focus on current social phenomenology – and military (including police) combat veterans in particular – the ‘formal’ address to this extantly marooned issue is to ‘spray & pray’ in the direction of ‘returning military (and all other)' veterans as a ‘threat to the nation’, in those functionally undeniable - remarkably adversarial and provocative - post-9/11/01, Homeland Security/Patriot Act *published words.

    (* Including the families, friends and fellow countrymen of veterans: Isn't that just about 'everybody'?)

    When my regular Vets Administration counselor, one personable and skilled professional, Lynn Satterwhite, was transferred to another location, her much younger replacement, who shall go unnamed throughout this missive, began to aggressively and vainly chastise and otherwise condescend my wife and I, in counseling, on location in a federal Vets Administration facility. Counselor’s qualification is a degree of ‘Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW)’.

    My newly stationed counselor revealed a professional posturing and countenance altogether resembling an over-achieving student of behavioralist, B. F. Skinner; particularly reminiscent of the content and import of Skinner’s professionally and socially famous work: Beyond Freedom and Dignity. Skinner’s laboratory findings are predominantly based on his manipulations and observations of rodent behavior, particularly rats.

    A *metaphor for this writer's ongoing study has long been drawn and applied by a number of Ph.Ds in physics and philosophy <who have made extensive contributions to this record's knowledge>; who shall remain unnamed): *to enter the record’s first, second and third person’s untangled reflexive verbiage, is to trespass on the territory of the eternal Green Grass River Dragon; observing a carelessly intruding rat. By the time Behavioralist Skinner and his advocates understand their delinquent trespass, it is too late to dodge the metaphorical bolts and fires of accountability. *You enter the policed swimming pool of reality, and you sink like a stone.

    This message is scheduled by those who made it necessary, to proceed by the prodigious conduit of learning that brought this messenger to the herein-delivered threshold of student-teacher formatted essay. Only a qualified minority of beleaguered students, including this half-century ('obscurely') published author, are prepared to truly understand for the first time, an assemblage of information that everyone in this class already knew. (Good Morning: Vietnam. Who left the lights on?)

    To be continued...


    Updated - 1.31.14 - news report follows:

    WASHINGTON — The gunman who killed 12 people in last year's rampage at Washington's Navy Yard lied so convincingly to Veterans Affairs doctors before the shootings that they concluded he had no mental health issues despite serious problems and encounters with police during the same period, according to a review by The Associated Press of his confidential medical files.

    Just weeks before the shootings, a doctor treating him for insomnia noted that the patient worked for the Defense Department but wrote hauntingly "no problem there."

    The AP obtained more than 100 pages of treatment and disability claims evaluation records for Aaron Alexis, spanning more than two years. They show Alexis complaining of minor physical ailments, including foot and knee injuries, slight hearing loss and later insomnia, but resolutely denying any mental health issues. He directly denied having suicidal or homicidal thoughts when government doctors asked him about it just three weeks before the shootings.

    In a bizarre incident in Newport, R.I., Alexis told police on Aug. 7 that disembodied voices were harassing him at his hotel using a microwave machine to prevent him from sleeping. After police reported the incident to the Navy, his employer, a defense contracting company, pulled his access to classified material for two days after his mental health problems became evident but restored it quickly and never told Navy officials it had done so.

    Just 16 days later, after Alexis told a VA emergency room doctor in Providence that he couldn't sleep, the doctor wrote that his speech and thoughts seemed "clear and focused" and noted that he "denies flashbacks, denies recent stress."

    Related: 12 killed by lone gunman in Navy Yard rampage

    The medical records said Alexis, 34, was found sleeping in the VA waiting room in Providence on Aug. 23 while waiting to see a doctor. During that visit he was prescribed 50 milligrams of trazodone, an antidepressant and anti-anxiety medication that in such low doses can be used to treat insomnia.

    "Denies any pain except discomfort rt (right) temple," a nurse wrote on Aug. 23. "Pt (patient) taking no medications including any otc (over-the-counter) medications."

    An attending doctor provided additional details, saying Alexis suffered from fatigue after sleeping only two or three hours every night over the past three weeks...

    Alexis, a defense contractor and former Navy reservist, went on a deadly shooting rampage at the Navy Yard on Sept. 16, spraying bullets in a hallway and firing on workers from a balcony. He died in a gunbattle with police.

    He had purchased the shotgun he used two days before the shooting from a gun shop in Virginia. Alexis had been involved in at least two earlier shooting-related incidents, in 2004 when he was arrested in Seattle and charged with malicious mischief for shooting the tires on a construction worker's vehicle and in 2010 when he was arrested in Fort Worth, Texas, for firing a rifle into a neighbor's apartment.

    No charges were filed in those two cases, but it was not immediately clear whether Alexis was answering honestly on Aug. 23 when he was asked whether he still had any weapons. The FBI told the AP it found no weapons when it searched the hotel where Alexis had been staying after the shootings.

    Before the Navy Yard shootings, Alexis left behind a note that FBI agents recovered saying he had been targeted by ultra-low frequency radio waves for the previous three months — the period that covered his visits to the VA medical facilities when he denied he was experiencing any stress or violent thoughts.

    Sidney Matthew, a lawyer representing the family of one of the shooting victims, told the AP it's possible that Alexis was evasive with his doctors but expressed skepticism that physicians adequately questioned Alexis about why he wasn't sleeping.

    If doctors were perplexed about the cause of a patient's problem, there are limits as to how far they can investigate. The executive director of the National Center for Veteran Studies, Dr. Craig Bryan, said conducting an online search of a patient would be time-consuming and unlikely to help. That's particularly the case for a doctor working in an emergency room setting treating a condition as common as insomnia, he said. With few exceptions, it would be illegal to contact others, such as family, friends or an employer to search for clues, Bryan said...

    Congress and the Pentagon are investigating the shootings, including whether faulty security clearance procedures allowed him to get and maintain his job. Some lawmakers have said Alexis fell through the cracks at the VA and should have been treated by mental health professionals, but they have stopped short of specifying what government doctors should have done differently.

    Associated Press writer Eric Tucker contributed to this report

    (Post Script. Notably, Aaron Alexis was an Afro-American; there is a disproportionately<per-capita> lesser number of berserked Afro-American 'active shooters', than there are, <predominantly young> Caucasian berserkers. Moreover, pending further notice, with one exception, none of the 'active shooters' have been female, of any social category or age group.)

    (Segue to Sonny & Cher, singing: 'The Beat Goes On'?)
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  3. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    Mass shootings (defined as at least four victims) get a lot of attention because they're horrifying, but they are not the problem. The number of mass shootings has been surprisingly stable for decades, around 25 per year. They typically don't kill 300 Americans per year. That's about twice as many people as are killed by lightning, bees and falling furniture, added together. A footnote on the actuarial tables.

    Individual shootings (or shootings that kill fewer than three victims) are the problem. Starting in 2011, they now kill more of us than road accidents! Statistics are surprisingly difficult to find--suggesting that our leaders don't really want us to know the magnitude of this problem since so many of them are on the NRA payroll--but it's somewhere between 25,000 and 30,000. This includes suicides, but what's wrong with that? Having a loaded gun in your desk drawer allows you to off yourself without a second thought, whereas doing it by slitting your wrists, hanging yourself, filling your car with exhaust, jumping off a building, etc., takes some planning and gives you time to reconsider.

    Look at what the government makes us go through to qualify for a driver's license! But any idiot can get a gun. And I mean that literally, look at Adam Lanza (the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter), a genuine idiot, who simply got his mother to buy his guns! The cops found a check she'd written for him, to buy yet another one for Christmas.

    There have been mass shootings of much larger dimensions in other countries, usually perpetrated by the military or other government agency, targeting an unpopular ethnic, religious or political group. One of these, the My Lai Massacre, was in fact committed by U.S. soldiers, but it took place on foreign soil. They shot between 350 and 500 unarmed Vietnamese civilians (nobody even bothered to count them!) in their own country, during the Vietnam War.

    The Germans surely get the grand prize, having killed more than ten million European Jews during WWII. Of course not all were shot, many were killed by poison gas, fire, starvation, exhaustion, untreated illness, cold, et al., so technically it was not entirely a "mass shooting," but still the number who actually were shot is surely a 7-digit number that holds the world record--hopefully forever!

    The Japanese killed about 300,000 Chinese civilians in the Nanjing Massacre during the Sino-Japanese War.

    The Soviet army killed 30,000 Jews in Kiev during World War II (the Babi Yar Massacre), and also 20,000 Polish citizens in the Katyn Forest Massacre.

    And these are just the five-digit figures. I don't even want to start looking at the four-digit figures, much less tallying a total.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    But what's sad is that every year, American assholes with guns kill as many people as the Katyn Forest Massacre. Every American has a one percent probability that the cause of his death will be another American with a gun.
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  5. Kaiduorkhon Registered Senior Member

    Dear Fraggle Rocker:

    Sincere gratitude, for your prompt and superlative contribution to this timely thread.
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