Colonising another planet, what do you need?

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by alexb123, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. Skeptical Registered Senior Member

    I agree with fed. The katana is like the hand gun. It is a horrible device, invented for the sole purpose of killing other humans.

    We had a case here in NZ a few years back where a guy on meth used a katana to murder another guy and then cut off the hands of two women he kidnapped. Horrible!

    If you want to enter some kind of discipline to achieve the 'mastery' you profess to espouse, there are many that are non violent. Yoga, or Tai Chi etc.
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  3. keith1 Guest

    A number of large asteroids docked in a structural confinement configuration would suffice as a crude framework to construct closed spaces, protected within its inner surfaces against harmful rays. Getting the assembly to rotate at a proper speed for comfortable gravity field effects would take some time. Depending on the methods used.
    --A large solar sail assembly.
    --Engines mounted directly to the surface
    --Orbital tugs
    --Careful placement of large objects, attracting each other with enough of their own gravitational potential, and made to begin to spin around each other, and remaining in that movement, after a docking connection is made. Getting it to spin before the assembling even begins. (A Japanese probe was able to get some discernible movement from such an object--with a large copper "projectile"--just a few years ago...)

    Were talking about some beefy-sized castle under-layment foundation "blocks"!

    I would be playing with rocks in the space station right now if I was there.
    All new concepts need to be toyed with....
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  5. fedr808 1100101 Valued Senior Member

    Yes, this could actually work. A small half kilometer porous asteroid. Made out of iron you drill into it then melt the interior to form solid iron walls that can be many inches thick, you can carve out interior spaces and hallways. You would have iron there for raw materials. It would save massive costs in attempting to construct a space ship. The only problem is I doubt there is anything even on the drawing board to be able to not only slow down but draw an asteroid even of half a kilometer in size to earth's orbit.
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  7. keith1 Guest

    What's this love affair you have with Earth orbit? You want to drag asteroids to Earth orbit with nano-cables?....Okay. Doable.
  8. Skeptical Registered Senior Member

    Mass is a problem if you plan to accelerate/decelerate your structure. I could see an asteroid based structure as a possible base station, but moving it elsewhere would be a pain.

    I cannot help but think that, if we had that level of technology, then simply refining the metal into a giant metal cyclinder would be do-able. Much less mass. Radiation shielding would probably be solved by then. In theory, the right magnetic field will do it, and we should have that level of tech within decades.
  9. keith1 Guest

    Doable too. Construct and process at the location of resource. Economical.
    Hurdles being adequate sunshine amounts for life sustenance at those distances. Solutions would be ongoing in importing and collecting solar energy.
  10. Skeptical Registered Senior Member


    I doubt that sunshine would be used at all. The Cassini probe which is currently cruising round Saturn is using a small nuclear reactor. By the time we build space cities in the asteroids, I would expect that cheap and safe nuclear fusion energy would be available.
  11. keith1 Guest

    Can't we pipe in some suntan rays, a wave pool, and some sandpipers? More hurdles.
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  12. Skeptical Registered Senior Member

    Sure, no problem.
    You have to supply your own bikini babe though.
  13. keith1 Guest

    Part research lab, part mining crew operations, part boomtown law west of the Pecos...awesome space-castle atmospheres...I'm sold.

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