Civil War within the US! (John Titor predictions)

Discussion in 'World Events' started by Ronhrin, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. Ronhrin Registered Senior Member

    For all of those who don't know who John Titor is:

    he was a man that appeared on a chatroom on the internet in the end of the year 2000 until the beginning of 2001, he said he was from the year 2036 and was in a mission to recover some ancient IBM computer that didn't exist in his time, called IBM5100 to solve a bug in his timeline, and during is time online he chat with some people online and answered some questions about the future, in the middle of that much conversation he ended making some predictions.

    for more info search for John Titor on wikipedia

    now that all of you know who John Titor is and the predictions he made, (the creation of microsingularities in laboratory in 2003), (an event that killed hundreds of thousands of people in the end of 2004), (A CIVIL WAR in the US in the middle of 2005), and so on.

    I've been following closely the events in New Orleans after the katrina massacre and I must tell you, I'm normaly a ceptical person, but this Titor guy has already suprised me with to many coincidences, I mean, what is happening right now in New Orleans is a Ballon waiting to pop into a Civil War.
    New Orleans is mostly habited by afroamerican, grandchildrens of the slaves in that region a century ago, the minimal error of calculation by the goverment in solving this situation will seem like a racist act, and will be dwelt with vengeance, Marcial Law was already decreted in New Orleans, as far as I know, this has never happened in the US in such a big scale.

    I'm honestly beginning to believe in this Titor guy, I hope that all this will be solved before it will come to that end, but the situation is already to complex to be solved in a easy and peacefull way, let's see what will happen in the following weeks.

    please comment my post, and tell me if you believe in John Titor as a Fraud or a True Story, and Why.
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  3. kmguru Staff Member

    Civil War in New Orleans?

    Neh! How is that possible? The soldiers are told to point their guns to the ground. But shooting definitely starts at night. May be our police soon will learn urban warfare and get ready for what is yet to come.
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  5. hypewaders Save Changes Registered Senior Member

    Wild predictions are not in the same sense wild anymore. There are multiple potentials for an economic plunge that will feed a new panic, sufficient to tear at the economic (and hence) social fabric of the USA. We have broadcasted our volatility to the world, we have created a culture of panic and childish government dependency, we have wn enemies and influenced fanatics, and now we are responding to every crisis with abject denial and dissembling.

    Our visible "leader" boasts of a robust American economy, and we are "making good progress":both palms down "calm down, folks" gesture.

    But, honestly and in view of current events: What idiotic smirking imbecile could think someone is not pissed off and smart enough to trigger foreign divestment of the larger portion of our economy... next month. At $6+/Gal "bring 'em on" won't pass by unchallenged, with a just a smirk and a swagger. Behold The Brink. Or if that's not it,

    Stand by for unpredictable but inevitable catalyst for the Fall:

    Like Arabian Intifadeh collapsing our parched oil-sophagus. John Titor may be randomly right in some daydreams spawned by either hoax or delusion. It's a matter of probability. We can all make several wild predictions about trouble ahead, and some of us will be right (especially those that guess the lucky catalyst for hoarding peltroleum, panic, depression, aggression, etc).

    So, People Get Ready. The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum. Everybody Sing:

    We are of course free to join in the fun as crazy optimists:

    At last, the sun is shining...
    bring it back...
    Bring it back...
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2005
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  7. MetaKron Registered Senior Member

    With or without, we knew it was coming. We had the resources to take care of it and prevent it. Last year's Category I storm was more than warning enough even if New Orleans hadn't been agitating for the improvements for decades.
  8. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    Titor was a hoax, you fried dick. Damn, is it that hard to get it through your head?
    He is a fake. Cibawah ain't gon' happ'un.
  9. top mosker Ariloulaleelay Registered Senior Member

    To add to what hapsburg said, I believe the idea was taken from some obscure RPG.

    In any case, most of what he predicted would have already happened - and it didn't. Do you think a revolution is really going to come free a bunch of backwater militia? I think not. It's going to be on the streets.
  10. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    I don't know about this Titor guy, probably a hoax, but conditions are getting weirder every day. Many people from James Howard Kuntsler to Noam Chomsky have predicted the chaos and breakdown of civil order that will coincide with the end of cheap oil. New Orleans is only a taste of what is to come. Oil led America to invade Iraq, putting our homeland in jeopardy from natural disasters ironically exacerbated by the warming effects of burning fossil fuel.

    On a philosophically wider note, Terence McKenna predicted the end of civilization as we have known it, and the rise of pagan but technologically advanced communities practicing a partnership religion based on the consumption of psychoactive plants. The culture of the western world is based on a dominator-style religion, even when mostly secular, that is our inheritence, and it has lead to the destruction, or at least, radical alteration, of the environment we depend on.
  11. radicand Registered Senior Member

    Let me guess? All of this explains how loony some of the lefties are on these boards.

    What I have read so far is so ironic as I compared it to what I have read on various boards.

    Not only what has been written here, but the way certain events have been portrayed.

    This is delicious.

    I now understand the absolute ignorance that I have witnessed in reading some of the posts.

  12. MetaKron Registered Senior Member

    If Topeka Kansas actually had been going to take 10,000 refugees in and most of them had been black, that would have been a deadly mistake. It would have turned into a race war. Even if it's only 1500 to 2000, which won't make the whites there feel quite so overwhelmed, there's still potential for race-related violence. If a gang of 100 of them gets together and goes anywhere to do anything, it will frighten people. If they start a fight or a riot, people will start firing on them. If they start looting, people will shoot to kill.

    I don't know what to think of John Titor. A big marker event will be the nuclear bombing of Jacksonville, Florida.
  13. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    After reading the titor article on wikipedia, I'm surmising that he got a bunch of his bullshit from the Terminator movies. A lot of the terms, such as "time displacement machine" are directly from that movie.
    None of the shit he said is true, it never will be true, end. of. story.
  14. Fukushi -meta consciousness- Registered Senior Member

    I predict the end of oil.

  15. Fukushi -meta consciousness- Registered Senior Member

  16. top mosker Ariloulaleelay Registered Senior Member

    The dominator style religion is explored more by Daniel Quinn and Derrick Jensen. Kind of like off-shoots of McKenna and not really directly descended from his ideas and all around good reads. Basically, civilization is the genesis of this "religion" and we've held to it since then. This leads to locking up our own food, objectifying nature and man, and overconsumption of the things we need to survive.

    Yes, something big will happen - probably not in the manor of John Titor, and maybe not in our lifetime - but it will happen.
  17. dkb218 Banned Banned

    Big Marker Event will be the nuking of Topeka Kansas!!! Turn 'em into a real dust bowl!!!
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2005
  18. Fukushi -meta consciousness- Registered Senior Member

    today's stockpiles of plutonium and other nuclear waste products are sufficient to create 500.000 nuclear warheads (BOMBS)

    that noted, it should be clear that those wastepiles are not so difficult to siege and brake in.

    A nuclear tragedy is waiting to be happening...grasp your ass and kiss it goodbye while you can!

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  19. MetaKron Registered Senior Member

    Which makes you one more person who states things as fact that you just don't know.

    I'm quite certain that such a time machine will be possible to build by 2038.

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