college, a job, a family, kids, then old age . . is that all?

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by charles brough, Apr 19, 2011.

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  1. charles brough Registered Senior Member

    A young man can look ahead and see his whole life before him---a job, house, famiy, then old age---and if he is idealistic, it somehow seems so predictable and meaningless. His parents may hold religious beliefs, but he is educated enought to dismiss the thought of a huge spirit floating down from "heaven" in "the End Times" and the like. He is not going to be suckered into believing in illusions and mythology.

    So, he figures that once he gets his liberal education from the four years in college he has planned, he will learn what life is all about and find something worthy to be and to look forward to. He is no hippy expecting to find it from some guru in India or Nepal!

    So, what happens, he spends his four years in college studying a mountainous mass of confusing, conflicting economic, sociological, political science, psychological theories mixed up with five thousand years of easily forgotten history and up up to a billion years of paleontology, anthropology, archeology, etc.

    By the time he is finished, he has given up ever making sense or meaning out of itl. All he can do is look back at it and regard it as a sort of "trial by fire" used by the upper class to weed out the underclass.

    But after going through his four years of grade inflation, he is then introducted to degree-inflation. His four years were just first step. He has to get more degrees to really "qualify." If his parents are wealthy, he can become a professional student.

    I say that in social evolution one can find the explanation of what is going on in the living world to the same extent physics explains the physical world.

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  3. drumbeat Registered Senior Member

    What is your point, or is this just a ramble?
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  5. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

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    There is no point. These threads are spam. High-end, somewhat labor-intensive spam, but spam nonetheless.

    While I do sympathize somewhat with Mr. Brough's self-promotion, it's still spam intended to direct us to the website for his book. Not an excerpt. Not an application of the text in terms of a discussion subject. Just read this, then go here and see the website for the book.

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