Discussion in 'Business & Economics' started by lixluke, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. lixluke Refined Reinvention Valued Senior Member

    Everything I do goes to benifit my organization.
    The purpose of my organization is to nurture and protect those within the organization from the outside world (America and their world economy).

    The method is capitalism. Sap the outside economy for everything it has, and put it all into the organization.
    Use all the money/resources that have been sapped from the outside economy to fund the purpose of the organization.
    Nurtured individuals in a nurturing environment produce high levels of well being and progress.

    Anybody working for the organization has the goal of helping the organization sap the money and resources of the outside economy.

    Anybody working for the outside economy is a prostitute.
    Most people that work for the outside economy are putting more into the outside economy than the outside economy is putting into them.

    1. You do a particular job for a particular business regime.
    The work you do stimulates the outside economy that does not support the ideals of the organization.

    2. In return, you are given money.
    The money you are given is worth less to the business regime than the work you put in for them. (That is why it is profitabloe for them to pay you to do the job.)

    3. Now you have money which you will then use to pay for your basic nessecities.
    Once again you are stimulating the outside economy that does not support the ideals of the organization.

    4. You might get promoted, you might start your own business regime, you might move forward. You receive more money. You continue to be a contributing part of the outside economy that doesn't support the ideals of the organization.

    5. The more money you have, the more stuff you can buy. You purchase a fast sports car, and a nice big house. After all it's what you feel you deserve for the hard work you put in for the outside economy. Your purchases stimulate and contribute to the outside economy even more.

    Do you think a person that is completely healthy, and receiving disability income from the USA government doing wrong?

    A healthy capable person might have various opportunities placed in front of him. Acting as a capitalist in a capitalist society, that person is going to make the choice that is going to benifit him the most.

    Benifits of hijacking SSI:
    1. You are sapping the outside world which is a world that does not support the ideals of the organization.
    2. You are preventing the outside world from sapping you.
    3. You have medical benifits that might not be available to you if you were employed by a business regime.
    4. You are being paid barely enough to get by, but at least your time isn't being spent contributing to the outside economy that doesn't support the ideals of the organization.
    5. You can use this time to make better organizational designs and social structures as well as create fool proof plans of taking the outside economy for everything it has, and putting it into the organization.

    Say you purchase something from the store such as Wal-Mart which has a 90 day return policy. The capitalist thing to do is treat that purchase as loan. Before 90 days, you decide for yourself which would be more profitable to you.
    A. Keep the product, and let Wal-Mart keep your money.
    B. Return the product, and get your money back because you no longer need it.
    c. Renew the product. (Return it for your money back, and use the money to purchase the same thing so that you have another 90 days to make the decision.) If you continue to renew, the chances are that they will relesase a better product at a lower cost. Therfore, you can purchase that product instead, and continue to do the same thing.

    Filesharing is another excellent opportunity to sap the outside economy for the benifit of the organization.

    RULE #1 Filesharing is illegal, but it is close to impossible for the typical filesharer to get caught.
    -The only way to really get caught is if you are seeding on a large scale.
    -You are almost completely safe if all you do is leech.
    -Of course there is always a chance that you will get chaght, but then again, there is a chance you might get struck by lightning as soon as you walk out the door.

    RULE #2 It is our responsibility as the filesharing community participate in filesharing.
    -Dr. Martlin Luther King Jr. told us that unjust laws should be broken.

    RULE #3 If you like a product, DO NOT PURCHASE IT.
    -You are not supporting the filesharing community by purchasing media products.
    -Developers and Creative Artists do not need your money. Starving humans do.
    -Many files you download might be accompanied by notes telling you to purchase the product if you enjoy it. DON'T!

    RULE #4 Filesharing is important to the proliferation of information.
    -More information equals more creative innovation equals more information equals progressive output.

    RULE #5 Never feel obligated to share.
    -The very definition of sharing implies provision without obligation for return.
    -Anybody that makes you feel bad about not sharing are the real leeches of the filesharing comunity.

    The organization is rising soon to a city near you.
    Be ready to be sapped.
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  3. lixluke Refined Reinvention Valued Senior Member

    He probably doesn't understand all that stuff. Most animals don't even know english. I wasn't aware about that raindrop idea.
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  5. Bowser Namaste Valued Senior Member

    I will always be an advocate for progressive socialism and reduced consumption. They eliminate so many evils.
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  7. fadingCaptain are you a robot? Valued Senior Member

    I am all for filesharing and yes, it is pure capitalism.
  8. wkirby Registered Member


    Care you explain?

  9. Shifty Russian International Man of Mystery Registered Senior Member


    I think Cool Skill has described something similar to what China has now adapted. Especially with the file sharing

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    Take care,
    - Shifty Russian
  10. Bowser Namaste Valued Senior Member

    True capitalism is a constant attempt to acquire and control the market, monopolization for the benefit of one entity and its beneficiaries. If you doubt me, watch an hour of television. Given an opportunity, it will exploit.

    When you have several such creatures in an enclosed system, their efforts to control and dominate the environment will reach excess by way of a glutt of product.

    Progressive socialism, in my mind, places social responsibility into the equation. Rather than chasing the the bottom line, it demands responsibility.
  11. Undecided Banned Banned

    I think we should create a Keynesian friendly globalization model, otherwise capitalism left its own devices will fail again.
  12. Bowser Namaste Valued Senior Member

    I think that with the rush towards cheap labor in China, capitalism may be selling the hangman a coil of rope. Imagine, an army of workers with no voice who work for pennies an hour.

    I read in the paper the other day that a company for which I had once worked was sending its employees to China so that they could train the new workers there. I wonder how much longer their jobs will be secure here.
  13. lixluke Refined Reinvention Valued Senior Member

    We don't need jobs here. They are doing all the work for us.

    What is the big issue with Americans and lack of jobs?
    I see roads that need redeveloping.
    Everything pretty much needs redeveloping.
    People need to be fed and educated.
    Those are jobs Americans need to do.

    There are too many American jobs out there that sap the world of it's resources.
    The movie industry is just one tiny example of the thousands of ways the economy is being stimulated in a negative way.
    It costs unfathomable amounts of Earth/Human resources for movie companies to create and sell a large budget movie and for consumers to consume it.

    Materials: Resources that could be used to benifit humanity are instead used to create props/technology/and other supplies and materials for production, marketing, and distribution.

    Time/Human Labor: Every second every human working on every aspect of the movie spends for the movie could be spent on something that would benifit earth and humanity.

    Resources/Time/Human Consumption: In order to consume a movie the remainder of the population must use their time and resources to purchase the movie, and watch the movie. About 10% of the time and resources the consumer uses to watch a movie goes to the movie production entity as profit.

    Profit: All the monitary profit from all the people that have consumed this movie is used in a way that damages the earth and humanity again.
  14. Gambit Star Universal Entity Registered Senior Member

    even if you were contributing to an outside system it is still systematically apart of the inside system.
    People still need to buy resources such as food, petrol, medications, clothes whether you are unemployed living from "self earned" income or whether you work for a large corporation.
  15. FreeMason Registered Senior Member

    Then why does Europe have an outrageous crime rate?

    I think you've shut your brain off to reality, because you'd rather follow what you've been told at a young age, OR, you want to be "counter-culture".
  16. FreeMason Registered Senior Member

    It takes responsibility out of the hands of the individual, and places it into the hands of the Government.

    Nazi Germany was Progressive Socialist, but you probably didn't know that.

    So was later-day Soviet Union.

    Guess you didn't know that either...

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