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Discussion in 'Architecture & Engineering' started by Homyrrh, May 8, 2008.

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  1. Homyrrh Registered Member

    Salutations again.

    I have a old page on Blogger that I've never actually used or even posted on. My original intent for it was one thing or another, which I forget now after the months have passed, but very recenty had a couple thoughts on how to use it. I hope this is within the bounds of SF mandate.

    Basically I want to have some fun with it, along with the help of some other tecnically-sound, scientifically-enlightened, mechanically-inclined people. The blog would essentially just be a cooperative endeavor on the posters' part to express theories, ideas, concepts, etc.

    Every so many days, someone would write a solid post endorsing some idea about improved structural engineering (perhaps relative to safer construction of bridges; see Pop Mech this month) or someone else would offer a crude plan or two for increasing MPG in consumer vehicles. Of course, it's in good fun; Christmastime might see actual diagrams of Santa's sleigh, a summertime post might include the perfect aquatic propulsion system (i.e.- a really badass watergun concept).

    If anyone has an interest in helping, don't hesitate.
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