Collateral Murder?

Discussion in 'World Events' started by 786, Apr 6, 2010.

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    War is hell, ain't it? If anyone is responsible, it's George Bush for going to war in the first place. It really did look like they had rifles and an RPG, so I don't blame those pilots at all.
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    Looked legit to me.
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    Collateral Murders

    Just saw this in the inbox:

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  6. Giambattista

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    I just came across that story today. It was gross.

    The people on the street are one thing, but just shooting up the van when those people were trying to help the injured... despicable. You can tell by their dialog that they pretty much just wanted to kill.
  7. GeoffP

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    They did seem to think that the guys were armed (I didn't hear anything about a camera or "get the kids"), but they were bloodthirsty and incompetent all the same.
  8. Giambattista

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    I saw few if any objects that resembled guns. The attack on the van was totally outrageous, regardless of what the justification for the the previous mistake. And they sound like they're enjoying it.

    I also heard that one of the people involved in the Pat Tillman coverup was also instrumental in trying to sweep this story under the rug, too.
  9. GeoffP

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    Actually, a couple of them were armed. Even the cameras look a lot like guns on that grainy vid. Still, hosing a van picking up the wounded is a violation of the Geneva Convention.
  10. wsionynw

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    I disagree, the men in the video could have been carrying anything. Even if they were guns I'm sure lots of people in baghdad own guns and they don't all want to kill Americans.
    As for the guy with an RPG, maybe it looked that way if you have shit in your eyes.

    Fucked up.
  11. wsionynw

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    Why open up on the van? Is it now ok to execute the wounded and people trying to help them?
  12. WillNever

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    And then these drooling, googly-eyed piglets in plastic helmets come home and are worshipped by family and friends and act like normal people. In the meantime, we literally have PSYCHOPATHS in our midsts.

    Slightly traumatized by this video here. Thanks sickos!
  13. I assure you, these guys are not normal. There are some real wackoes in the US military. Let me tell you, you will not find a bigger asshole than a veteran who is full of gung-ho self-entitlement. Now, a vet who shows the same level of humility as a normal person is fine, but vets can also be real assholes. They expect you worship the ground they walk on because they are in the business of killing people. It's a job, and it's not even the world's most dangerous job. Sack divers do crazier shit on a regular basis, and it's more valuable to human society.
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    Here's a better link to these gruesome murders:

    Every supposed patriot needs to see this video. I was in the US infantry for 4 years. I can tell you from experience that our soldiers are mostly a bunch of blood-thirsty rejects. It's just so disgusting the way they are all so eager to kill people for the slightest of offenses(like helping the wounded), and just evil the way that they rationalize their behavior as being noble and brave, when it's actually anything but. These ignorant, callous teenagers flying in there expensive toy helicopters, portraying themselves as some sort of ultimate professional. Roger this, roger that- bullshit!

    Imagine if the situation was reversed, with Iraqi teenagers flying helicopters over our land, shooting our white blond-headed children and their parents while smirking and chuckling from their safe vantage point in the sky, commenting to each other how easy it was to take us all out.

    Maybe we would find it comforting to know that some unaffected Iraqi folks far from here, viewing our slayings on the internet, might label us as looked-like-insurgents, and determine from grainy, shaky video that it was all "legit".
  15. spidergoat

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    And yet, if these had actually been insurgents with weapons, they would have done a good job blowing them away. This was war, and these kinds of mistakes happen even if your intentions are good. In WWII, American soldiers machine-gunned hundreds of Okinawan refugees who were coming to them for help in the middle of the night.

    What if it were reversed? What if Bush was equal to Saddam in his total oppression of his people? Let them go around killing his goons, I would cheer. And if you were stupid enough to walk around in a group carrying gear on a shoulder strap like a gun, then that's your fault.
  16. spidergoat

    spidergoat alien lie form

    I'm sure those pilots were traumatized when they realized their mistake. If they had killed your enemies, you would cheer them. Frankly, I do not give a shit what their attitudes are with respect to their job, it's a difficult enough as it is. Every profession has it's own set of lingo. There is no bigger asshole than those folks who would whine about brutal and dangerous men and then run to them when they are in trouble. The disrespect for the military on this board is amazing.
  17. GeoffP

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    I know! And then they're running around, making Groups on FaceBook and booting out rage kittens! Madness!
  18. Shogun

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    In wars people die, get used to it.
  19. Shogun

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    If it is anyone's fault, blame the insurgents and Bush.
  20. WillNever

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    Pardon my french, but what in the hell are you talking about? They weren't traumatized. They were making excuses for what they did.

    These dipsticks are congratulating each other on their killings and laughing when a tank runs over a body. Notice how they keep saying "Nice" to each other after they kill some humans and then actually verbalize encouragements for the wounded to pick a weapon up so they can have justification to unceremoniously shoot the already dying human who they see is crawling on the ground through the scope. These nutjobs are reveling in killing and dehumanization. Listen to how desperate the soldiers are to fire up that civilian-containing van that comes to pick up the wounded. "Come on," they say. They crave this.

    If you think that shunning this grotesque display is disrespectful to the military, then you and I are simply not of the same species, and that explains why we do not agree on this issue. If you do not care about "their attitude with respect to their jobs," most in particular when that attitude is "killing for fun," then you might need to get some help soon.

    Our military today is not serving America nor defending American freedom by blowing people up in this manner. Truth.
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