Christians don't waste time in this "Religion" forum

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by Saint, Oct 29, 2016.

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  1. Saint Valued Senior Member

    This forum is not about religion, but Atheism.
    Full of useless craps from the mouths of atheists.
    Please go to a better forum to discuss about your faith.

    Probably you can come here:

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  3. cluelusshusbund + Public Dilemma + Valued Senior Member

    But here is whare a bunch of sinners are... an no tellin how many people have been saved by believers who didnt give up on 'em.!!!


    I wont give up on 'em an i will continue to set a good example of God an make the world a beter place.!!!
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  5. sweetpea Valued Senior Member

    If only they would keep to the religion forum.
    Do religious people consider it a sin to have sock puppets? Or, are they exempt because their doing god's work among the heathen?
    Just thought of a name for a christian forum... The River. Get It?
    Lets all gather at the river, the wonderful wonderful river. Sing a long clueluss
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  7. C C Consular Corps - "the backbone of diplomacy" Valued Senior Member

    Yep, sounds like he might be attending one of those affluent churches that perversely wants to keep the riff raff out.

    A key attraction to early Christianity was its eliminating the status quo of a class system in this life from the hereafter. Unlike previous conceptions of the afterlife, Rufus the wino had a shot at moving up the ladder in the Kingdom of God. Tell the impoverished and the proletariat that they can rise above the abusive, noble elite of their times, and even the gentiles will flock in droves to one's rehabilitated offshoot of Judaism.
  8. Bells Staff Member

    Mod Note

    I take it as a religious person, rules and respecting the site you post on just doesn't factor into the equation for you?

    From this
    site's rules:

    16. Advertising and spam is not permitted on sciforums. Examples include: posting solely in order to link to an external site, placing contact information for yourself or a site (links or email addresses) at the bottom of posts, off-topic posts mentioning or directing readers to an external service, opening posts that say only ‘Have you heard about/read/seen site X? (Link)’. Spammers are invariably quickly discovered and permanently banned from sciforums. Posting sprees aimed solely at increasing a member’s post count (particularly for new members to be able to post links) are considered spam.

    In other words, advertising other forums as you have just done is against this site's rules.

    It is also trolling and flaming.

    Thread closed and Cesspooled.
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