Discussion in 'Astronomy, Exobiology, & Cosmology' started by Flash, May 18, 1999.

  1. Flash Guest

    For those interested I have found a chat
    room.. at this time seems as if hardly anyone
    goes there..but it would be fun to get it
    going good!!!!!!
    here it is$webmsg.list.7UFO.2.12.list
    The name I go by, Flash, was already taken
    so I go by Dolphin1 there...hope to run into
    some of you...
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  3. Bottica Guest

    Now that sounds very interesting...Will have to go and check it out...

    Tks for the info..also if the name Bottica would have been taken, mine will be Lenora

    See you...

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  5. Flash Guest

    Hey Bottica!!
    Nice to see that you made your way to the
    new forum. If you happen to go to the
    chatroom.. Just e-mail me, as I check it
    several times a day, and I'll meet you in
    there..that is if you want to.
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  7. Bottica Guest

    Hello... !

    Have been trying to get there, but I am only getting there halfway... (Getting dizzi from searching ! LOL )
    I am already regsitered on Connexions under Bottica...but to save my live can't find your UFO room...

    Need Help !!! Please...

  8. Flash Guest

    awwwwwww.. ok, here is how you do it.
    At the top somewhere you should see the
    word Chatspin. Click there. If it happens
    to pop up the part to register in..put in
    your name and pass word. When the next
    screen comes up- at the bottom click send.
    It will then show you the room. At the
    bottom is where you type in the messages..
    hit enter and it will show up in the chat
    room..if you need anymore help..just let
    me know LOL
  9. We need an exoscience chat room (in real time) wouldn't that be great...!
    anyone else want a chat room here at
  10. Flash Guest

    YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! I do so agree with
    you there, and have sent DaveW an e-mail
    suggesting so the other day. Lets keep
    our fingers cross and see if he considers
  11. Bottica Guest

    Yes... I also second the motion !

    I participate in another group on the web which has "real time" chat. I must say that it makes all the difference in the world... Gives you the feeling you are sitting in your living room with all of your "friends" all over the world !! Also I've noticed that the conversation is different...people participating watch more their "p's" and "q's" re: live conversation...


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  12. DaveW Guest

    investigating ...

    Anyone have an IRC server they'd be willing to let us use?
  13. use a JAVA Applet..........
  14. DaveW Guest

    Yes, but a Java applet still needs to access some IRC server. The Java applets alone cannot talk to each other - they must go through one main server. This is the problem.
  15. Sirius B Guest

    "Woo-hoo", an exosci chatroom! I am there. Sometimes I feel like the new kid on the block, this would make all the difference! By the way, I just might be the n.k.o.t.b (now that I think of it). I guess I should have a "house warming party?" (LoL)
  16. Couldn't you use an IRC server on your server? Do you own the domain? If you do, shouldn't you be able to access an IRC server, or maybe set up your own?

    -Double Overdrive
  17. Mike Guest

    I had a look around and came up with this place, it was empty at the time I found it although Geocities has many more rooms.

    Anyone interested on a real time ruck??

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  18. Caradoc Registered Member

    I'm new here so I don't know if you've got your chat room sorted out yet - but if not here's something which might be of use.

    There is a place called (sorry, I don't know how to create a clickable link). It is a realtime chat community (if I understand the term correctly). The connection is a bit volotile unless you download their program 'TCPirch'. At Talkcity (TC) registration is free and anyone can create their own chat room! If you create a room you can choose whether or not to have it appear in the main directory, it can be totally private if you want it to be - only people who know the name of the room can get in

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    If you havn't got a chatroom sorted out yet, why not have a look?

    How about posting a thread on Chatroom topics - if there is a topic you wish to discuss, let us all know what it is and when you will be in chatroom - 'Upcoming Events' sort of thing.

    Just a thought

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  19. dumaurier Registered Senior Member

    The problem with chatrooms is that we could not reflect adequately when discussing deep subjects. In addition, it would not be easy keeping historical track of topic threads. So, for example, if individuals have embarked upon a topic of great interest, and one of them must leave for a few days, when they return the conversation has changed. I don't deny that a chatroom would be more spontaneous than the present format, but it would lack much of the substance the present format allows.

  20. H-kon Registered Senior Member

    I got a simple idea.

    Are you guys familiar with ICQ? When you register as a new user, you can register a chatroom instead of a single user, thus making it a dedicated one using ICQ servers. When you chat, its like chatting with a standard chat program.

    I have a chatroom which i no longer use, so i could problaby try that if thats an idea?

    If not. why not register through the MS chat thing which almost everyone should have installed on their Windows box. if not. its just another mIRC client..

    "All i say is keep looking".
  21. DaveW Registered Senior Member

    I like the ICQ idea! I never knew it had the capacity for chat rooms.

    I'd start the chat room, but I can't seem to get ICQ to work (though in theory it should) as I'm behind a rather peculiar firewall. I should get it working sometime soon.

  22. H-kon Registered Senior Member


    Thats cool Hope you will use fontsize 72 and type it all over the board he he

    Since i am on the net usually over 5 hours a day (wow) you'll see me voicing my opinions there.

    Glad i could help

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    "All i say is keep looking".

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