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    Before you get a rush of blood to reply please read Disclamer :
    Okay lets begin...

    UFOs? what does that mean?
    Well dear if this is your first visit to a forum of this kind,be pleased.UFO is a short form of Unidentified Flying Objects or in short summarized form objects in the sky whose behaviour and appearance cannot be explained in scientific terms and require further analyis.

    UFOlogy? whats that?
    Well, -logy suffix means study,therefore UFOlogy is study of UFOs.

    E.T.? what the hell?
    E.T. is a short form of Extra-Terrestrial, usually used to point at beings(Living things) not from our Earth.

    Believer? who is a believer?
    These are faithful to UFO phenonmenon and believe that there is indeed something very strange about this in general,which cannot be explained by current conventions of science.A believer is also the one who may oppose the ideas of skeptics(explained just below).

    Skeptic? hey what's that exactly?
    These believe that all the UFOs can and may and ultimately will be explained by existing science conventions and dogmas and believe that most UFOs are IFOs(Identified Flying objects) only mistaken for mundane earthly man-made or natural phenomenon.

    Aliens : who are they?
    These are the beings from other worlds (other meaning other than ours) which is not known to us yet and these beings are generally said to be occupants of UFOs,They belong to different races,(for more see below).Although we will refer aliens are beings from other world, but it is important to point out that websters mentions Alien as from some other country (as pointed to me by : Starman, thanks.)

    Now that we have a base,we can start working on more serious things...Things used to be so easy,in olden days when someone saw a strange phenonmenon in the sky, it was an angel or a fiery chariot or a pillar of light or glowing crucifixes.But with advent of UFOlogy (or so they say, I am still skeptical wether its a study of any sort) in 20th century things got a little out of hand.

    Lets first take a look at scientific Skeptic Terminology :

    UFO reports fall into two categories :
    • The misidentifications of a mundane object,obscure or not well know to people. These objects often can be Blimp,Fireworks or weather Balloon. The objects often exhibit unexplained phenomenon like ball lighting etc which can be explained in scientific terms indeed. These explainations although not well know to others are well documented scientific facts.
    • Mental Aberrations resulting from abnormal brain activity. This can be a result of mental sickness such as schizophrenia, other ailments, tumors, cancers etc.

    Now lets take a look at scientific believer terminology and classifications...

    Shapes of a Craft
    • Disc Shaped: These are classic flying saucers, flat and round like an ice-hockey puck. Most have a domed upper section, making them more like a hub cap.Some are doomed on both upper and lower surface and have a broad rim. Disk-shaped UFOs are generally referred to as saucers.
    • Spheriod : These are globe shaped craft, although they also appear as elongated or flat spheres, as ovoid or egg-shaped or as SLOs saturn like objects that are spheres with a band in the middle.These were common in Europe from medieval times and appear in wood Carvings - a fine example comes from Basel,Switzerland.
    • Cylinder : These are cigar -shaped objects and are almost common in sightings as comapred to saucer shaped objects and may explain phantom ships observed at the end of 19th century. Like Discs these crafts sometimes have doomed protuberances,tapered or round ends,portholes or fins.
    • Flying Triangles : These triangular shaped objects have become common since late 1980s (may be because U.S. had B2s etc hehe...

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      ).There is possible thought that these may be man-made and part of black budget projects.
    • Polygonal :These are the craft with more than three sides, such as Diamond shaped Craft that involved Betty Cash and Vicky Landrum in Dec 1980 or a Five pointed star seen over australia the same day in 1978 that Fredy Valentich disappeared.A pentagonal UFO hovered over Shiogama City in Japan in Sept. '86.
    • Balls of Light : These are amongst most commonly sighted. They occur as single point of light,but more often come in formations. They are often dismissed as Natural phenomenon, such as bodies or earthlights.
    • Exotic : This category includes all the other sightings apart from those given above. (eg. in 1996 a number of witnesses saw a 150-ft high rotating octagonal pyramid over pelatos).

    First truely scientific attempt to classify the UFO phenomenon was done by DR. Joseph Allen Hynek, A professor of astronomy at Northwestern University. Hynek was employed in 1948 by U.S. Airforce to investigate U.F.O reports. He was consultant to three major Air Force UFO studies -
    • Project - Sign
    • Project - Grudge
    • Project - Blue Book
    Although these were an attempt to 'Debunk'(a term used in UFOlogy to denote falseness of the idea of UFO),Hynek became convinced that there was a real mystery at the heart of UFO phenomenon, so when the Project Blue Book was closed,he established CUFOS (Center for UFO studies) which is one of the largest U.F.O groups in the world, it continues to do extensive research in this area even to this day.

    Hynek's most famous contribution to UFOlogy was his famous Close Encounter Classification System,which was bought to public by Steven Spielberg movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (Columbia Pictures/ EMI Films, 1977). Spielberg gave Hynek a walk-on part in the movie in recognition of his contributions. Hynek's classification system lent some much needed scientific weight to outlandish U.F.O reports, Hynek divided People's accounts of U.F.O. sightings into Two Parts :
    • Distant Encounters : Those encounters where witness was more than 500 ft from the object.
    • Close Encounters : Those encounters where witness was less than 500 ft from the object.

    Now Distant Encounters were divided into three different types of reporting categories :
    • Nocturnal Lights : These are the lights in the sky that cannot be accounted for by man-made aircraft,meteorological or astronomical phenomenon.
    • Daylight Discs : These are solid aircrafts,not necessarily Disc shaped,that cannot be accounted for by man made aircraft.
    • Radar Visuals : These are anamolous readings on an electronic device,not necessarily Radar,that cannot be explained.

    The second category Close Encounters was also subdivided into three types :
    • Close Encounters of the First Kind (CE I) :This is where witness comes within 500 ft of an anamolous object,but it has no interaction with the witness or the environment.
    • Close Encounters of the Second Kind (CE II) : This is where the witness comes within 500 ft of an anamolous object that leaves some damage or physical evidence in the environment.
    • Close Encounters of the Third Kind (CE III) :This is where the occupant of an anamolous object (proposed to be Aliens) are seen inside or close to the object. Who may or may not contact the witness.

    This was devised when Hynek was a skeptic and didnt believe in Alien theories etc. So, subsequently several categories have been added to the system of classification :
    • CE IV : where witness experiences physical or mental changes due to interaction with alien beings, Occupants of craft may actually abduct human or any animals under this heading
    • CE V : this involves initiation of contact by witness by contacting occupants physically or mentally
    • CE VI : this involves posession of a non-physical alien entity in witness.
    Although Hynek's system is still useful,but many UFOlogists feel it is crude for detailed UFO analysts and not sufficient enough to deal with modern day U.F.O encounters.One classification System that has recently gained competence over Hyneks is Vallee Classification System (VCS),devised by French UFOlogist Jacques Francis Vallee.A graduate of Hynek's astronomy course at Northwestern University,Vallee is one of the leaders of European 'Psychological' school of UFOlogy.
    Vallee's system looks at the three main aspects of the UFO reports and classifies them under three categories :
    • Fly-Bys (FBs)
    • Manoeuvers (MAs)
    • Close Encounters (CE)

    • FB1 - UFO is seen Flying in a straight Line.
    • FB2 - UFO is flying in a straight Line that leaves behind physical evidence.
    • FB3 - Fly-By with Alien Beings on Board.
    • FB4 - Fly-Bys with witness experiencing the altered sense of reality.
    • FB5 - Fly-Bys that result in injury or death.
    • MA1 - UFO seen travelling in an erratic Manner.
    • MA2 - UFO MAs causing physical effects.
    • MA3 - UFO MAing with Aliens seen on Board.
    • MA4 - UFO seen travelling in an erratic manner with witness experiencing an altered sense of reality.
    • MA5 - UFO MAs that causes death or injury.

    • CE1 - Witness Comes within 500 ft of witness,but they feel no effects.
    • CE2 - UFO comes within 500 ft of the witness and leaves traces or injures witness.
    • CE3 - UFO comes within 500 ft with Alien Beings visible.
    • CE4 - The witness is abducted.
    • CE5 - The abduction results in permanent injury or death.
    Val. System is one of highly appreciated systems today for UFO classification and is gaining weightage over Hynek's,especially in recent years.Now that we are through some foundation stuff of UFOlogy,lets get to something even more weird and stranger related to UFOs.

    Crop Circles :
    Crop Circles involve two theories :
    • They are mostly Hoaxes : So how do you hoax a crop circle? The tools are simple: A stake, a chain or rope, some boards, and a few people. The stake is pounded into the ground at the center of the soon-to-be circle and the rope attached to it. The rope is then stretched out and someone standing at the end marches around the stake to make a perimeter. The boards can then be used to easily flatten the plants within the circle. Rings can be made through the same technique simply by leaving some sections undamaged. (Warning: The above information is not meant to encourage anybody to trespass or vandalize. If you want to experiment with making a circle get the owner of the grounds permission before starting.)

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    • They are produced by UFOs :according to this theory Crop circles are produced by UFOs.They are mentioned in academic texts of the late 17th Century, and almost 200 cases ? some with eyewitness accounts ? have been reported prior to 1970. Since then, some eighty eyewitnesses as far flung as British Columbia and Australia have reported crop circles forming in under twenty seconds; cases are often accompanied by sightings of incandescent or rightly-coloured balls of light orshafts of light.Serious attention was finally given to the phenomenon in 1980 in southern England. The designs appeared primarily as simple circles, circles with rings, and variations on the Celtic cross. In the late 1980s they developed straight lines, creating pictograms not unlike petroglyphs found at sacred sites thoughout the world. After 1990 the designs developed exponentially in complexity, and today it is not unusual to come across crop glyphs mimicking computer fractals and elements expressing fourth dimensional processes in quantum physics. Crop circles have also increased increased in size, some occupying areas as large as 200,000 sq ft.To date there have been over 10,000 reported crop circles throughout 28 countries, with some 90% emerging from southern England.

      So whats so cool about Crop Circles Anyway,huh?
      Crop circles are strange because they are said to be formed by UFOs,when they fly over Fields and may not necessarily hoaxes or so is said to be.

      Electromagnetic and Radioactive Effects
      • Effects on equipment : Researchers claim that their electronic equipment is often affected when they are examining crop circles. "There have been numerous reports of electronic equipment failing in crop circles and compasses spinning out of control in and over the crop circles (when flying over in aircraft)," according to "Peculiarities of Crop Circles". "This range of equipment includes watches, mobile phones, batteries, cameras. No explanations for these occurrences, other than the indication of a strong EM field distortions."
      • EM measurements : Longtime crop circle investigator Colin Andrews says he has recorded electromagnetic (EM) measurements of 40-50 nano Teslas at the centers of some formations, which he says is 10 times the radiation level of a normal field. I also have a QT movie of such a demo given by Colin Andrews.I may try to post it if you want.
      • Strange sounds : Researchers say they have sometimes detected an unexplained sound at 5KHz frequency emanating from crop circles for just a few days after they are formed. "This corresponds to reports of eyewitnesses who often claim to hear a 'trilling' sound coming from the direction of the formations," says "Peculiarities of Crop Circles".
      • Radioactive isotopes : In 1991, two American nuclear physicists, Michael Chorost and Marshall Dudley, applied their expertise to crop circle research. "After subjecting a number of seed and soil samples to rigorous lab analysis," according to Freddy Silva's article, "Analysis of Crop-Circle Affected Crops and Soil," "their main discovery was that the soil in genuine formations contained no less than four, short-lived radioactive isotopes - vanadium, europium, tellurium and ytterbium. Tests conducted on soil from the Beckhampton July 31 formation yielded alpha emissions 198% above control samples, beta emissions 48% above, both of which seemed 'strikingly elevated,' since they were two to three times as radioactive as soil from outside the formation." Analyzed DNA samples from plants in another circle were found to be considerably more degraded than that of surrounding plants.
      • Physical Side Effects :Extremes of physical effects on people who enter crop circles have been reported. While some feel elation, others feel ill effects, including "nausea, headaches, dizziness, tingling sensations, pains and giddiness." Some claim their menstrual cycles have been affected while others say they have literally been knocked off their feet.People aren't the only ones affected. According to "Crop Circles: A Deeper Look" from the Foundation for Paranormal Research, "one researcher allowed his dog to enter a newly formed circle. The dog became violently ill and vomited for about an hour afterward. Sheep in the area go into a frenzy."Another witness testified: "During a third visit into the main Chiseldon formation in 1996 I encountered a couple who couldn't understand why their normally placid cat suddenly became agitated the moment he crossed the threshold of the formation. He protested and looked around frantically for a way out. Once outside he was back to his normal self."
      • Highly Intricate Mathematical Design :
        • Euclidean geometry. Some researchers contend that certain crop circle formations contain sophisticated geometry that an ordinary hoaxer most likely would not even understand. Gerald S. Hawkins, former Chairman of the astronomy department at Boston University, says that he detected relationships between crop circles and Euclidean geometry. According to an article at "The Crop Circular", "Hawkins found that he could use the principles of Euclidean geometry to prove four theorems derived from the relationships among the areas depicted in crop circles. He also discovered a fifth, more general theorem, from which he could derive the other four. 'This theorem involves concentric circles which touch the sides of a triangle, and as the [triangle] changes shape, it generates the special crop-circle geometries,' he says. Hawkins could find no reference to such a theorem in the works of Euclid or in any other book that he consulted. In July 1995, however, 'the crop-circle makers... showed knowledge of this fifth theorem.'"
        • Diatonic ratios. At least one article claims that the circle makers, whoever or whatever they are, have been encoding within crop circles diatonic ratios - how notes in music are related to each other. "Musicians have used the musical notes of the first octave to encode messages in their music," the article says. "For example, the last fugue of Bach keeps repeating notes B-A-C-H. The Circlemakers, since 1988, have also been encoding messages by including diatonic ratios, and hence sets of notes. When geometries are tested against lists of initials, the code appears to fit one and only one list: the first 25 presidents of the Society for Psychical Research of London." A reason why the circle makers might identify these people is not offered in the article. "Music and Harmonics" at Crop Circle offers additional information and some sound samples.
        • Sacred geometry. "The Sacred Geometry of Crop Circles" says that so-called sacred geometry is evident in crop formations and reflect "the universe, its pure forms and dynamic equilibriums shared a higher purpose: the attainment of spiritual wholeness through self-reflection, thereby giving structural insight into the workings of the inner self. When analyzing crop circle forms through the precise and unalterable practice of sacred geometry one cannot help but appreciate that a mind of scholarly intelligence is involved. That these symbols are occurring primarily in wheat, the very symbol of the Earth Mother, is significant in itself. Perhaps they are here to draw us as a race together by this interaction with our symbol of life?"
    Crop Circle Facts
    • About 10,000 crop circles have been reported worldwide since the 1970s.
    • The first crop circle in the US was reported in 1964.
    • Most of the complex formations occur in the United Kingdom.
    • Most formations appear in wheat and corn, but have also occurred in barley, oats, rape (canola) and grass.
    • There are only two countries where crop circles have never been reported: China and South Africa.
    • The earliest known formation was in 1647 in England.
    The above content was compiled from various sources.most of it from and from book called Crop Circles by Colin Andrews , Stephen J. Spignesi (I had notes of it).

    Cattle Mutilations
    cattle mutilation refers to unexplained Mutilations of cattle.

    so what is this eerie term Cattle Mutilations all about?
    A world-wide problem, cattle are killed and the body is left on the farm in various conditions. On studying the body, it has been found that the body has been totally drained of blood and that there has been no trace of blood found anywhere on the ground around the body. Various incisions would also be found on the body that were so clear cut that they would have had to have been done with some sort of laser technology that we didn't have when the mutilations started (before 1970). Bones were also clearly cut with no bone fragments around the cut. The bodies would be missing various parts which had also shown to have been removed with accurate precision. UFOs have been linked with these mutilations since they have been sighted at the same time in the same area where the mutilated bodies have been found.

    Mutilations and accidental or predatory death,they are same! arent they?
    Well there are three views on mutilations currently :
    • Accidental or Predatory deaths : This view says that most of the cattles are mutilated on natural accounts or eaten by predators.Goofyfish i think once mentioned (or was it James R? I am not too sure! ) that its a scam,since farmers want to get Insurance money of their animals etc are the supporters of this type of view.
    • Aliens,UFOs,chupacabras or other strange phenomenon are responsible :This view is held by several who are believers in paranormal phenomenon.This view states that cattles are mutilated by Alien Beings for their own usage for somethings.Several high tech experiments are performed on live animals to see the results.
    • U.S. govt or Satanic Cult Practitonars : This view says that U.S. govt researches on cattle for better cattle of tommorrow or possibly for creation of Super Cattle of tommorrow.Some in this,also believe that may be Satan followers are responsible for these mutilations.although nothing is conclusive.
    Mutilations are differentiated from accidental or predatory death for several reasons. Chief among them is the manner in which the flesh has been removed from the body. Cauterization (the fusing of tissue and blood vessels by heat or chemical means) seems to be typical of mutilations. Unlike animal attack, the flesh, adjoining the area where it has been removed, is smooth and clean as if cut with a searing or laser scalpel. As well, the areas chosen for removal are quite strange. Mainly the sexual, anterior digestive tract and sensory organs are affected.(No predator differentiates so precisely). Still, no tracks of any kind can be found around the mutilation site, except, sometimes, tripod marks. Also, no carrion eaters will touch the mutilated cow even though it has plenty of flesh still left to be eaten.Site in case of Mutilations is usually dry with no blood tracks which has often baffled law enforcements.
    This was taken from Linda Moulten Howe Narration in Dreamland Interactive,I"ll add more if necessary.
    For a more complete view on all the words A through Z about UFOs take a peep at this site : (if link is unavailable i can post the whole stuff!)

    UFOs History : A Look Back
    for history before 1940s please check the following link :
    • 1940s:
      • Foo-Fighters :

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        During WWII, when a series of incomprehensible events suddenly erupted over battle zones from North Africa to Guadalcanal to the Rhineland,hundreds of fliers and infantrymen on both sides of the conflict had occasion to look into the skies at a mystery that has never been explained. Whatever the cause, these weird aerial apparitions, which came to be known as "foo fighters", were enough to make witnesses forget momentarily the life and death concerns of men in combat.The allies described the flashing flying German aircraft they saw as Foo Fighters. They were supposedly developed by a specialist technical unit of the SS in a Vienna suburb. They were unmanned flying probe that would fly close to enemy aircraft and reek havoc on their electrical circuits. In addition they were equipted with a special pistron tube that the SS called death rays.Foo fighters were first seen in 1943 and reported by American pilots as fire balls. Described as having brilliant balls of light - sometimes green and sometimes orange. They had glowing tails. Sometimes they were the size of a basketball and sometimes much bigger. American piots at that time knew rockets had been perfected by the Germans and many saw UFO's - knowing they too were being produced by the Germans.The foo fighters would get in formation with a bomber and would stay. They couldn't shoot them down or out maneuver them. Some of them would come as close as 10 feet to the American's airplane cockpit.Some people feel they still exist.Stephen J. Brickner, a sergeant with the 1st Marine Division, had an encounter with mysterious aerial objects."The sightings occurred on Aug. 12, 1942, about 10 in the morning while I was in bivouac with my squad on the island of Tulagi in the southern Solomons, west of Guadalcanal," he recalled. It was a bright tropical morning with high banks of white, fleecy clouds. I was cleaning my rifle on the edge of my foxhole, when suddenly the air raid warning was sounded. There had been no 'Condition Red.' I immediately slid into my foxhole, with my back to the ground and my face turned up to the sky. I heard the formation before I saw it. Even then, I was puzzled by the sound. It was a mighty roar that seemed to echo in the heavens. It didn't sound at all like the 'sewing-machine' drone of the Jap formations. A few seconds later, I saw the formation of silvery objects directly overhead."
        "At the time I was in a highly emotional state; it was my fifth day in combat with the Marines. It was quite easy to mistake anything in the air for Jap planes, which is what I thought these objects were. They were flying very high above the clouds, too high for a bombing run on our little island. Someone shouted in a nearby foxhole that they were Jap planes searching for our fleet. I accepted this explanation, but with a few reservations. First, the formation was huge, I would say over 150 objects were in it. Instead of the usual tight 'V' of 25 planes, this formation was in straight lines of 10 or 12 objects, one behind the other. The speed was a little faster than Jap planes, and they were soon out of sight. A few other things puzzled me: I couldn't seem to make out any wings or tails. They seemed to wobble slightly, and every time they wobbled they would shimmer brightly from the sun. Their color was like highly polished silver. No bombs were dropped, of course. All in all, it was the most awe-inspiring and yet frightening spectacle I have seen in my life.".Usually foos were amorphous lights, not the kind of apparently solid, craft- like objects Brickner, C.J.J., and several other witnesses reported. Royal Air Force pilot B.C. Lumsden observed two classic foos while flying a Hurricane interceptor over France in December 1942.The content here has been taken from Crystallinks web site.
      • Ghost Rockets :Just after WWII people from Northern Europe began reporting Strange fiery objects,streaking through the sky,In february 1946 Helsinki Radio announced "Inordinate Meteor Activity" in areas near arctic.On June 9,1946 something flew over the sky over 1000 foot Alt.It left luminous Glow and smoky trail.reports from finland stated appearance of the object that approached observers on the coast and retraced its course back.
        The term Ghost Rocket was coined to label these missile like meteors.The most interesting incident occured on July 19,1946.Two witnesses saw an object crash into Lake Kolmanjarv(sweden).Another witness across the lake said it sounded like a bomb exploding.The eyewitness described a 6 ft long rocket like object with small wings on it.The lake was searched,but eventually no debris was found.The Ghost rocket phenomenon gradually shifted southwards with sightings coming from Italy,Greece,Portugal etc.The NY times reported that General Doolittle and David Sarnoff were sent to investigate the situation in Sweeden.In july 1946 sweedish and Norway govts. censored the newspaper reports about Ghost Rockets.
        (Above material is from UFO encyclopedia,(Sachs,Margaret)
        In process of adding...meanwhile enjoy reading this.
      • Maury Island Sighting:The Maury Island incident has been first characterised as an ellaborate Hoax first,then "Unknown incident" and finally as one of the first Govt. Cover ups.Around Mid-day of June 23,1947 Harold Dahl,his two crewman,his teenage son,pet dog were boating near Tacoma Washington in the vicinity of Maury Island.They claim to have seen six UFOs.Five of them seem to be circling the sixth,which appeared unable to maintain its altitude.The witness described the craft as doughnut shaped,metallic 100 ft wide,with a 25 ft wide hole in the center.The Disks descended to an altitude of few Hundred Feet.There was suddenly loud noise and UFO in center showered some metallic flakes and Hot slag.Boy's arm was burned and Dog got killed.A few days later Ray Palmer the publisher of Fantasy Magzine heard the story and asked Kenneth to investigate.Kenneth had just gained popularity with sighting neer Mt. Rainier.He enlisted the aid of two intelligence Officers namely, cap. Willian Davidson and Lt. Frank Brown.The story becomes more complicated when Dahl reports the first appearance of MIBs to warn the family from reporting the whole incident.The slag collected from the reported site was loaded into B-25 bomber and was taken.Shortly after take off from Mccord Field,B-25 caught fire and blew up.The pilot and another crew member parachuted to safety but the material was lost and investigators were killed.Speculations suggested the involvment of Atomic Energy Commission,Extraterrestrials in the whole sightings episode.
        (Taken from: The coming of Saucers,by Ray palmer,Arnold Kenneth)
      • Roswell incident:The Roswll incident began on July 1st,1947 when a UFO was tracked on RADAR at alamogordo,White Sands and Roswell AAF.The objects flight characterstics defied any conventional Aircraft and object was observed untill July 4th 11:30 pm when it disappeared on the scopes.Many believed that a Flying saucer actually crashed in New Mexico in 1947.An object seen of white blue color with Haze around it on july 1947 11:30 Pm.rancher Mac Brazel hears a loud explosion.Mac brazel accompanied by Seven-year old Timothy Proctor discover strange and unearthly material scattered over 3/4 of a mile.The first debris field of two's material was collected by Mac Brazel and loaded in his pick up truck and carried to Floyd and Loretta Proctor(neighbors) to show the material to them.On,July 5th 1947,At the decond debris field,members of Fire and police dept.(Roswell.) were amongst the first to arrive to view the site.(KMGURU,says his Uncle was part of this...isnt it,Km?).July 6th and 7th incidences are the ones which are most interesting of the whole event of Roswell.Ballard Funeral home Mortician, Glen Dennis recieves a phone call from the Roswell Base Mortuary.Dennis is asked question about,best ways to preserve the bodies that have been exposed to elements. and if he has any hermetically sealed child sized coffins available.Mac brazel shows Sheriff George Wilcox small pieces of the wreckage,Wilcox excited calls Roswell Army airfield.Air intelligence officers Jesse Marcel and senior Counterintelligence agent Capt.Sherridon Cavitt.arrive at the site,to inspect the wreckage.The commanding officer of 509th Bomb group Col. William Blanchard. collects the material from Sheriff Wilcox and has it sent to Col. Thomas J.Du Bose and Col. Alan D. Clark at fort worth army air field,they then ship the material to Major General Clements,at Washington D.C. whose office directly answers to President Truman.Early morning July the 7th,the wreckage(said to have Alien bodies) and parts of crash disk are flown to Andrews Air Force Base,Washington D.C.Officers Marcel and Cavitt accompany Marcel to the debris field,they fill Marcel's car and Cavitt's jeep with the debris material for transporting back to base.Glenn Dennis meets a nurse friend of his at Roswell Officers club.She's visibly upset.she tells Dennis that she saw Doctors at the base that she has never seen before examining three Alien Bodies(She drew an actual sketch on a Napkin for Dennis) and gives details of their physical appearance and results of tests performed by unknown Doctors.On July 9th 1947,the govt actually formally announces that UFO was just a weather Balloon.In following weeks,high security Alert was started.Special flights would be diverted and Witnesses are threatened to speak.Strangely Enough :All the outgoing and incoming messages to Roswell airforce base were deleted and All the records kept of those times,Tapes,papers are not present and were destroyed either by Fire or simply Lost,and that too only of from 1st to 20th July..Glen Dennis's Nurse friend flew in the plane alone in a special emergentcy call and craft eventually crashed,where Pilot survived but Glen's nurse friend died.In Sept 1994,8 months after congressmen Schiff began an investigation into Roswell incident,Air Force replied that the Weather Ballon story was indeed said to have misled people.It was a part of special project called Project Mogul.Thus secrecy was reqd.Skeptics and Believers continue to argue.
      • Fargo Dogfight Incident: Lt. George F. Gorman claimed to have a 27 minute Dogfight with a UFO over Fargo,North Dakota on October 1,1948.At 9:00 PM,Lt. Gorman was preparing to land his national guard F-51 at Hector Airport.The tower advised him of a piper cub airborne in the vicinity,which he quickly recognized.Suddenly, a light from what Gorman thought was another plane passed under his right wing.However Tower said there were no planes in the area.So,Gorman closed to about 1000 yards to get a good look at the object.He then described a spherical object 8 inches in Diameter.At first it blinked on and off,then turned left and passed over the control tower.Gorman drove but could not catch up.As he tried to pursue,the object suddenly started coming head-on.Gorman Dove and object passed 500 ft above his canopy.Chase continued while Air traffic controllers,Piper cub pilot and his passenger watched.All four saw the lighted object and described the Dogfight accurately.The object adn Gorman's plane were again on a collision course,When the UFO climbed straight Up.,Gorman tried but he stalled at 14000 ft.This lasted for 27 minutes to be precise.Gorman was shaken by this encounter that he had difficulty in landing the thing safely back.He was convinced that Thought was behind the maneuvers of the lighted craft.
        The official blue book explaination of this identifies the UFO as a balloon.Dr Donald Menzel later decided that the two objects combined to produce an illusion of a "Dogfight" ,namely a Balloon and Planet Jupiter.(taken from : The world of Flying Saucers, by Menzel,Donald H, Lyle G. Boyd.)
      • Snake River Canyon Incident :The object as reported was flying between the canyon walls of Idaho's snake River on August 13th 1947.A man and two boys aged eight and one ten reportedly observed the object at the site and said it appeared to follow the contours of the ground.The object appeared to be below the rim of the Canyon,which 400 ft deep and 1200 ft across.The craft's color was described to be Sky Blue and witnesses said that hadnt they observed the object on the wall of the canyon,they wouldnt have actually seen or contrast the object from sky background.It resembled a Broad Brimmed hat and did not spin.A red fiery glow came from the knots or bumps it had on its sides.The flames didnt taper,but extended to the back of the object.There was no smoke,no odor.As the object passed,trees under its path were spun around.on the top as if they were in a Vaccum.Official explaination given by airforce of the sighting was that group had observed a fast moving atmospheric eddy.for more google.(taken from : The encyclopedia of Ufos,story By Ronald D.)
      • Captain Mantell's fateful journey : Check out this post by me for details :
      • Chiles/Whitted Sighting : Capt Chiles, and co-pilot Whitted were flying an Eastern Airlines DC-3 at 5000 ft, at 2:45 Am July,24 1948 when both sighted a red glow approaching from east at high speeds.They pulled DC-3 sharply to left to avoid the object,which seemed to change the course as well.It passed the plane to the right.The objects then pulled up sharply and disappeared.Each saw a wingless aircraft about 100 ft long.Witnesses also said that an extremely bright white light seemed to shine from the interior.They also saw a Blue glow running along the underside of the object.The exhaust was seen as a Red-Orange flame 30-50 ft long.UFO skeptic Donald Menzel argued this incident as an misinterpretation of what is unusually bright meteor.Believers at the same time argue,that these pilots are well trained for such sightings.Altercations continue to rage between these two groups.

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        Pilot Chiles' sketch of the object, made at the Henry Grady Hotel, Atlanta on July 26, during a hastily-arranged meeting with Project SIGN investigators Alfred Loedding and Col Albert Deyarmond.

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        Co-pilot Whitted's sketch for Project SIGN. It differed considerably from the pilot's description. Whitted saw the object as a pattern of six large rectangular lighted panels trailed by an orange-red flame. He also estimated the object's length as 100 feet.Chiles perceived a pattern of many intense small lights in the shape of a 100-foot rocket. The nose appeared to have what he called a "radar pole" and an intensely illuminated cockpit (compared to the light from a magnesium flare), and a reddish flame spewed from the
        tail.Arguments and speculations about the incident continue to this date.
        (Most of the material was take from UFO anthology CD,Narrated by Bob.O.Dean.Sketches taken from
    • The 1950s Sightings
      • The Trent Photos:Check out this site for excellent information.I have more than this,but i think this would be more than Sufficient.I"ll post more if any requestes are made.
      • The great Falls Film:The Film was shot by Nick Mariana and has been analysed by Civillians and Military personel.Analysis revealed elliptical and Non-reflective objects.The film was shot by Nick Mariana,The general manager of Great Falls,baseball team,Montana.There is some uncertainity about when then Film was exposed,but Nick saw the objects at about 11:25 AM.these were two disk-shaped rotating lights.He shouted to his secy. Virginia Raunig,as he got his 16mm camera from the car.Using a telephoto lens,he captured these images. obtained 16 mm color movies of two UFOs which appear as bright circular points of light. Footage of UFOs at closer range, confirming visual observation of discs with rotating rims, was reported missing from film when returned by Air Force. Remaining footage.was con tained in United Artists documentary movie "UFO" and compared to July 2, 1952, Trementon, Utah film showing similar images. Mr. Mariana used Daylight Kodachrome film in a Revere turret type camera and obtained 315 frames showing the UFOs. The film was examined by the Air Force and Navy, but no formal reports released. Report on Photogrammetric analysis by Dr. Robert M.L. Baker, Jr., Douglas Aircraft Corporation, on file at NICAP. Air Force explanation that UFOs were reflections off jet aircraft said to be "quite strained," and the analyst states no definite conclusion.For more do a google to see the actual Images.I have it,but i think it would get too big if i post it here.I have several more to go.(This material has been taken from : UFOs: Yes! by David and R.Roger harkins)
      • Barra Da Tijuca Photos :

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        Of all photographs of alleged UFOs, the Barra da Tijuca series is considered by the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) to be "one of the best (and possibly the best) on record." However, the authenticity of the photos has been challenged; and some photo analysts suspect a hoax.
        The five pictures were taken by press photographer Ed Keffel, while in the company of reporter Joao Martins (according to their statements), and first published by O Cruzeiro magazine in its May 24, 1952, issue. It is claimed that the photos were actually taken on the seventh of that month, when a UFO -- a flying disk - was allegedly spotted in the vicinity of Barra da Tijuca, Brazil.For more on this check out this Link at NICAP. have more material.I could post more if you want me to,but i think this will be sufficient.
      • Flatwoods Monster Event:This sighting occured on Sept 12,1952 in town of Flatwoods in West Virgina.The encounter with a UFO was dubbed as Spookiest,after the one i"ll describe later on.At about 7:15 PM several yougsters saw a glowing object rush through sky. It appeared to descend to a nearby hill where it brightened and Dimmed repeatedly.The kids persuaded Mrs Kathleen May,the mother of two of the boys to join them in the investigation.Up the hill went Mom,Seven Kids and a Dog.As they approached the object which they described as "Faintly Glowing like a Mass of Red Coals",it pulsated from Bright red to Orange.The dog ran ahead but came streaking Back.The group began to notice a strange mist which began Spreading through area,a peculiar Nauseating odor hung in the air.Their eyes watered and their Noses stung.A pair of eyes was glowing in the trees.,so one of the them turned a flashlight on the light.To their shock,a 10ft tall creature whose head's shape was like ace of Spades was illuminated!.It had a monk-like rob draped over its body and was floating above the group observing them to their dismay.As the monster came floating towards them the panic spread in the group,one of the boys passed out and the whole group Fled the site.The Sherrif came to the site.Nothing was found,Though Nausseating odor was still there,Next day a depression and a circular area of flattened and burned grass was found exactly where witness said the craft was sitting pretty.
      • Kelly Hopkinsville Encounter :This encounter is the STRONGEST case in UFO case history of 1950s.check out this link for more details :
      • Kin-Ross Disappearance : check out this site for details : have more material relevant to it.I"ll post that if time permits.
      • Brent Waters AFB UFO encounter :Because of the major importance of the 1980 UFO landings in Rendlesham Forest near the RAF / USA joint bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge, another important, well documented UFO sighting at Bentwaters is often overlooked.Observations of unidentified objects by USAF and RAF personnel, extending over 5 hours, and involving ground-radar, airborne-radar, ground visual and airborne-visual sightings of high-speed unconventionally maneuvering objects in the vicinity of two RAF stations at night make this case a true "unexplained.". It is Case 2 in the Condon Report and is there conceded to be unexplained.On the night of August 13-14, 1956, radar operators at two military bases in the east of England repeatedly tracked single and multiple objects which displayed high speed, as well as rapid changes of speed and direction. Two jet interceptors were sent up, and were able to see and track them in a brief series of maneuvers. According to official U.S. Air Force reports, the sightings could not be explained by radar malfunction or by unusual weather.It began at 9:30 p.m. when Airman 2nd Class John Vaccare, of the U.S. Air Force at RAF Bentwaters, tracked one UFO on his Ground Controlled Approach radar (type AN/MPN-11A) as it flew 40-50 miles (65 to 80 km.) in 30 seconds, i.e. 4,800 to 6,000 mph (7,500 to 9,500 km./hr.).A few minutes later Vaccare reported to T/Sergeant L. Whenry that a group of 12 to 15 unidentified targets was tracked from 8 miles (13 km.) southwest of Bentwaters to 40 miles (65 km.) northeast, at which time they "appeared to converge into one very large object, according to the size of the blip on the radar scope, which seemed to be several times larger than a B-36 aircraft [the largest operational bomber in history, with a wingspan of 230 feet or 70 m.]." The single large blip stopped twice for several minutes while being tracked, before flying off the scope.

        At 10 p.m., a single unidentified target was tracked from Bentwaters as it covered 55 miles (90 km.) in just 16 seconds. This works out to over 12,000 mph (19,000 km./hr.).

        Then, at 10:55 p.m., the Bentwaters GCA radar picked up an unidentified target on the same east-to-west course as the previous one, at an apparent speed of "2,000 to 4,000 mph" (3,200 to 6,400 km./hr.). Someone in the Bentwaters control tower reported seeing "a bright light passing over the field from east to west at about 4,000 feet [1,200 m.]." At about the same time, the pilot of a C-47 twin-engine military transport plane over Bentwaters said, "a bright light streaked under my aircraft travelling east to west at terrific speed." All three reports coincided.

        Soon after, radars at Bentwaters and RAF Lakenheath reported a stationary object 20-25 miles (32-40 km.) southwest of the latter base. It suddenly began moving north at 400 to 600 mph (650 to 1,000 km./hr.), but "there was no build-up to this speed - it was constant from the second it started to move until it stopped." It made several abrupt changes of direction without appearing to slow for its turns.

        Around 11:30 p.m., the RAF launched a deHavilland Venom jet interceptor, from RAF Waterbeach. According to the U.S. Air Force UFO report:

        "Pilot advised he had a bright white light in sight and would investigate. At 13 miles [20 km.] west he reported loss of target and white light. Lakenheath (radar) vectored him to a target 10 miles [16 km.] east of Lakenheath and pilot advised (that) target was on his radar and was 'locking on.' Pilot then reported he had lost target on his radar.

        "Lakenheath GCA reports that as the Venom passed the target on radar, the target began a tail chase of the friendly fighter. Radar requested pilot acknowledge this chase. Pilot acknowledged and stated he would try to circle and get behind the target. Pilot advised he was unable to 'shake' the target off his tail and requested assistance.

        "One additional Venom was scrambled from RAF station. Original pilot stated: 'Clearest target I have ever seen on radar." The following conversation between the two Venom fighter pilots was heard by the Lakenheath watch supervisor:
        The 1969 report by the Air Force-funded study at the University of Colorado under Dr. Edward U. Condon concluded:
        USAF Air Intelligence Information Report filed by Captain Edward L. Holt, August 31, 1956.


        This is the little-known but definitive account by F.H.C. Wimbledon, RAF Fighter Controller on duty at RAF Neatishead, Norfolk:

        Lakenheath, England, 13-14 August 1956

        The Condon Report:

        2230-0330 LST. Weather: generally clear until 0300 LST on the 14th.

        The probability that anomalous propagation of radar signals may have been involved in this case seems to be small. One or two details are suggestive of AP, particularly the reported disappearance of the first track as the UFO appeared to overfly the Bentwaters GCA radar. Against this must be weighed the Lakenheath controller's statement that there was "little or no traffic or targets on scope," which is not at all suggestive of AP conditions, and the behavior of the target near Lakenheath - apparently continuous and easily tracked. The "tailing" of the RAF fighter, taken alone, seems to indicate a possible ghost image, but this does not jibe with the report that the UFO stopped following the fighter, as the latter was returning to its base, and went off in a different direction. The radar operators were apparently careful to calculate the speed of the UFO from distances and elapsed times, and the speeds were reported as consistent from run to run, between stationary episodes. This behavior would be somewhat consistent with reflections from moving atmospheric layers - but not in so many different directions.

        Visual mirage at Bentwaters seems to be out of the question because of the combined ground and airborne observations; the C47 pilot apparently saw the UFO below him. The visual objects do not seem to have been meteors; statements by the observers that meteors were numerous imply that they were able to differentiate the UFO from the meteors.

        In summary, this is the most puzzling and unusual case in the radar-visual files. The apparently rational, intelligent behavior of the UFO suggests a mechanical device of unknown origin as the most probable explanation of this sighting. However, in view of the inevitable fallibility of witnesses, more conventional explanations of this report cannot be entirely ruled out.
        • Unsolved UFO Mysteries,by William J. Birnes and Burt
        • Tapes from Encounters,FOIA stuff.
        • Documents,in TIFF format.
        • UFO-Encyclopedia
        • DreamLand Interactive CD,Narrated by Bob.O.Dean
        • Pilot Encounters.
        • Britain X-files site and Book.(I dont have proper links,If you have it,please let me know)
        • MUFON network
        • CUFOS
        • ALIENs and UFOs compendium CDs.
        • The Ufo Book: Encyclopedia of the Extraterrestrial by Jerome Clark
        • Web Material Collected,I dont have links anymore(This was a long time back,two years back probably).Sorry.
      • Antonio Villas Boas Encounter(Beginning of CE III?)

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        ne of the first case of Abduction phenomenon,The adventure of 23-year-old Antonio Villas Boas on 16 October 1957 in Brazil is probably the most famous case of interstellar intercourse. Antonio was ploughing a field on the family farm when the engine of his tractor cut out; at the same time, an object with purple lights descended from the sky. Humanoids in spacesuits emerged from the object and took him into their craft, subjecting him to what seemed like a medical examination. They stripped him, spread a strange liquid over him and took a sample of his blood. He was left alone in a room for what seemed a long time, until a beautiful, fair-haired woman arrived.

        She was naked and Antonio was instantly attracted to her. Without speaking or kissing, they had sex, during which she growled like a dog. Despite his strange circumstances or perhaps because the alien liquid had Viagra-like properties Antonio was soon ready for a second helping. Interviewed later, he said: "Before leaving she turned to me, pointed to her belly, and smilingly pointed to the sky." Before letting him go, his captors gave Antonio a guided tour of the spaceship. Antonio went on to become a successful lawyer and still stood by his story over 30 years later.
    • Sightings of 60s:Beginning of Abduction Phenomenon :
      • Red-Bluff Incident:Corning, California,August 13, 1960(11:50 p.m.)
        California Highway Patrol Officers Charles A. Carson and Stanley Scott were patrolling on Hoag Road, east of Corning, California when they saw what looked like a huge airliner descending from the sky in front of them. Thinking that a plane was about to crash, they stopped and got out of the car to get a better look. They watched as the object descended in complete silence to about 100 to 200 feet from the ground, then suddenly reversed and climbed back to about 500 feet from the ground and stopped. Officer Carson described it in a police teletype report:
        The officers radioed the Tehama County Sheriff's Office and asked Deputy Clarence Fry to contact the local Air Force radar station at Red Bluff. Deputy Fry reported back that the radar station verified that an unidentified object was visible on radar.As they continued to watch the object,On two occasions the object came directly towards the patrol vehicle; each time it approached, the object turned, swept the area with a huge red light. Officer Scott turned the red light on the patrol vehicle towards the object, and it immediately went away from us. We observed the object use the red beam approximately 6 or 7 times, sweeping the sky and ground areas. The object then began to move slowly to the east, and the officers followed. When they had reached the Vina Plains Fire Station, the object was approached by a second object that came from the south. The second object moved near to the first and both stopped and hovered for some time, occasionally emitting red beams. After a time, both objects vanished below the eastern horizon. They had observed the first object for a total of about two hours and fifteen minutes.

        When they returned to the Tehama County Sheriff's Office, they found that the object had also been seen by Deputies Fry and Montgomery, as well as by the night jailer. All described the same thing.

        The next day, Officers Carson and Scott drove to the Red Bluff Air Station to discuss the sighting and to speak to the operator that had seen it on radar. The Air Force, however, now denied that the object had been seen on radar, contradicting what the radar operator had told Deputy Fry the night before. The visit was completely unproductive.

        More information regarding the sighting was obtained by NICAP(National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) advisor Walter N. Webb, who contacted Carson and received a copy of the report, drawings of the object, and a letter from Carson.

        In the letter, dated November 14, 1960, Carson said:
        We made several attempts to follow it, or I should say get closer to it, but the object seemed aware of us and we were more successful remaining motionless and allow it to approach us, which it did on several occasions.
        In the original report, Carson also mentioned that:
        Each time the object neared us, we experienced radio interference.
        Again, from the letter to Webb:
        The object was shaped like a football, the edges, or I should say outside of the object were clear to us...[the] glow was emitted by the object, was not a reflection of other lights.
        The Official Explanation
        What was the "official" explanation for the sighting? In a letter to a NICAP member, the Air Force said: The findings [are] that the individuals concerned witnessed a refraction of the planet Mars and the bright stars Aldebaran and Betelgeux. . . [temperature inversions] contributed to the phenomena as the planet Mars was quite low in the skies and the inversion caused it to be projected upward.
        They also said:
        When NICAP pointed out that Mars, Aldebaran, and Betelgeuse were all below the horizon at the time of the sighting, the Air Force changed the star involved to Capella, which was slightly above the eastern horizon at the time. They neglected to explain the fact that, as the sighting progressed, Capella would have risen in the sky, whereas the objects disappeared below the eastern horizon at the end of the sighting.

        Officer Carson had this to say about the Air Force explanations:
        A check of the meteorological records of the area for that night by atmospheric physicist James E. MacDonald failed to find any evidence that would indicate the presence of a temperature inversion.Over the next week, similar sightings were reported, including another sighting the very next evening by Deputies Fry and Montgomery that was also seen by a Corning police officer.
      • Betty-Barney Hill Case: First Case of Abduction?:The story of Betty and Barney Hill begins in September 1961, in the state of New Hampshire. Barney had recently developed an ulcer, and he and his wife Betty decided to take a short vacation to Canada. The couple had visited Niagara Falls, and Montreal, and on the 19th of the month, they began their journey back home to Portsmouth. The night was clear, with a crescent moon shining on the heavily wooded landscape, that surrounded US Route 3 in the central part of New Hampshire. At about a quarter past 10:00 P.M., three miles south of the city of Lancaster, Barney noticed what appeared to be a bright star, or planet which seemed to move erratically. Barney pointed this out to Betty, and they both began to keep track of the object.
        The couple began to believe that they were watching a plane, appear and disappear, as the movement of their vehicle caused the trees to come and go in obstructing their view. Later Barney would state that he tried to convince himself that the object was a plane, but that Betty thought it to be something else; an unidentified craft of some kind. As the two continued to the Flume, just north of North Woodstock, the object appeared to move in an odd way. As they reached Indian Head, Barney actually stopped the car to have a look at the object with his binoculars. He saw multicolored lights, and rows of windows on a flat-shaped object, which now seemed to be moving toward him. As the object moved to within a hundred feet of him, he could see occupants inside. Frightened, he ran back to his car where Betty waited. They climbed inside and sped away. Soon, two hours of their lives would vanish into oblivion.
        After resuming their journey home, they were not able to see the strange craft anymore. Oddly though, they heard a beeping sound. They then heard the beeping a second time, noticing that they were suddenly thirty-five miles farther down the road than a minute or two ago. They were now in Ashla. The mood in the car was quiet as they proceeded home, and went to bed. They both slept until the next afternoon. When Betty got up, she called her sister Janet, and told her what had happened. Janet told her to call nearby Pease Air Force Base, and report what she had seen. Betty reported the incident, speaking to Major Paul W. Henderson, who told Betty; "The UFO was also confirmed by our radar." It is important to note at this point that Barney was against calling the sighting in to the base, hoping to keep it quiet.
        At this time, neither Betty nor Barney recalled any abduction. Soon, Betty began having nightmarish dreams of her and her husband being taken aboard a craft of some kind, against their will. In a matter of weeks, two writers got wind of the story, and after interviewing the Hills, made an intensive log of the events of the night. They discovered that there were two hours of unaccounted time in the Hill's story, even allowing for stops for the Hills, and breaks for their dog, who also had made the trip with them. Another interesting note that I should interject here is that these "two writers," which are mentioned in almost every report of this incident, (and there are literally thousands of them), have not been named, or I cannot find their names. However, the story is true, because their interview was attended by Major James MacDonald, a former Air Force Intelligence Officer. Shortly after Betty began having these disturbing dreams, she wrote a letter to Major Donald Kehoe, who passed her information on to one Walter Webb, who was on the staff of the Hayden Planetarium. Webb, at the time, was a scientific advisor for the National Investigations Committee on Arial Phenomena. (commonly referred to as NICAP) What he did with the report is unknown.
        It was Major MacDonald who made the suggestion to the Hills that regressive hypnosis might account for the two hours of missing time. In the spring of 1962, the Hills contacted a psychiatrist about the hypnosis sessions, but decided to put it off for a time. All the while, Betty was still haunted by the dreams, and Barney's ulcer was worse, and he was again suffering from hypertension. After dodging reporters, and doing some research on psychiatrists, the Hills made a decision to contact well-known Boston psychiatrist and neurologist, Dr. Benjamin Simon, who was one of the most respected doctors in his field. After a couple of initial interviews, Dr. Simon's preliminary diagnosis was "anxiety syndrome," relating to the incidents of the night of September 19, 1961. His next step was to find out what those events were.The method of treatment that Dr. Simon chose for the Hills was regressive hypnosis, which was meant to get to the source of their problem, whatever that may have been. He began the sessions on Barney, and then followed up with the same treatment for Betty. The process was slow, but after six months, it was Dr. Simon's expert opinion that the Hills had been abducted, and taken aboard an unknown flying craft on the night in question. Anyone who is deeply interested in these sessions, can see transcripts of them in an excellent book on the entire Hill story, "The Interrupted Journey," written by award-winning investigative author John G. Fuller. The Hills' story was also included in a two-part article in "Look" magazine, and a movie, "The UFO Incident," a made-for-TV production. The movie was released in 1976, and starred Estelle Parsons as Betty, and James Earl Jones as Barney.

        After the many sessions with Dr. Simon, the following details became evident. The Hills related that their car had stalled, and then the alien craft landed on the road in front of their vehicle, forming a kind of roadblock, hailing them down. They were taken into the craft, and given medical examinations by these aliens, and before being released, were ordered under hypnosis not to recount any of the details of their incident. The entities were described by the Hills as "....bald-headed alien beings, about five foot tall, with greyish skin, pear shaped heads and slanting cat-like eyes."-- This was the very first mention in UFO folklore of the so-called "greys." The Hills were taken into separate rooms during their examinations. These "tests" involved both physical and mental procedures.As part of these tests, skin, hair and nail samples were taken. Betty had a long needle inserted into her navel, and was told it was a pregnancy test. Under duress, Barney related that he had given a semen specimen. Betty stated that she was given a kind of book as a token of her visit, but this item was later taken back. Another odd fact related under hypnosis was that the aliens seemed to have no conception of time, or of colors, whatever this may mean. At one point, the aliens seemed surprised to find that Barney's teeth (dentures) could be removed and replaced. Betty asked one of her abductors where they were from, and in reply, she was shown a star map of sorts, which will be discussed in more detail later. After these events, the Hills were taken back to their car, and the last thing they remembered was an orange glow disappearing into the night sky. It is very important to note that the Hills tried to keep these events out of the press, but unfortunately, an inaccurate version of the events was leaked to the press, after which, the Hills decided to come forward with the true events of the case.Dr. Simon was under a great amount of pressure to release whatever information the Hills authorized about their case. This was considered prudent, not to exploit the story, but to stop speculation that the absence of a statement by him would seem to shed a negative light on the Hills' story. Simon concluded that the Hills were not fabricating their story. He further stated that he there were several conclusions that could be reached.
        • "The experience actually happened, or,
        • some perceptive and illusory misinterpretations occurred in relationship to some real event." What the "real event" may be, I do not know.
        As the facts of the Hills' case came to public knowledge, two notable, respectable professionals investigated the story, and made their conclusions. One was Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who was at the time, Professor of Astronomy at Northwestern University, and later to be an Air Force Consultant on Aerial Phenomena. He eventually would create his own "Center For UFO studies." The other was Stanton T. Friedman, a nuclear physicist and the nation's only space scientist devoting full time to researching the UFO phenomenon.
        As a consultant to Project Bluebook, Hynek later released the book, "The UFO Experience," in which he discussed the Hills' case. I will insert his own words here; "Under repeated hypnosis they independently revealed what had supposedly happened. The two stories agreed in considerable detail, although neither Betty nor Barney was privy to what the other had said under hypnosis until much later. Under hypnosis they stated that they had been taken separately aboard the craft, treated well by the occupants - rather as humans might treat experimental animals - and then released after having been given the hypnotic suggestion that they would remember nothing of that particular experience. The method of their release supposedly accounted for the amnesia, which was apparently broken only by counterhypnosis.
        Dr. Stanton Friedman spent many long hours with the Hills, discussing the case, and being a nut and bolts man, issued this statement; "By no stretch of the imagination could anyone who knows them conclude that they were nuts," he emphasizes. The Hills had been interviewed and questioned by others scientists and investigators; some under hypnosis, and all are in agreement on one important fact. The Hills did NOT make their story up, and the events put forward are based upon some REAL event. Although Barney and Betty were in an interracial marriage, which unfortunately cast an unfavorable shadow on them, we must remember that Betty had a Master's Degree in social work, and Barney served on the governor of New Hampshire's Civil Rights Commission. Both of them were well-respected by those who knew them or worked with them.Being intrigued with the mystery of the map, (which Betty drew from hypnosis), an Ohio schoolteacher and amateur astronomer Marjorie Fish became involved in the case in 1969. Wondering if the stars and planets on the map would match any known celestial objects, Fish got an interview with Betty Hill in the summer of 1969. Barney Hill had died earlier the same year from a cerebral hemorrhage. After a lengthy discussion with Betty, Fish released the following statement:
        Betty did not shift her position while viewing it, so we cannot tell if it would give the same three-dimensional view from all positions or if it would be completely three-dimensional. Betty estimated the map was approximately three feet wide and two feet high with the pattern covering most of the map. She was standing about three feet away from it. She said there were many other stars on the map but she only (apparently) was able to specifically recall the prominent ones connected by lines and a small distinctive triangle off to the left. There was no concentration of stars to indicate the Milky Way (galactic plane) suggesting that if it represented reality, it probably only contained local stars. There were no grid lines."

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        Astronomers at Ohio State University had a computer put them in their exact position out beyond the double star system of Zeta Reticuli 1 and Zeta Reticuli 2--220 trillion miles, 37 light years from earth, looking toward our sun. The computer duplicated with virtually no variation, the map of Betty Hill.

        Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

        Source :
        • Unsolved UFO Mysteries By William J. Birnes,Harold
        • Notes,Material collected earlier(I dont know the source of this,as websites dont exist anymore.
        • I searched for pics of zeta reticulli,I had this site,so i had it up here.
      • Swamp Gas Sightings:In march of 1996 the "Swamp Gas" became a household Phrase in United States,it happened because hundreds of people had seen UFOs in the Area of Ann Arbor Michigan and hundreds of People were pressing for an immediate explaination of the sightings.On March 14th and 17th several people were dazzled by a pre-dawn light show in the sky, near Ann Arbor,Both Law enforcement personnel and citizens had seen light perform unbelievable maneuvers.On March 20th,Frank and Ronald Mannor,a farmer and his son claimed that an object flashing Red,white and blue lights swooped from the sky and hovered just above the marshy ground about a half mile from their farm.A crowd of 50 people gathered and saw the object at the same spot.
        The following night at the hillsdale College,Hillsdale as many as 80 students and a College Dean had watched the object perform unbelievable maneuvers.These sightings were given huge publicity by the media and everyone jumped on the bandwagon to gain popularity.In ,Midst of all such chaos,In response,Major Hector Quintanilla,the head of project blue Book at that time sent Dr. J. Hynek for investigation,According to an interview published in saturday Evening post,on Dec 17 1966 a michigan botanist had described a bruning and luminous phenomenon as swamp gas and thus the Response stated by Hynek was "Swamp gas" to these sightings,although further investigation was required.The "SWAMP GAS" was sized by Media and was given as account explaination offered by the govt. although Hynek had stated otherwise.Major Hector however complicated the situation by releasing the official explaination in Blue Book as Swamp Gas of the sightings,although Hynek continued to insist on more of investigation required to fully understand the phenomenon.
        This was a typical expample as thought by many an example of Govt. Cover Up and conspiracy.Case still continues to be a mystery as to what actually might have happened.
        Source :
        • Jacobs,Michael:The UFO conpiracy in America
        • Sachs,Margaret,The UFO encyclopedia
        • Dreamland Interactive Guide to UFOs.
        • Alien Agenda
        • Internet
      • Portage County Police Chase Case : One of the most exciting and intriguing cases in UFO history was that of Portage County chase,where object was pursued.One of the most dramatic encounters by police officers with an apparently structured, low-level UFO occurred in the early morning of April 17, 1966. Officers of the Portage County, Ohio, Sheriff's Department first saw the object rise up from near ground level, bathing them in light, near Ravenna, Ohio, about 5:00 A.M. Ordered by the sergeant to pursue the object, they chased it for eighty-five miles across the border into Pennsylvania, as it seemed to play a cat-and-mouse game with them. Along the route, police officers from other jurisdictions saw the object and joined in the chase.

        Deputy Sheriff Dale Spaur and Mounted Deputy Wilbur 'Barney? Neff had left their scout car to investigate an apparently abandoned automobile on Route 224. Spaur described the sighting in these words:
        As they watched, the UFO moved toward the east, and then stopped again. Spaur picked up the microphone and reported to the dispatcher. At this time, the object was about 250 feet away, brilliantly lighting up the area ("It was very bright; it'd make your eyes water," Spaur said.) Sergeant Schoenfelt, off duty at the station, told them to follow it and keep it under observation while they tried to get a photo unit to the scene.

        Spear and Neff turned south on Route 183, then back east on Route 224, which placed the object to their right, and out the left window. ?At this time,? said Spaur. "it came straight south, just one motion, buddy, just a smooth glide . . ."and began moving east with them pacing it, just to their right at an estimated altitude of 300-500 feet, illuminating the ground beneath it. Once more the UFO darted to the north, now left of the car, and they sped up to over 100 mph to keep pace with it.

        As the sky became brighter with predawn light, Spaur and Neff saw the UFO in silhouette, with a vertical projection at its rear. The object began to take on a metallic appearance as the chase continued. Spaur kept up a running conversation with other police cars that were trying to catch up with them. Once when they made a wrong turn at an intersection, the object stopped, then turned and came back to their position.

        Police Officer Wayne Huston of East Palestine, Ohio, situated near the Pennsylvania border, had been monitoring the radio broadcasts and was parked at an intersection he knew the Portage County officers would he passing soon. Shortly afterward he saw the UFO pass by with the sheriff's cruiser in hot pursuit. He swung out and joined the chase. At Conway, Pennsylvania, Spaur spotted another parked police car and stopped to enlist his aid, since their Cruiser was almost out of gas. The Pennsylvania officer called his dispatcher.

        According to Spaur, as the four officers stood and watched the UFO, which had stopped and was hovering, there was traffic on the radio about jets being scrambled to chase the UFO, and ". . . we could see these planes coming in.... When they started talking about fighter planes, it was just as if that thing head every word that was said; it went PSSSSSHHEW, straight up; and I mean when it went up, friend, it didn't play no games; it went straight up? (Transcript of taped interview with Dale Spaur).

        The Air Force "identified" the UFO as a satellite, seen part of the time, and confused with the planet Venus. Under pressure from Ohio officials, Major Hector Quintanilla, chief of PROJECT BLUE BOOK, had an acrimonious confrontation with witnesses and refused to change the identification, although it was pointed out to him that they had seen the UFO in addition to Venus and the moon at the conclusion of the observation. Major Quintanilla also denied that any jets had been scrambled.

        William B. Weitzel conducted an exhaustive investigation on behalf of the NATIONAL INVESTIGATIONS COMMITTEE ON AERIAL PHENOMENA (NICAP), obtaining taped interviews, signed statements, sketches, and all pertinent data which was assembled into a massive report that was made available to congressional investigators. When the UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO UFO PROJECT was initiated in 1966, a copy of Weitzel?s report was hand-delivered to the director, Dr. Edward U. CONDON, for his consideration. The CONDON REPORT, published two years later, does not mention the case.

        The First Project Blue Book Investigation of this incident consisted of two phone calls that lasted for 3.5 minutes.Both phone calls were made to Spaur.
        • Allen J, Hynek ,"The UFO Experience : A Scientific Enquiry "
        • Story by Ronal D. (ed.) The UFO encyclopedia
        • Internet Pages
        • Persona Notes
        • FOIA Documents
        • Blue Book Official Release
      • Flynn Encounter

        Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

        n March 12, 1965, James Flynn of East Fort Myers, Florida, an experienced woodsman, headed deep into the Everglades with his four hunting dogs. He had planned to spend several days there. On the night of the 14th his hunting dogs took after a deer. Later, hearing a sound like a gunshot, Flynn started up his swamp buggy and headed off in search of his dogs. One of his dogs had returned, which he had placed in its cage, and it accompanied him on his search for the others.

        Around 1 a.m., on Monday, March 15th, Flynn spotted something unusual that he judged to be slightly over a mile away. Whatever it was, it was hovering, shaped like a broad, upside-down cone, an estimated 200 feet in the air above some cypress trees. After a while it began flying off toward the Northeast. After some 2 to 3 minutes, it returned to the same place, and hovered again, this time for an estimated 5 minutes. Then it took off toward the Southwest at a high rate of speed. Soon, however, it returned to the same location again. At this point, Flynn was only about a quarter of a mile away, and the object seemed to come down among some trees into a small knoll. Flynn figured, up to this point, that he was observing a helicopter of some sort, but then he began to study it through a pair of binoculars and he realized that he wasn't looking at a helicopter at all. Then he began to suspect that it was some secret craft from Cape Canaveral.

        Flynn described the object as some 25 feet high, and twice that in its diameter. Up near the top were four tiers of two-foot-square square window-looking sections that emitted a yellowish glow. The thing was metallic, and seemed to be made of four-by-four plates that appeared to be held together with rivets. Around the base there was an orange-red illumination that seemed to cast a glow on the ground some 75 feet around its rim.

        Sometime later he regains consciousness. Finding himself initially blind he lays there for a long while until he recovers a small amount of vision in his left eye. By this time, the sun is shining and its Tuesday morning. Flynn gathers up his dogs and makes his way to the home of Henry Osceola, a Seminole Indian who lived there in the Everglades swamp.

        It isn't until noon Wednesday that Flynn returns home. He and his wife go immediately to pay a visit to ophthalmologist, Paul R. Brown. Dr. Brown finds Flynn?s vision 20/800 in his right eye, 20/60 in his left eye. He notes a slight bruise over his right brow. The left eye appeared normal, but in the right eye he could not see the retina.

        Flynn complained of hearing reduction and numbness in his arms and hands following the encounter. Under careful observation and treatment by Dr. Harvie J. Stipe, a physician who had known Flynn for 25 years, Flynn was treated, and soon those symptoms disappeared. On March 26, Flynn, Dr. Stipe, and two others, returned to the encounter site in the Everglades, and there found a burned circle some 72 feet across. The circle looked like it had been swept clean of leaves, twigs, limbs -- normal forest debris. Eight cypress trees were scorched from their tops down to about halfway from the ground.

        In October 1966, in a phone interview with Arizona physicist James E. McDonald, Flynn stated that the UFO was probably, he figured, some secret aircraft of ours, and that if he could ever prove it then somebody would pay for the good eye he used to have.

        In July 1996, Flynn made a rare public appearance at Port Charlotte, Florida, where he stated: ?I'm waiting for the day someone turns up the truth about this thing. I hope I live that long.?
        Sources :
        • John Spencer,The UFO Encyclopedia
        • John Spencer,World Atlas of UFOs
        • Flying Saucers Dictionary
        • The UFO Encyclopedia, The Phenomenon from the Beginning, Volume 1:A-K, by Jerome Clark. Omnigraphics, Inc
      • Cisco Grove Encounters

        Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

        n September 4, 1964, 28 year old Donald Schrum and his friends were bow and arrow hunting at Cisco Grove, Placer County, California. Before very long, the avid hunter would have an encounter with the unknown; an encounter that would make this the most memorable hunting trip of his life.

        During the afternoon of hunting, Schrum had become separated from the rest of the group, and with nightfall fast approaching, he decided to sleep the night away in a tree for safety. He attention was soon drawn, however, to the sight of a white light which zig-zagged through the trees at low altitude. At first, he thought it was a helicopter, so Schrum jumped down from the safety of the tree, and began lighting flares to attract attention to himself. He thought that his friends had launched a rescue party to locate their missing companion. Finally the white light turned in his direction, coming to a stop some fifty yards from the tree.

        He soon discovered that the object was not a helicopter at all, but a strange-looking object, different from anything he had seen before. Now frightened, he climbed back up into the safety of the tree. After a short period of time, he was shocked to see three beings approaching the tree. Two of them seemed to be a humanoid-type of being, while the third was more robot-like. Shock became utter panic now, as the three began to shake the tree in an attempt to dislodge him. He vividly recalls a white vapor being shot from the robot's mouth; which rendered him unconcious.

        When he came to, he was nauseous, but began throwing lighted matches toward the beings, which caused them to back away from the tree momentarily. Soon the assault continued. Finally, Schrum managed to load and shoot an arrow at the invaders, hitting the robot. The direct hit caused a spark to fly, indicating that the arrow had hit a metallic surface. He managed to shoot two more arrows at the beings, each time causing to the group to scatter.

        Soon, a second robot joined the group, and again Schrum was rendered unconscious by the strange, white vapor coming from the entity's mouth. When he awoke again, the two humanoid beings were now climbing the tree! He mananged to thwart the attack by throwing different objects at them, and shaking the tree. This scenario continued off and on for most of the night.

        As dawn approached, more beings arrived, and this time a large volume of smoke caused him to black out completely. When he awoke, he was barely hanging from the tree by his belt. The aliens were finally gone. Schrum was soon rescued, and reunited with the other hunters. Corroborating at least part of his story, one of the other men who had also become lost, and seen the UFO. What exactly were these humanoid-like creatures that Schrum encountered that fearful night in California? Unfortunately, Donald Schrum was the only witness to these other worldly beings.
        Sources :
        • Keyhoe,Donald E,Gordon IR et al, "Strange Effects from UFOs"
        • Sachs Margaret,The UFO Encyclopedia
        • John Spencer,The world Atlas of UFOs
        • Jonh Spencer,The UFO encyclopeida
        • The Hynek UFO Report (1977) pages 210-212.
    • 70s UFO Sightings :
      • Binbrook RAF Encounter:RAF Binbrook (Sept. 8, 1970) At six minutes past ten on the night of 8 September 1970, a single Lighning Jet Fighter took off from RAF Binbrook, the North Lincolnshire base near Grimsby. Ground crew on the flight line were accustomed to Lighnings being scrambled in a hurry any time of day or night. Binbrrok, after all, was a front-line fighter station and its aircraft shared QRA - Quick Reaction Alert - duty with other East Coast airfields to provide cover should any unidentifiable aircraft appear on the radar screens. The pilot was Captain William Schaffner of the United States Air Force, who was on his second tour as an exchange pilot with the RAF.Schaffner was a vastly experienced jet fighter pilot with combat experience behind him in Vietnam. He had been at Binbrook for some time and his wife was living on the base with him. The aircraft, XS894, a Lightning F6 of 5 squadron, whose call-sign that night was Foxtrot 94, turned out over the North Sea - and disappeared into what became one of the true aviation puzzles of recent times.Early the following morning, XS894 ditched in the sea off Flamborough Head. The ditching was witnessed by the crew of a Shackleton reconnaissance aircraft. Flares were also spotted by the Grimsby trawler Ross Kestrel, but no trace of Captain Schaffner's plane could be seen. More than a month later the wreckage of the aircraft was found on the sea-bed by Royal Navy divers. Captain Schaffner had vanished from the cockpit...The chain of events which led to the jet crash starts at Saxa Vord, one of the chain of radar stations whose task it was to spot unidentified aircraft approaching the North sea, or the sensitive Iceland Gap. The Cold war was at its height in 1970, and Russian aircraft made regular sorties into the North Atlantic and along the British Coast to test the reaction of NATO fighters.

        On this particular night, a radar operator at Saxa Vord picked up the blip of an unidentified aircraft over the North sea halfway between the Shetlands and Alesund in Norway. The contact was monitered for several minutes at a steady speed of 630 mph, at 37,000 ft holding altitude and on a south-westerly heading. The Saxa Vord noted the contact was turning through 30 degrees to head due south. It increased speed to 900mph and climbed to 44,000ft.

        Radar contollers at Saxa Vord flashed a scramble message to the QRA Flight at the nearest NATO airfield, RAF Leuchars on the east coast of Scotland, not far from Dundee. There, two Lightning interceptors, ready for just an alert, scrambled and within minutes were airborne and heading out over the North sea. After checking the position of their tanker, a Victor K1A, the two fighters were guided north by Saxa Vord. But it was then that the radar plotters on the Shetland Islands saw something on their screens which they found impossible to believe.

        The contact they had been tracking, at speeds and altitudes consistent with modern Russian warplanes, turned through 180 degrees on a due north heading, and within seconds disappeared off their screens. Later they calculated that to do this its speed must have been in the region of 17,400 mph. During the next hour, the mystery contact reappeared several times, approaching from the north. Each time the Lightnings were sent north to intercept, it turned and diappeared again.

        By now two F4 Phantoms of the US Air Force had been scrambled from the American base at Keflavik in Iceland. They had much more sophisticated radar than the British Lightnings and were able to pick up the contact themselves. But when they tried to get close enough to identify what was by now beginning to cause some alarm to NATO commanders, they found they were just as impotent as the Lightnings.

        The alert had reached such a level that the contact was being monitored at the Ballistic Missile Earling Warning System at Fylingdales. The information they were collecting was relayed to the North American Air Defence Command at Cheyenne Mountain and the US Detection and Tracking Centre at Colorado Springs. RAF staff at Fylingdales heard ominously that the Stategic Air Command HQ at Omaha, Nebraska, was ordering its B-52 bombers into the air.

        It was an order that could only have come from the highest level. What had started as a routine sighting of what was believed to be a Russian aircraft had nw reached the White House and, presumably, President Richard Nixon. At around 21.45 a request made from a high level within North American Air Defence, through Strike Command's UK headquarters at High Wycombe, for RAF Binbrook to send Capt' Schaffner to join the Lightnings looking for the mystery contact.

        NATO forces were being brought up to full alert by a mystery object picked up by radar over the North Sea. At first it appeared to be yet another Russian aircraft out to test the reflexes of Allied air forces. But the object began behaving in a way which baffled radar controllers. At 22.06 Captain Schaffner blasted off from Binbrook's main runway into the night sky.

        By now the mystery contact which involved the five Lightnings, two Phantoms, three tankers and a Shackleton being scrambled over the North sea was being tracked by the radar controllers at Staxton Wold. The contact was flying parallel to the East Coast 90 miles east of Whitby at 530mph at 6,100ft - an ideal course for an interception by a Binbrook Lightning. Whats follows next is drawn from what I have been told is the official transcript of the conversation between Schaffner and the radar station at Staxton Wold:
        NOTE: I have this Tape.Its too Big for posting here.I could post at Yahoo Groups if you ask me,or i could mail you guys.
        Radar controllers at Staxton Wold had guided the Lightning from Binbrook to the mystery contact which had been eluding its NATO trackers for almost four hours. Just as the controller lost contact with Captain Schaffner, a radar operator who had been tracking the Lightning and the mystery object it had intercepted, watched in disbelief.The two blips on the screen, representing the fighter and its quarry, slowly merged into one, decelerating rapidly from over 500mph until they became stationary 6,000ft above the North Sea 140 miles out of Alnwick. Two and a half minutes after the single blip came to a halt it started to move again, accelerating to 600mph and climbing to 9,000ft, heading south back towards Staxton.
        Shortly afterwards the single blip separated into two, one maintaining its southerly heading, somewhat erratically, at between 600 and 630mph and descending slowly, the other turning through 180 degrees to head north-westerly and vanishing at a speed later calculkated to be around 20,400mph.While all this was going on a Shackleton MR3, which had been on patrol off the Firth of Forth, was ordered to hold station around Flamborough Head.

        The Staxton Wold re-established contact with Captain Schaffner.
        At this stage the Shackleton arrived over Flamborough Head and began circling before XS894 was vectored into the area by the Staxton controllers.
        Several minutes then elapsed as Schaffner was left to circle the Flamborough area along with the Shackleton. In the meantime, Strike Command at High Wycombe had instructed Staxton Wold to request Captain Schaffner to ditch his Lightning off Flamborough. Although Captain Schaffner had plenty of fuel to reach either nearby Leconfield or his home base of Binbrook, it appears the reason for the descision to ditch was a fear that the Lightning had somehow become "contaminated" during its mystery interception over the North Sea.
        It may well be the fear that the aircraft had suffered radiation contamination, although some weeks later, when the wreckage was examined at Binbrook, there was no trace of contamination of anything other than salt water.
        Shortly afterwards the search and rescue Whirlwind from nearby Leconfield arrived on the scene and began a systematic search of the ditching area. The aircraft was shortly joined by the lifeboats from Bridlington, Flamborough and Filey as the weather began to deteriorate. The search continued well into the next day but there were no transmissions from the beacons carried by the pilot and on board the aircraft and the official reports say no distress flares were seen.
        However, the following day flares had been seen about ten miles offshore and the Grimsby trawler Ross Kestrel, which was passing the Falmborough area, had gone to investigate but, even though more flares were seen, she found nothing. Three weeks later it was reported that the fusalage of the aircraft had been located on the seabed and the ejection seat was still intact, "giving rise to the belief that the body of the pilot is still in the wreckage".
        On 7 October, divers from HMS Keddleston had inspected the wreckage and said Captain Schaffner's body was still in the cockpit.
        But what was the start of the biggest mystery of all. When the aircraft was brought to the surface and returned to Binbrook there was no trace of Captain Schaffner. Just an empty cockpit.
        When the wreckage of XS894 was finally lifted from the seabed some five miles off Flamborough Head it was taken in secrecy straight to RAF Binbrook.
        Many of the cockpit instruments were missing. These included the E2B compass, voltmeter, stand-by direction indicator, stand-by invertor indicator and the complete auxilary warning panel from the starboard side of the cockpit below the voltmeter. This was a serious breach of regulations and although the Mod's Crash Investigation Team was promised the instruments would be returned shortly they never were.
        The ejector seat also seemed to be "wrong" and there was a suspision later among the investigators that it was not the one fitted to the aircraft when XS894 took off from Binbrook on its final flight. They were even given and assurance by the commanding officer of 5 Squadron that the seat had not been tampered with. But some of the investigators were not convinced.
        At the end of the day the investigation team was told curtly that as nothing useful had been discovered, their job was over.The following day they were all called into the main office at Farnborough and told in no uncertain terms they were not to discuss any aspect of the ditching of XS894, even with their own families. The reason was simple - national security.
        Source :
        The Material has been taken from UFOs Anthology Book Series.
      • Falkville Alien Encounter :

        Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

        n October 17, 1973. This case is unique in some respects, most notably the alien seems to have attributes of both of the above descriptions: a robot looking creature with the running gait of our most talented athletes.

        Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

        This strange account began when Falkville, Alabama police chief Jeff Greenhaw ( that is correct, there is no s after the n) received a phone call from an excited lady who said that she had witnessed a "spaceship" land in an open field not far the town proper. Greenhaw took off like a shot, taking along his trusty Polaroid camera. Dark had fallen several hours earlier, and the police chief was armed for anything. It would be about 10:00 P.M. when he made it to the location of the alleged landing.
      • Tehran,Iran Sightings :The following is from a 3-page message, released on August 31, 1977, via the Defense Intelligence Agency:
        This report forwards information concerning the sighting of a UFO in Iran on 19 September 1976.*
        A. At about 1230 A.M. on 19 Sep.76 the (deleted) received four telephone calls from citizens living in the Shemiran area of Tehran saying that they had seen strange objects in the sky. Some reported a kind of bird-like object while others reported a helicopter with a light on. There were no helicopters airborne at that time.*
        After he told the citizens it was only stars and had talked to Mehrabad Tower, he decided to look for himself. He noticed an object in the sky similar to a star bigger and brighter. He decided to scramble an F-4 from Shahrokhi AFB to investigate.*
        B. At 0130 hrs on the 19th the F-4 took off and proceeded to a point about 40 NM north of Tehran. Due to its brilliance, the object was easily visible from 70 miles away. As the F-4 approached a range of 25 NM, he lost all instrumentation and communications (UHF and intercom). He broke off the intercept and headed back to Shahrokhi. When the F-4 turned away from the object and apparently was no longer a threat to it, the aircraft regained all instrumentation and communications. At 0140 hrs a second F-4 was launched. The backseater acquired a radar lock on at 27 NM 12 o'clock high position with the VC (rate of closure) at 150 NMPH. As the range decreased to 25 NM the object moved away at a speed that was visible on the radar scope and stayed at 25 NM.*
        C. The size of the radar return was comparable to that of a 707 tanker. The visual size of the object was difficult to discern because of its intense brilliance. The light that it gave off was that of flashing strobe lights arranged in a rectangular pattern and alternating blue, green, red, and orange in color. The sequence of the lights was so fast that all the colors could be seen at once. The object and the pursuing F-4 continued on a course to the south of Tehran when another brightly lighted object, estimated to be one-half to one-third the apparent size of the moon, came out of the original object. This second object headed straight toward the F-4 at a very fast rate of speed. The pilot attempted to fire an AIM-9 missile at the object but at that instant his weapons control panel went off and he lost all communications (UHF and interphone). At this point the pilot initiated a turn and negative G dive to get away. As he turned the object fell in trail at what appeared to be about 3-4 NM. As he continued in his turn away from the primary object the second object went to the inside of his turn then returned to the primary object for a perfect rejoin.*
        D. Shortly after the second object joined up with the primary object another object appeared to come out of the other side of the primary object going straight down at a great rate of speed. The F-4 crew had regained communications and the weapons control panel and watched the object approach the ground anticipating a large explosion. This object appeared to come to rest gently on the earth and cast a very bright light over an area of about 2-3 kilometers. The crew descended from their altitude of 25,000 to 15,000 and continued to observe and mark the object's position. They had some difficulty in adjusting their night visibility for landing, so after orbiting Mehrabad a few times they went out for a straight in landing. There was a lot of interference on the UHF and each time they passed through a mag. bearing of 150 degrees from Mehrabad they lost their communications (UHF and interphone) and the INS fluctuated from 30 degrees to 50 degrees. The one civil airliner that was approaching Mehrabad during this same time experienced communications failure in the same vicinity (Kilo Zulu) but did not report seeing anything. While the F-4 was on a long final approach the crew noticed another cylinder-shaped object (about the size of a T-bird at 10 NM) with bright steady lights on each end and a flasher in the middle. When queried the tower stated there was no other known traffic in the area. During the time that the object passed over the F-4 the tower did not have a visual on it but picked it up after the pilot told them to look between the mountains and the refinery.*
        E. During daylight the F-4 crew was taken out to the area in a helicopterwhere the object apparently had landed. Nothing was noticed at the spot where they thought the object landed (a dry lake bed) but as they circled off to the west of the area they picked up a very noticeable beeper signal. At the point where the return was the loudest was a small house with a garden. They landed and asked the people within if they had noticed anything strange last night. The people talked about a loud noise and a very bright light like lightning. The aircraft and area where the object is believed to have landed are being checked for possible radiation.*
        More information will be forwarded when it becomes available.*
        Equally as fascinating as the report itself was a form attached to the basic information given in the message. Titled, "Defense Information Report Evaluation," it was an assessment of the quality of the Iran sighting details as determined by the Defense Intelligence Agency, a military version of the CIA which deals with foreign military intelligence. The form indicated in checked boxes that the reliability of information was "Confirmed by other sources," that the value of information was "High (Unique, Timely, and of Major Significance)," and that the utility of information was "Potentially Useful." The form added in the "Remarks" section:*
        An outstanding report. This case is a classic which meets all the criteria necessary for a valid study of the UFO phenomenon:*
        • The object was seen by multiple witnesses from different locations (i.e., Shamiran, Mehrabad, and the dry lake bed) and viewpoints (both airborne and from the ground).*
        • The credibility of many of the witnesses was high (an Air Force general, qualified aircrews, and experienced tower operators).*
        • Visual sightings were confirmed by radar.*
        • Similar electromagnetic effects (EME) were reported by three separate aircraft.*
        • There were physiological effects on some crew members (i.e., loss of night vision due to the brightness of the object).*
        • An inordinate amount of maneuverability was displayed by the UFOs.*
        Judging from the comments by the DIA, the Iranian UFO chase was un doubtedly one of the premier UFO encounters in the history of the subject. A highly advanced vehicle, performing well beyond our present-day capabilities, created fits for the American-equipped Iranian Air Force. That the blackouts of the missile firing control panel, just before the pilot was about to launch his air-to-air missile, could be attributed to a mechanical fault seems beyond what sheer odds would allow. That an instrumentation blackout should occur on two separate F-4 aircraft as they were chasing a UFO is even more unlikely. The incidents described are such that to merely dismiss the report as unsupportive of UFO reality, which we anticipate will happen from some quarters, borders on the absurd.*
        Unfortunately, as in many other sightings we've discussed, while it has been stated in the Iranian message that "more information will be forwarded when it becomes available," such information has not been made available to the public. Reliable sources within the government have told us that the Iranian case file was about one and a half inches thick, yet absolutely no admission to having this file has come from any government agency with a possible connection to the case.*
        Source :
        Fawcett,Lawrence and Barry J. Greenwood,The UFO Cover Up.
    Thats all for this post at least,i"ll ad more if necessary.Its become very very big indeed.I have 80s,90s material tapes etc.But i dont think its necessary to post here.Thanks for Reading...Enjoy...

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  3. Rick Valued Senior Member

    Alien Abduction Details:What,Why,How,Reports Casefiles,Analysis,Are you Abducted?

    Probably,one of the most disturbing aspect of UFO phenomenon has been the Human abduction matter.For past 3 decades or more so,since time immemorial there have been descriptions,of strange Encounters with Beings unknown taking Humans and examining them.An extremely vast and valid collection of evidence literally suggests that Human Beings are taken from :
    • Homes
    • Cars
    • Road-Side
    These signs are not isolated,Yvonne says,The combination of Signs are more important for Abductions,e.g. Sleep Disturbance point isolated may be something else,but if its in combination of other points stated,it may an abduction experience.
    Signs of Abductions? As stated By Yvonne Smith(CERO)
    • Observation of a UFO or unexplained Light in the Sky with a Lapse of time.
    • Waking up Paralysed with a feeling of presence in the Room
    • Becoming Paralysed when Fully Awake
    • Observation of Lights Flooding the Room,or Balls of Light Flooding the room.
    • Fear of a Particular Place,Hallway,a stretch of road with a feeling that something has happened in that are to you.
    • Overnight Appearance of Marks,Scars and wounds without any cause,often accompanied by vivid dreams.
    • Sleep Disturbance...Dread of Night,sleeping with Lights on etc..
    • Unusual Pregnancies...Ganeocological Problems etc
    • Vivid Dreams of UFOs or Small Beings
    • Waking up from your dreams with Clothing upside-down,Dirt and leaves on the feet,accompanied by a UFO vivid dream.
    • Persistant and Frequent Nosebleeds as a child
    • Nocturnal Sensations: levitation,Pulling out of bed,being touched etc.
    How Abduction Happens?
    Strictly,speaking Abduction Experiences do not occur just once in a life time,these are very rare.(Like Betty and Barney probably).Abduction Experiences start at childhood and follow the person throughout his life.As a child,an abductee typically remembers "people" in their room.They will have pet names for these people,such as "Doctors","little men","firends","The Man" etc.Persistant Nosebleeds without any diagnosed cause are also common among abductees in the childhood.Other people often see a UFO and oddly,enough no one ever discussing (in the family) about them.If the abductees do remember some portion of the experiences,they will often recall a bright light being bathed on them.Typically,an Abductee experiences what is commonly known as Missing time.Missing Time a term coined by Budd Hopkins is the lapse of time without any cause or knowledge.
    A type scenario is as follows :
    • Abductee is driving...or at home sleeping...etc.
    • Sees a UFO at close Rnage first and then Very close
    • UFO flashes a Beam of light on the subject...
    • Subject is floated from the base(Home,Car,Roadside etc.) to the UFO.
    • Experiments performed.
    • Subject is back where he was,and has no Account or memory of what had happened in between that time.
    • Subject has vivid dreams in coming months about UFOs or may completely forget the incident...
    While Onboard a UFO:Accounts of Abductees
    While onboard a UFO,abductees describe being generally guided to a very long narrow and curved Hallway path.He's then taken or escorted to what looks like an examination facility.Escorts are very strange looking beings,The Examination Facility is very busy,with several strange looking beings preparing almost for a surgery.The atmosphere is very cold,very hospital like.Some Abductees describe odor associated with the beings that escort them to the Examination Facility.Most abductees describe Hypnotic Quality of Alien Eyes,often calming their fears etc.The Eyes are strange in the sense that often Abductees feel they can look Inside them,deep inside.These are usually cow like,deep black in color and is kind of Eye within an Eye.The experiments begin with feet and proceeds upwards.Skin scraping is done usually with the help of Alien long(sometimes webbed) fingers.Sperm Sample are taken from Men and Ova Samples from women using a very long tube like object.The tools used by Aliens or Occupants of UFOs are suspended or seem to be coming from up as abductees would describe.Each of the cases there are proceedures involving head and Nose.A long tube may be inserted into nose for something.
    Physical Evidence of Abduction?
    In many cases,there is indeed some physical evidence to these reports.Implants have been taken out from various abductees and strange looking marks have appeared overnight in patients without any cause,with geometrical shapes and size associated with them.Dr. Roger Leir's Alien and Scalpel describes such things in details...Please read if you want to know the details
    Lifestyle Effects of Abduction on Abductees
    Abductees often experience a change in their common lifestyle after abduction.These are:
    • Isolation
    • Anxiety
    • Fear
    • Depression
    These feeling often prompt abductees to become involved in new kinds of pursuits.
    Alien Messages to Abductees?
    Many abductees often account for recieving messages from Aliens.The messages may come as strong telepathic communication,Strong Feeling or a Mental Image.Here's a list of messages generally recieved by the abductees from the Aliens :
    • Catastrophic Visions
    • Mental images or Closed ones Perishing
    • Ecological Disasters
    • Teachings of Peace of Mankind
    • Other Env. Concerns
    Basics of Occupants of UFOs (by Skeptics and Believers):Here i have presented to you as brief as possible the theoritical aspect,Classification of UFO occupants.
    UFO Occupant Classification System : The occupant of UFOs are categorized by both Skeptics and Believers into two major Parts :
    • Humans or Robots Controlled by Humans: This is the comon belief of a skeptic.The UFOs under this category are occupied by none other than humans or Robots controlled by Humans.
    • Alien Beings,Extraterrestrial or unknown Races or species : This is a common belief of a believer.The UFOs under this category are occupied by :
      • Alien or Extraterrestrial Beings (Humorously 'Little Green Men')
      • Unknown Races or Species that live on the earth but are unknown to us

    A more formal classification on Alien Races is necessary since it can formalize the whole whacky concept of an Occupant,there are primarily four classes of Aliens or extraterrestrial life reported by an Alien Abductees,who have had CE IV or CE V type of encounters. These are :
    • Humanoid - Essentially human in shape,though the witness have a strong sense that they are not,this class also includes greys.These are essentially of size of about 3-4ft,almost like children(although longer versions are there and will be mentioned later),they have almond shaped eyes,large face and long fingers(Only Four as described by most of the abductees which are mostly webbed.).The Eyes seem to have a Curly Brace quality as in programming,since it seems to represent an eye within an eye and so on.The Eyes have a hypnotic quality often calming the fear of abductees while on board the UFO.The greys work almost like insects,coordianting with each other like ants and working under control of a Big Boss which is going to be described later.
    • Animalian - These are animal like creatures including Reptialian aliens and chupacabras.They sometimes seem to control the motion and corrdination of Greys!
    • Robotic - These are the entities that have a distinctly mechanical appearance.
    • Exotic - This is a catch all category for those that do not fit into any of the other category stated above and includes Five percent of the sightings(Only)

    Each class is subdivided into various Types.Lets explore each class one by one to know the details.which was the first one? yes humaoid...
    • Human Types or Nordics : These are called so,because it is impossible to tell 'them' from 'us' - except that they are better looking with blond hair and blemish-free complexions.These 'Nordic' types are very common in most occupant observations.Nordics seem to control Animalians who seem to control Greys.They are thought to also control various other activities in abductions.They are so human that in midst of a rest place or a public parlor you cannot distinguish them from us.These are usually taller than greys and may be upto 7 feet.Several military witnesses have also reported these types of Alien Britain Encounters as mentioned in Book published by WB.
    • Short-Greys : Most familiar type of Alien,which almost every American recognizes gleefully (for me

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      ) .For details see above.
    • Short-Non Greys : Closely related are the Non-Greys which are very short in size(which is appropriate i think).They are like Greys but very hairy or have green skin and are commonly reported in latin America or related Rapuzzi Johannis encounters.For more details do a google.

    the other category as we mentioned above called Animalians is also subdivided into several interesting categories,they are thought to be part of Alien Space ship Control Module.These Animalians control greys and order them to perform jobs.they can include :
    • Yeti
    • Swamp creatures
    • Goblins
    • Bigfoots
    • Big Insects
    • White Animals apparently seem to be dead
    several encounters with these animalians seem to tell about their different Betty Andreasson saw an entirely different type of Animalian,when she was abducted from her home in South Ashburnham,MA on 25th January 1967.While on board (UFO) she saw three feet high Lemur Like creatures,they were headless and had eyes on the ends of prehensile stalks.

    Robotic Alien Beings are generally of two types :
    • Metallic - Which is mechanical and totally of material not Lee Parish of Prospect,KY saw three machine-like beings on 27 January 1977,under hypnosis he said that two of slab-like creatures were six-foot tall.One of them was bulky white and other slim red.The third towered above the others and was above 20 ft..Scottish Forester Bob Taylor is also thought to have an encounter with Robotic Alien Beings in 1979.
    • Non-metallic - Yet Controlled and having a Mechanical sense - These primarily Genetically engineerd or thought to have been at least.

    Exotic Alien Beings are generally of two types :
    • Apparitional : are said to be partially transparent...Something like ghosts...
    • Physical : are said to be completely Gustafasson and Stig Rydberg encountered a physical exotic while driving out near Domesten in Sweden on the night of 20 Dec 1958.
    sightings reports of these creatures shows such consistency that researcher John Carpenter has been able to piece together a detailed morphology of these scaly creatures and in MUFON's journal of April 1993 he provided an identikit so that you can recognize one if you see one.These are the charracters described or identified :
    • Height
    • General Appearance
    • Skin
    • Color
    • Head
    • Face
    • Eyes
    • Hands
    • Chest
    • Manner
    • Behaviour
    • Mode of Communication
    • Physical Evidence

    Alien Agenda or What do they Want? :There are currently two beliefs that are held in this regard :
    • They are dangerous,want War with us.- self explainatory i think.

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    • They are friendly guides or mentors,or researchers or tourists! :
      If the information above(all through the thread) is true and taken at face value,humankind seems to have reached a crisis point in its evolution.It is at a dangerous point of transition where our activity is becoming a cause of concern or cause of interest for Others.This is also the conclusion of leading expert in this field Dr. Steven Greer,the director of the center for study of E.T intelligence.His comprehensive survey of documents and case studies has led him to write a list of Alien's principal activities.These are :
      • General reconnaissance of Earth and its civilizations.
      • Observation and assessment of our Military and nuclear capabilities.
      • Studying Human psychology.
      • Assessment of Human Development.
      • Assessment of Human Technological growth.
      • Monitering the Space program,with particular interest in parts directed towards establishing colonies in space.
      • Limited interaction with Humans to pass on information about themselves and accustom to us their presence.
    Still to add : Famous Abductions experiences.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2004
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  5. Rick Valued Senior Member

    Attempts to explain UFO or Theories
    • StarChild Theory : There is a theory that aliens are conducting some genetic experiment on earth.They are taking women and impregnating them with Starchildren.A typical victim is a woman.although sometimes it could be a male.The first clue of this came in october 1957,when Brazillian farmer Antonio Villas-Boas was led aboarda UFO by several small humanoid creatures,before being seduced by a beautiful female Alien with bright red Pubic hair.Afterwards,she pointed to her belly and to the sky in a gesture that he interpreted to mean that she was going to have his baby up somewhere out in space.Villas-Boas was embarrased by the tale and spoke of it at length only to a Doctor in Rio De Jeneiro,who found he was suffering from mild radiation sickness.The story was not published in Brazil for many years,But it was logged with British UFO journal,Flying Saucer Review,which eventually published it in 1964.
    • Heaven's Gate : The quasi-relegious UFO theories of Marshall Applewhite,leader of Heaven Gate Cult,had lethal consequences for his followers,his belief was that a UFO was heading towards earth in wake of Hale-Bopp comet to take his followers to 'Next Level' led to the biggest mass suicide in North America.It became clear that something was terribly wrong when on 25 March 1997,Fed Ex delivered a package of video cassettes to San Diego CA,home of ex-cult member Richard Ford.The Tapes were from Marshall applewhite.when Ford played the cassettes,he found that they were essentially videotaped suicide notes,with cult members giving what they termed exit statements.For more on this,Do a google on the cult.
    • Identified Flying Objects : one of the first debunkers to assume that there was a large degree of mistaken identity in UFO sightings was Dr Donald Menzel,the former Professor or AstroPhysics at Harvard University.At American Association for advancement of science i 1969,Menzel presented his list of 'IFOs,claiming that they would eventually explain every flying saucer report.Menzel divided his IFOs into several Categories :
      • Material-aircraft,balloons,fireworks
      • Immaterial-Cloud formations,meteorological Phenomenon
      • Astronomical- Misidentified Stars,Planets,comets,meteorites.
      • Physiological-Eye problems,after-image burned on to retina.
      • Psychological- Hallucinations,mass hysteria
      • Photographic - Double exposures,processing defects.
      • Radar Anamolies
      • Hoaxes
    • Hollow Earth : One of the wackiest theories in the UFOlogy is that of 'hollow earth'.Its proponents point out that any environment that could support intelligent life is so far from earth that meeting an Extraterrestrial would be impossible.So a UFO and aliens must come from beneath the earth.This theory maintains that there is a world within our world where environment exists not very different from our own,it has its own inner landscape and its own life forms that have evolved separately from outside.Its higher creatures are more advanced than we are,and they are the aliens we see visiting our outer world.This idea orginates primarily from underworld presence since dawn of civilization.This theory has become obsolete however recently with several advancements of technology that enables us to see the truth clearly.
    • Visits from higher Dimension : One of the theories that has become popular is that UFOs are visitors from Higher dimensions.This theory acknowledges the idea of 'Alternate Realities' - which would explain not only UFOs and starnge Abduction phenomenon,but many other classical Paranormal phenomenon.This theory states that alternative higher dimensional worlds might exist having higher creatures which might be experimenting us like we do on zoo animals,these higher dimensions cannot be comprehended by our Sensory organs,since they are meant for 3D worlds primarily.These ideas of Parallel Universes are under serious consideration by leading physicists of world.The evidence of the parallel universe is not concrete but has partially come from Quantum experiments conducted.For more on Parallel Universe,use Google search.The parallel universe is indeed more credible than the Extraterrestrial hypothesis.
    • Extraterrestrial Hypothesis - This hypothesis,says that UFOs come from other planets or galaxies within our universe.It still enjoys tremendous popularity amongst UFO buffs and UFOlogists.
    • Time Travel theory or Aliens from the Future:From the Future
      This theory has recieved some support in recent years due to the fact that it explains some of the unanswered questions regarding UFOs, but it also opens up some more questions. One of the biggest arguments against UFOs is that unless we can develop a faster that light method of travel, or UFOs come from much closer that we realise then the sheer distances involved are just too great. However if these are craft from the earth's future this would explain without the need for faster than light travel, (although we will need to develop the physics for time travel).
      The other argument that this theory could solve is that of "Why" are they bothering visiting us, as we a just a small insignificant planet, in an ordinary solar system, in an ordinary galaxy, in an average part of the universe. If these are indeed craft from the future then this explains why they are interested in us, just in the same way we teach history they to maybe learning about their past. This could also be why they are interested in our biological makeup.
      It could also explain how these craft seem to materialise from apparent nothing and then to disappear suddenly.
      Some of the supporters of this theory use the "Aliens" themselves as "proof" of this theory. They claim that the 2 main types of aliens, "Tall Blondes" and the "Greys" are very humanlike. The Greys are what some scientists think we could well look like in the future. Large heads, small fragile bodies, small nose and ears and longer fingers. The "Tall" blondes supporters claim they are just too human considering the sheer variety of life on earth that the chances that a visiting race would like so like us. (Although many people think that what we see is what the aliens want us to see).
      However this time travel theory also has problems in that time travel opens up the many paradoxes
    I"ll be posting more.As Strydie asked,i am mentioning the names of references that i have used so far,i"ll add more.Since i have Loads and loads of material left to be added up as yet.
    References so far :
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2004
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  7. craterchains (Norval What will you know tomorrow? Registered Senior Member

    Is this to help you figure it out?

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Or to twist and direct the thoughts of others?

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

  8. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    I think Zion is attempting to help out, since most of the time people complain about the lack of information, with such terms as he's compiled it will allow people to find information through civillian networks.
  9. craterchains (Norval What will you know tomorrow? Registered Senior Member

    I will grant you that those posts are designed to "help out" all right. But not much help to the free thought. This is a great example of "Information Control Tactics".

    The usage and selection of terms and words and sentence structure throws up all kinds of RED FLAGS. Especially the links (or lack of any) for those sites.

  10. Rick Valued Senior Member

    see, what happens most of the times is that most of the posts are presented to as common dialogue.Thats what Science Forum would require(I presume).But every Forum has a background,of common terms,Usual information that as you point out is presented repeatedly.Take for example,Popular UFO sightings,Theories,Attempt to explain Unexplained via a theory.With this post(When its complete) You can have an exhaustive medium for reference as well you survive assault of redundancy,like repeated posts talking about 1940s sightings,50s,80s,90s Past Civilizations etc.
    Now thats not a problem when members are few,which was the case i think couple of years back,but Sciforums has grown over the years and every User casual or serious comes and posts up his ideas without seeing any hands on material already available to the posters which could harass the real information posters.
    I presume this will be a guide to all the posters as to what is relevant.This is open for further addition.If you have anything new or you wish to rectify any information once i complete you could do that still.

    Thanks for cooperating.
    I will start with my theory stuff again...
  11. craterchains (Norval What will you know tomorrow? Registered Senior Member

    HIS theory stuffagain...

    Why is HIS a sticky? I agree the idea of what it should be is good, but this IS just HIS stuff.


    ADDED; as I didn't want to add another post that may seem like a disruption of this thread.
    Thread title is entirely misleading from what is being presented as "UFO terminology", and “other explanations”. Now it’s HIS theory. What ever,

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Please continue.
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2004
  12. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    He's sticky because:

    He's trying to define a UFO Definition compendium of sorts, which appears to be as non-biased as possible. People are able to add definitions, as long as they keep them concise.

    And mostly because he was good enough to ask, I'm sure when he is complete it will contain a bibliography and references to sites that accompany what he has found out.
    (If he doesn't then I advise he considers it)
  13. FieryIce Tic Toc, World in Cobalt Blue Registered Senior Member

    I wonder what Dr. Richard Boylan would say about Zion's theory, when Boylan claims to be working on and with Star Children. Dr. Richard Boylan

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    Gee where is the red pubic hair?

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

  14. Rick Valued Senior Member

    as i said earlier you are open to add on content on this thread,That would only enhance this post.Please dont get worked up...

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    ADDED : Crater dear,these are not my theories as you might see from my references,I am neither a believer nor a skeptic of UFOs,(but its okay if you are saying that i am the developer of Parallel Universe theory;i"ll be proud of that! hehe..

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    ).I am indifferent to UFOs,indifference can help posting a legal non-biased thread,as i have attempted to explain all the possbile theories present in UFO circles according to my knowledge(if you wish to add any others or edit my own please go ahead),this is for reference as i had mentioned earlier and used for reducing redundancey of postings.Nothing's personal in it.

    Last edited: Jun 13, 2004
  15. coolmacguy Registered Senior Member

    Boylan is an idiot, plain and simple.

    He had his psychological license revoked for sexual harassment of his patients, among other things.
  16. Teri Curious Registered Senior Member

    I'm enjoying reading your information. Keep it up.

  17. Rick Valued Senior Member

    Thanks,Teri...Nice to hear that.I"ll be adding Much more in some time.I am just trying to compile meanwhile.

    See you later ...
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2004
  18. Rick Valued Senior Member


    As you might Notice,the content of this Post changes and increases frequently,You could visit this Thread as often as possible to see the content.

    Thank You Very Much for cooperating and bearing with me...
  19. Rick Valued Senior Member

    As an Update,I have added some 60s sightings.Please take a note,that i dont have proper links of the sites anymore,if you have any suggestions or any extra or any wrong information that you see regarding my posts,please reply here.Also guys,there's a POLL here.Lets see who all are believers,who are not...

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    Last edited: Jun 23, 2004
  20. Rick Valued Senior Member

    More Sightings Added...Theories Updated...Abduction Description Added...

  21. bradguth Banned Banned

    Thus far you're doing all the right sorts of things, in spite of what the pro-NASA collective is having to say. Although some folks are either being intentionally dragged off-track, or perhaps they were never on the right track to begin with. As such, I'll offer the following list of topics, with the hopes that others will provide even more such topics, and eventually someone filling in the blanks of what humanity needs to know about other life in our universe. Though perhaps we should start off a bit closer to home, rather than having the likes of SETI and even Hubble viewing at those million+ light year distant places.

    UFO Research Topics Worth Discussing

    Since UFOs can't stay aloft forever (I don't believe ETs are immortals, and I do not believe they can survive at much over 10%"c" velocity), as in traveling through space that's actually chuck full of nasty stuff, and especially since our government would just as soon kill then off and summarily eat them if they ever got caught anywhere on Earth, or even the least bit associated with WMD. It stands to reason that they'd need a safe outpost, and prefferable where there's an existing cloak and lots of easily available energy to boot.

    Unfortunately, besides persuing a perfectly good and honest line of topics as related to possible "Life on Venus", or such as even the topic of "ashen lights of Venus" and/or as otherwise pertaining to those sorts of highly unusual spot like illuminations that are NOT of earthshine, I seem to have a gathered upon few too many other topics to share, plus notions of our eventually getting there via our LSE-CM/ISS (lunar space elevator), but then there as become simply too many other sub-topics that couldn't possibly fit into this forum nor most publications, nor is your body armor anywhere nearly sufficient as for deflecting all of the warm and fuzzy flak that our wonderful NASA and of their warm and fuzzy collectives of devout borgs will gladly share without remorse, in much like we've gone after those invisible WMD.

    Hot and nasty topics worth discussing and/or publishing:

    "Terminal Velocity of Space"
    "UV/a Spacecraft Imaged by NASA"
    "Energy Requirement for 10% Light Speed"
    "Nullification Zones of Space Travel"
    "Observationology, Truth or Consequences"
    "The Energy Resources of a Planet"
    "Vertical Kinetic Energy of Venus"
    "Venus Illumination Spots"
    "Green Glowing Clouds of Venus"
    "Delivering Venus Transceiver Kiosk"
    "Interplanetary Communications"
    "Boeing/TRW ABL as Communications"
    "Interstellar Packet Communications"
    "ESA Venus Express beats anything NASA"
    "The Worth of Interplanetary Enterprise"
    "Interplanetary Intellectual Rights"
    "Moon Based Packet via Photon Node/Transponder"
    "Quantum Photon Packets = terabytes/ms"
    "Faster Photons using Atomic Oort Zones"
    "Photons at Rest, as Dark Matter"
    "Way Faster Than Light Speed"
    "Moving ISS off to ME-L1"
    "Moving ISS off to Venus L2"
    "Calling Venus via Qubits"
    "Venus L2 Photon Transponder"
    "TRACE-II w/Laser canons"
    "Venus Air, under 1% @75+Bar"
    "Methods of Artificial Illuminations"
    "Bio illumination of Nocturnals"
    "Artificial CO2-->CO/O2"
    "Natural CO2-->CO/O2 via Diatoms"
    "The Guth Venus Tarmac"
    "Humans on a Hot and Nasty Venus"
    "Physics of those Rigid Airships"
    "Renting Rigid Airships + Miles"
    "Other Life-Forms Existing on Venus"
    "The Venus Suspension Bridge"
    "Skydiving Thrills on Venus"
    "The Fluid Arch of Venus"
    "Multiple Reservoirs of Venus"
    "Atmosphiric Silica Diatoms"
    "Reverse Greenhouse for Plants"
    "Multiple and Big Venus Structures"
    "R-1024 via Basalt & Silics Composites"
    "Active Fluids/muds Upon Venus"
    "Extracting 25% < 33% H2O per kg of H2SO4"
    "Processing H2SO4-->H2O2"
    "Storing of H2O2 upon Venus"
    "Extracting Venus H2 on demand"
    "How much moon-rock as meteorites on Earth"
    "Extreme VLA-SAR Imaging via Moon"
    "Lunar Space Elevator LSE-CM/ISS"
    "LSE-CM/ISS Tether Dipole Energy"
    "ME-L1 counter-rotating flywheels"
    "LSE dipole outpost, 100 GW Laser Cannons"
    "Not All ETs are Nice Folks"
    "The Defense of Earth"
    "IRRCE operating on H2O2/C12H26"
    "The Lunar Metro Bus (LM-1)"
    "Moon He3 or 3He as Fusion"
    "Lunar Recession Energy"
    "Lunar Energy Extractions"
    "Exporting stuff away from the moon"
    "Extended Spece Travel via Moon Dirt"
    "Banking Bone Marrow for Space Travelers"
    "Basalt Composites as Structural Items"
    "Basalt Composite as a darn Good Tether"
    "Basalt/Silica as Composite Tethers"
    "Sirius Terraforms Earth, Mars and Venus"
    "Those Silica Diatoms of Life (CO2-->CO/O2)"
    "Venus and our Moon arriving From Sirius"
    "Most Earth Like Planet Is Venus"
    "Velikovsky and Arrival of Venus"
    "Velikovsky and Arrival of our Moon"
    "The Sirius Connection to Ice Ages"
    "The 110,000 Year UV/a Cycle of Life"
    "JAXA Planet-C (Sirius/c ?), as now Venus?"

    Plus I'll glagly share a few dozen other topics worthy of honest folks discussing what's become terribly wrong with the likes of our NASA, and of our cold-war Apollo ruse/sting of the century, although I do seem to have a rather nasty habit as to working much of that context into many of the previous topics.

    So, if you should find a topic of interest, or would like to suggest upon one that I might be able to contribute something of worth, at least judging by the amounts of official flak coming from our NASA should be indicating as to where some of your members will be obtaining the most bang for their almighty buck/euro.

    If need be, I can filter out and/or rephrase in order to sufficiently white-wash my personal views upon the US government and of our many agencies that seem to have been running humanity amuck, by way of their skewing history along with those laws of physics and subsequently astronomy, astrophysics and of numerous other sciences, whereas so much of that muck running is clearly of what I believe has been getting in the way of honest humanity, and that of our science future, seemingly at times of running it down and of exterminating it if there's any chance that the truth and nothing but the truth be told.

    A not so brief rundown of what's in progress, is perhaps still at best a bit dyslexic but if need be readable in reverse, with the most recent of topic/pages and of others being edited starting from the top down, and as subsequently listed within a couple of my UPDATE page links:
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2004
  22. crazyeddie Registered Member

    I am of the opinion that nearly all UFOs are:

    * Material-aircraft,balloons,fireworks
    * Immaterial-Cloud formations,meteorological Phenomenon
    * Astronomical- Misidentified Stars,Planets,comets,meteorites.
    * Physiological-Eye problems,after-image burned on to retina.
    * Psychological- Hallucinations,mass hysteria
    * Photographic - Double exposures,processing defects.
    * Radar Anamolies
    * Hoaxes

    ...with a handful of others that can't be explained by any of the above, but also cannot be attributed to alien-controlled space ships. They remain unexplained.
  23. quimico2005 Registered Member


    I wish to say that your expose of the Ufo phenomenon is well documented.It collects all the important issues that should be taken into consideration to have a whole view of this extremely important theme.

    God Bless you,

    The thinker

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