Characteristics of Genius?

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by SomethingClever, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. SomethingClever Registered Senior Member

    "to illuminate truth" ---to me, that is genius
    so yes, I agree that genius does find the right answers.
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  3. Honeyb35 Registered Member

    A genius is nonconformist who is considered a "madman" by the mainstream society. Only when he completes his metaphorical apotheosis of man does the said society deem him "worthy" the title of a contemporary genius.
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  5. Absane Rocket Surgeon Valued Senior Member

    I don't think that there is, will ever be, or ever has been a genius that cares or cared about intelligence testing. Maybe there are a few, but it makes more sense for them to focus a majority of their powers on other problems. Why? For a genius to invest much of his time investigating why he's a genius (as I'm sure that's the ultimate motivation) produces nothing of real ultimate value to society as a whole. When he doesn't produce anything of the like, is he still a genius? No one in society will likely EVER care. With reference to society, he's not a genius.

    On a different note...

    IQ tests exist for two reasons: to help study the human brain and to study the likelihood of future success. Most of us seem to be concerned with scoring high on an IQ test to best increase our likelihood of success. However, IQ tests aren't a useful measure of success. Intelligence, by and large, is an uninteresting characteristic of a person if that person doesn't do anything with it. Intelligence goes unused (in a productive manner) everyday because many of the highly intelligent have been brainwashed into believing that their intellect alone would lead to untold amounts of success. Wrong. I know idiots that are more successful than some of the brightest kids I've known in high school. Why? Because the idiots had parents that recognized the fact that their spawn wasn't the brightest crayon in the box, so they taught the kid how to make up for it by working hard.

    I used to care about IQ tests... I even used to take a lot of them. Some professional and some not... scoring anywhere from 120 to 150. What does it matter? What good does it do to know that my IQ is around 130? Maybe I'll feel better about myself than I would have if my IQ was 70. However, if my IQ was 70 maybe I'd work harder than I do currently. Maybe that's the trick, the hack to beat the game: assume that you're an idiot until you prove yourself otherwise by measure of productivity spurred on by the (almost) compulsive desire to create something. We all have something that wants to be created.

    Well, shit. I was going somewhere with this, got distracted, and then forgot where I was heading to.
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  7. nicholas1M7 Banned Banned

    Bingo, no genius cares about intelligence testing. Period.

    Bingo. As for the few geniuses that supposedly "care" about intelligence testing, I can tell you they don't, never, have and never will. What they do indeed care for are the mental challenges that challenge their acuity, not on where they fall in comparison to others.

    The only purpose a true genius has for investigating his intelligence are never, have never been and will never be for selfish reasons, on the contrary, for strictly altruistic purposes, a genius will test himself in relation to others, as no genius seeks to prove themselves except for altruistic purposes.

    Yes. He is still a genius even if he sadly or unfortunately falls short of proving himself to the general public by contributing something of immense importance to further human civilization. As a genius is always familiar with their own thoughts just as a retard is, with the exception of deluded individuals, he has no need to prove himself to himself.

    Whatever they exist for is not important.


    Intelligence sans creativity and originality is bleh.

    ...and a brainwashed intellect is a characteristic of the highly unoriginal.

    Hard work sans creativity is harder.

    A genius does not have an IQ score, what a genius has is creativity and originality. And sometimes, an immaculate perfection in their nature that supersedes everyone else.

    But like you said, IQ is only good for doing intelligence tests, EQ or emotional intelligence can be sometimes considered to tower above IQ.

    We all have a need for self-expression and self-discovery, the genius is capable of the former but the latter requires looking within.

    Okay. Maybe later.
  8. birch Valued Senior Member

    there is a difference between ability and intelligence.

    it takes more than just intelligence to be successful at everything. you also need to have ability or talent at some tasks.

    i've tried waitressing and i'm terrible at it, though the same people who are good at it may have a harder time with what i find easier to do or understand etc. actually there are a lot of things that seem simple to others which are difficult for me and vice versa.

    i always had an innate talent for art so in that sense if i applied myself, most could not outdo me in that department. sometimes i would wonder why a person could not tell the difference between a 2d image vs a 3d. are they dumb? not necessarily because they could be very skilled in another area.

    i was also reminded of neil degrasse tyson using a tone corrector because he just cannot sing. is he an idiot in that department because he is tone deaf? perhaps to some extent.

    a lot of ability is inherited which takes very little conscious cognitive effort on the part of those possessing that talent.
  9. scheherazade Northern Horse Whisperer Valued Senior Member

    Hmmmmm......In large part, I have considered genius to be a person who can experience the same things as everyone around them, yet has the ability to make completely different connections and analysis from the input, an ability to communicate these perceptions, and the capacity to resist the conditioning to think otherwise.

    Many children have this ability, IMO, yet society pressures us to 'conform', that we may participate in the benefits of this 'group interaction'.

    To 'follow your own path' is easy to say, and much harder to accomplish.

    Just my opinion.....
  10. SomethingClever Registered Senior Member

    Nicholas- how do you know that of which you speak?

    Also, I agree that intelligence without originality is "bleh." In fact, I find it borderline intolerable.

    In a world of straight lines I love me a squiggle

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  11. chimpkin C'mon, get happy! Registered Senior Member

    Being painful. Much better to be nice, boring, happy.
  12. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    He doesn't. He just likes to make stuff up.
  13. SomethingClever Registered Senior Member

    maybe so.
    I agree with just about everything he said.
  14. Absane Rocket Surgeon Valued Senior Member

    Do you treat this as necessarily a bad thing? Conformity greatly increases one's security in society. Those that conform are very likely to make a safe and secure living for themselves and their families. The creative (loose-cannon type) isn't nearly as likely to.
  15. keith1 Guest

    A security blanket decays in is finite.

    I would suspect that only a genius can define genius.
    And they haven't yet, because they spend much (or all) of their existence, in a debilitated environment, studying their surroundings, and cooking strategies to make it, as a whole, less debilitating. To maximize the "genius-nourishing factors" they wish to implement".

    Perhaps a genius is one who completes their life's work (One would then have to redefine genius, to exclude many pre-mentioned occupations and disciplines).

    Dying sperm don't contemplate the one sperm who finishes the course. Perhaps geniuses do not contemplate those entities which are "finite in execution of task".

    Perhaps it is dangerously unwise to play a finite game--such as chess--within an infinite environment.

    One would have to contemplate such moves, before making them...and not after.
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  16. scheherazade Northern Horse Whisperer Valued Senior Member

    Societies require some degree of conformity as regards individual and collective health and safety and distribution of shared/common resources, I would agree.

    The type of conditioning that pits one religion against another, the political party system, the social stratification by ethnicity, financial or other discrimination, all those things which divide rather than unify or allow for tolerance of individuality within the collective are the conditioning which most of us are born into.

    A recent conversation with an immigrant who moved here from a country where 'fear is genetic for us and I want my children to grow up without fear' really brought this point home for me.

    As a woman, I am thankful to have been born into a country that allows me to participate in virtually all undertakings that are optional for men, and while pay equity and other gender issues are not yet totally equal, we HAVE come a long way, baby.

    Capitalism still holds the aces over who gets access to education and economic opportunity and if you buck the system too vociferously, you will find yourself disenfranchised in a heartbeat.

    So it is not only the immigrant for whom fear is genetic.

    It's go with the flow. Be part of the bulldozer or part of the road.

    Change ever comes with a price and unless we break out of this conditioning, things will not change.

    Those people who are genius are the people who bring about change, in my opinion, though they are seldom recognized during their time.

    Genius does not conform to the conditioned norm.

    I am certainly not implying that all nonconformists are genius, merely that I consider this to be one trait.

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  17. SomethingClever Registered Senior Member

    I read somewhere that every true genius has some sort of physical abnormality.
    It must have been said by a genius with some fucked up teeth

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    just kidding. anyway, check this guy out.

    when questioning why he isn't better known, one Youtube member replied, "because if Ronald took the spotlight, no one else would stand a chance."

    I think that just about sums it up.

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