Cloud Security for Dropbox and Google Apps

Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by naturallygorg, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. naturallygorg Registered Member

    So, as you see my title...I need help on dropbox and google apps. We are now using these two for uploading and sharing our files. We rarely use MS office since we started using google docs and most of our staff have positive feedback about it. However, we are thinking of getting extra security to avoid data loss. Wondering if anybody here experience such issue. And how did you handle it? Anyway, I am currently reading some articles from Cloud Security Alliance website and hopefully I would be able to get some good recommendations. I can see also some affiliated members...maybe one of them can offer a good solution. Or do you know a good firm that specializes dropbox and google apps security? Feel free to leave a reply here. Thanks!
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  3. deepslate Registered Member

    Hi, I don't know exactly about a reliable firm or company who specializes in cloud security services. But , I also have read about cloud security alliance. I think, this will help and provide an assurance and clarity of their cloud services to corporations and end users.
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