Common Hate

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by MScully42, Jun 30, 2001.

  1. MScully42 Registered Member

    Isn't it odd that as a human race, the best way we know how to unite is in hate. There is nothing that makes people stronger as a unit than a common hate, I mean what does this say about our society? You could say that we can also join under a common love, but it's slightly different and it's harder to find a common love than hate.

    Just want to hear what people have to say about this.
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  3. Chagur .Seeker. Registered Senior Member

    Isn't the human race odd?

    Welcome on board, MScully42.

    I wonder if it is hate so much as it is fear?
    Or better yet, a hate resulting from fear ...
    a fear that unites us against a 'common
    enemy' or threat. It could just explain why
    'love' doesn't have an equal ability to draw
    us together - the fear factor is missing.
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  5. [f] Registered Senior Member

    I would have to agree that it is fear, not hate. It might seem to be hate....but if you look more closely ....its the fear causing hate that is the impetus towards the unification.

    for example...look at how the US pulled together in WW2(most notably the women), not because they hated the Nazi's (although it migh have appeared that that was the cause), it was thier fear of losing thier way of life that pulled them together.

    I would also look at the Crusades for another example. The "crusaders", didn't hate the people they slaughtered in the name of god, they were afraid they would userp thier authority, or gods authority. (i dont know this for fact....but it makes sence....please, if I'm wrong.let me know)

    I am far from a philospher, hell I can barely spell the damn word.....but I think it's a clear enuff question, with a clear enuff answer.

    I wish I was in a state of mind to think more LOL, but I'm not....and I hope thier will be more answers I like reading everyones replys throughout this board.
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  7. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    heyya... MSscully42

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    is there a defining difference between hate and fear?
    we assume there is because of the 2 different names...yes
    but the difference is only mesured in retrospect!
    so i guess on that level of mesurement we can only call hate fear.
    this contradicts its self untill you ask the person to describe what they hate and what they fear.
    i personaly would like to imagine that i would fear more than i would hate if i had to embrace either :/
    hate may be the common element but fear is the glue that binds the group maybe.
    and thus in the group they do not fear anymore so they just hate!

    heres a thought- those who fear not having or being in love will
    hate others in the fear they will never know what they have and what they will never attain...thus love is scourned soo often because most never know what it realy is and most never experience it!
    so i guess it only makes sence that more people will dismiss love as silly and unreal and not worth anything-yet we all know in comparrison that men and women will kill in the blink of an eye
    with bloodyed knife in hand again and again to serve or protect their true love.
    note i use the word true with extreem purpose!

    groove on all

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  8. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    The human race has a tendency to fear what It can't understand or won't understand. Like ghosts, if they really do exist then I bet ninety percent of all of em aren't evil, and that mean's there's nothing to be afraid of in the first place. Yet people run screaming and crying from apparitions that just stare at them or some dumb thing like that (go to, the link probably won't work so type it into your browser). I always say 'mind over instinct (since fear is a natural instinct that would basically keep us alive in a harrowing situation, yet sometimes it works too well in situations were fear isn't required), but I bet if I saw I ghost I'd throw something at it and run away looking for a fresh pair of boxers. I think to start a war and have everyone convinced you just need to be a REALLY good public speaker, so you could convince everyone of your cause and have them rally behind you whether or not you're lying. Hitler did just that, and I think that the percentage of non-jewish germans in (you guessed it) germany that hated jews probably increased because they listened to him and agreed before checking the facts behind his statements. You have to have a reason to start a war or something similar that really, really convinces everyone that what you're doing is right, whether or not you really are. And yes, my title is very cool, as is my quote. Thank you.
  9. peter/peter U.W.P. Registered Senior Member

    Eveyone seems to forget the basics of humanity. We are not something specail, we are nothing but one of the higher animals. All animals hate something diffrent from what they are. Birds fight if the feathers are wrong and there of the same species. Why not us? We are pack animals- If your of the the wrong pack your hated. The only way to unite the world is if you bring in an outside animal something that is diffrent from us.
  10. Magenta Nihil est incertius volgo Registered Senior Member

    We are not perfect. We are selfish and look out only for what our needs are. Unfortunately we do not see things as a whole. We are only out for our own survival.

    Since we are so blinded by eachother we fear what we can not understand or do not want to submit our selfs to. This fear inflicts hate amongst us. Hate only brings destruction....

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  11. peter/peter U.W.P. Registered Senior Member


    Hate and destruction are the only forces that bring the NEW. If the old is still there how can you ever bring the new. Ther is no harmony we must always have the strugle, with out that we wither and die. Peace among us is impossible with out something else to HATE.
  12. Congrats Bartok Fiend Registered Senior Member

    We are all people of the Earth!! Yeah, and we all know it. Of course some of us may have some affliction that makes us believe people who are different are truly from different planets. Most of us, though, truly believe we all come from this planet.

    Now I may have been a liitle too literal there, Bobby-O , but really,We have to look deeper. there are more reasons for hate than not thinking we're all humans. It's just a little too pc for me to go around throwing around langauge that has been bled to death of its meaning.

    No offense, Bobby-O I wasn't targeting you in my pc crosshairs, I was just making a general point.

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