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Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by Jeremirroer, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Jeremirroer

    Jeremirroer probably smarter than you...

    In recent years in Australia(and in particular Sydney) has been overcome by young car hoons. They drive around the city in cars full of losers/idiots blazing their music, shouting obscenities, acting tough, probably taking drugs and getting up to god knows what else.

    They congregate in huge groups and just loiter around areas such as Brighton Le Sands and Bondi. Usually coming from well out of the city, they come in and seemingly attempt to ruin it for everyone else.

    They have shut down George Street in the Rocks near Sydney CBD in an effort to combat part of the problem. But this certainly is not enough.
    They have also enacted new laws today restricting P-platers from driving high powered cars, which i think is great. I can't stand seeing some 17 y.o. punk speeding down the road with a car load of youngsters. It's these people who you see in the news wrapped around a telegraph pole.

    Personally i think all these guys are fuckwits and will never amount to anything in life, except maybe going to gaol or something similar. I wouldn't have a problem if they all died, but thats just too extreme.

    Does anyone have a defense of these people?

    Does anyone live in a different city where the same thing goes on?

    What do other people think of these people?

    Car Hoons Stink!
  2. kazakhan

    kazakhan Registered Abuser

    Who are you, Fred Nile? They're teenagers, what do you expect? Did you not experience "car hoons" when you were a teenager?
  3. Jeremirroer

    Jeremirroer probably smarter than you...

    shit no.
  4. vslayer

    vslayer Registered Senior Member

    what you refer to as hoons are really jsut up theselves rich captialists with too much money to spend on cars. if you want to see actual racing then come out of the city where te real reacnig goes on:
    we buy $500 shitheaps, tune up the engines, then do 150kmph drift races an dirt roads overtop of 20m drops into the ocean. thats what itsa ll about, not showing off who can squeeze the most money out of their stupid parents
  5. Jeremirroer

    Jeremirroer probably smarter than you...

    yeh i'm all for honest innocent fun and doing up a shitbox....

    What shits me is those losers who come into the city and start fights etc and shit. and hang around Stanmore Macdonlads.
  6. Bells

    Bells Frostbite!

    It's not just a problem in Sydney. It's a problem in pretty much every state and probably in most countries as well. If they swear at you, maybe you're driving too slow. If their music is too loud for you... possibly you're too old. If a bunch of teenagers are too tough for you, ermm maybe you should just stay home. And are they taking drugs? Who knows and who cares?

    If they bother you that much, call the police but then again that would be a waste of time as the police of late have tended to just turn a blind eye to the problem. The new laws enacted of late appear to be an olive branch to the general public who are sick of having roads taken up and closed down by a bunch of twits who want to drag race. In Queensland at one point, they'd taken to grouping together on the freeway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast and blocking all the cars in between them and then slowing down and doing 40kms. In such cases, stick behind the large trucks as they seemed to not try and block the semi's in... wonder why.. anywho...

    Look, hoons exist everywhere. Taking away their licences and their cars does nothing. If you take away their car, they simply get another one on the road within months. If you take away their licence, they simply drive without one. However I guess that if they did confiscate their cars repeatedly, they'd think twice, but who really knows in the end? An excess of petrol fumes might result in irrational behaviour and thought patterns and they'd simply keep hooning up other cars. If P-plater's are restricted in what car they can drive, they simply don't show their P-plates on their cars. It's a stupid little measure that does nothing. They will find a way around it or they will just ignore the laws and regulations.

    HEH! Oooohhh calling someone Fred Nile is a bit harsh don't you think? :p

    Personally I didn't experience the "car hoon" phenomenon, but then again I wasn't interested in destroying my tyres or brakes doing burnouts or donuts. Paying over $120 a pop for each tyre tended to put to bed the wish of burning rubber so that smoke came out of the arse of my car. While I did speed however... :D ... it was not because I was a hoon, it was because I was impatient and wished to get to my destination much faster...

    One way to solve the hoon problem... easy... open up special race tracks or something and let them destroy their tyres and brakes to their hearts content and get out of my way on the public roads. Create competitions or races or such to encourage the little petrol heads to head to the track and compete against the other little weiners wanting to ruin their tyres. They need incentives to not do it on the general roads and do it elsewhere. Not letting them drive high powered cars won't work. Confiscating their cars won't work, nor will taking away their licences.
  7. Jeremirroer

    Jeremirroer probably smarter than you...

    perhaps i should rephrase my problem.

    The problem is not the driving of cars. It is the people in those cars. Namely the gangs.

    Last month there was a shooting in the Rocks, a popular tourist destination and at a Macdonalds near my house, a nice suburb.

    These people are social misfits. I'm not talking about drag racers. I'm talking about morons who drive in full cars and go out and rape girls.
  8. Bells

    Bells Frostbite!

    They're not called car hoons. They're referred to as rapists. There is a difference. Not all car hoons are rapists just as not all rapists are car hoons. If you're the type to look at a car filled with teenage boys and see them as rapists..? Well if that's the case, they don't have the problem, you do.
  9. kazakhan

    kazakhan Registered Abuser

    So, you've always lived under a rock then :p
    You wouldn't have liked the shaggin' wagons of the seventies then, I wonder if they'll make a comeback :D
  10. Jeremirroer

    Jeremirroer probably smarter than you...

    you're missing the point. Thanks for adding nothing to the discussion except pointless negativity.
  11. Jeremirroer

    Jeremirroer probably smarter than you...



    under a rock...

    that's comedy that just writes itself isn't it...?

    I must be a neo-conservative. :cool:
  12. spidergoat

    spidergoat alien lie form

    What are you complaining about? That's "car culture", kids have done that everywhere. In my hometown, they drove huge monster trucks and congregate at MacDonald's. There's just nothing better to do. In California, the "car hoons" have shotguns and automatic weapons, and they are in real gangs like the crips and bloods.
  13. Jeremirroer

    Jeremirroer probably smarter than you...

    yeh these are gangs too.
  14. Roman

    Roman Banned

    Wow, this is a really funny thread, reading about a bunch of Aussies gripe about 'gangs'. As if you have real crime in Australia. So the kids drive around real fast. Old people drive real shitty, too. Dirving seniles are as dangerous as driving drunks. Your kiddies in Kangarooland don't carry, so you're just complaining about kids who drive cars.

    How many times have you had these teens pull a gun pulled on you, old man? None? Then what the hell are you complaining about?
  15. kazakhan

    kazakhan Registered Abuser

    Of course we only have pseudo crime in Australia :rolleyes:
    We certainly dont have anywhere near the amount of guns as the US but that doesn't mean they are not available. Australian youth involved in gun crime is definitely on the rise.
  16. vslayer

    vslayer Registered Senior Member

    the gangs in the southern hemisphere are jsut as dangerous as your ones. jsut last weekend my brother and some mates had about 30 kids from some car gang try to kill them because they called the kids car a POS
  17. Roman

    Roman Banned

    Haha, how many school shooting have you had in your state?

    Alaska had the very first school massacre. Bitch, submit.
  18. Bells

    Bells Frostbite!

    You must be so proud. :rolleyes:
  19. kazakhan

    kazakhan Registered Abuser

    A couple of years ago and not very far from here a young bloke shot his ex-girlfriend at school with a cross-bow. As Bells mentioned it's not something to be proud of...
  20. vslayer

    vslayer Registered Senior Member

    umm. we dont have school shootings, but the majority of us carry knives

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