Bruce Lee: Really dead?

Discussion in 'Eastern Philosophy' started by seekeroftheway, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. seekeroftheway

    seekeroftheway Let go your conscious self...

    I know this kinda doesn't fit in the eastern philosophy section, but my ideas on this are based on my philosophy on...everything.

    So, the textbooks tell us he died, but no one knows why. Some think he was struck by the quiverring palm technique, others that he OD'd (this particular theory insults me), and one theory I've heard is that he became TOO strong. If such a thing is possible. The idea that his body broke down under the weight of the power he was giving it from the stress he put it under.

    However, I in particular am of a certain rather radical group of die hard fans that don't believe he died. There is one last theory stating that he feigned his own death, to EVERYONE, his wife, his children, the media, all of it, and just disappeared. If this is so, it is almost certainly for some spiritual purpose (that or the government forced him to disappear so he could go do something for them, they had Muhammad Ali try to free a bunch of hostages from Lebanon without anyone knowing). Perhaps he reached a point in his training where he realize that for him to proceed, he would have to be free of his image as "King of Kung Fu".

    So, what do you people think?
  2. spidergoat

    spidergoat alien lie form

    I am pretty sure he's really dead, but the exact cause is a mystery. He did complain of a headache, which makes me think it was some medical problem, and seems to rule out murder.
  3. VitalOne

    VitalOne Banned

    Who knows, I was thinking the samething a few days ago, I thought he got poisoned or something..
  4. DiamondHearts

    DiamondHearts Registered Senior Member

    I heard that he died in his girlfriend's house by taking drugs, but I don't think anyone has proved that. I believe he was poisoned by someone.

    Bruce Lee was a great man and I hear he was really nice from people who have met him.
  5. cato

    cato less hate, more science

    I would say that he died of a coke OD, but that would just be a guess. however, why was it that he flicked his nose so much? and considering the era, it would not be a stretch.
  6. seekeroftheway

    seekeroftheway Let go your conscious self...

    Since when has he flicked his nose so much? And you might consider the quiverring palm technique a poison. It's essentially projecting massive amounts of energy from the hand into the body, and it gradually causes ruptures that break down the vital processes. It takes extreme discipline, obviously...a few higher level martial artists theorized or knew about a certain cult that thought bruce lee was becoming too powerful, and so they assassinated him with just that technique. If you watch Fist of Fear, Touch of Death, it touches on this.
  7. Light

    Light Registered Senior Member

    I remember when it happened but few of the details. I also seem to recall that his family refused to have an autopsy performed or perhaps it was a refusal to make the results public. IF that is true, it probably means that they knew full well what killed him and didn't want to tarnish his image.
  8. cato

    cato less hate, more science

    yeah, the reason I guess o.d. was because they didn't autopsy him, the nose flicking wasn't really serious.
  9. also, cocaine overdose is rarely from sniffing. in most cases, it comes as a result of injection.
  10. phlogistician

    phlogistician Banned

    He's dead, cocaine overdose. His sifu, Yip Man, died of throat cancer, and it wasn't always just tobacco in his pipe, either.

    If you won't accept that Lee used drugs, you need to ask yourself why. You obviously have romanticised him into some sort of messiah and applied to him your criteria of what makes someone perfect.

    He, and Elvis, have both left this mortal coil. Deal with it.
  11. "bruce" (thats not even his real name) died after taking western medicine that he was allergic to, simular to a pain killer, he went to lie down and rest and never woke up,

  12. phlogistician

    phlogistician Banned

    The 'Tylenol' story. Don't believe it. Bruce was a well known Cocaine user. He was given the 'Bruce' at birth, but didn't use it until later, so actually, his real name _was_ Bruce, and he went by various different names when younger.
  13. his real name was, lee jun fan.

    and where is your source for this information, is it a respectable source?

    i wont believe it untill i see the proof, there is good evidence and wittness to support the allergic reaction,

    could i see the source please.

  14. phlogistician

    phlogistician Banned

    Go read a biography.
  15. yes i have,

    but i was just asking where your infomation came from, i would like to see the source, i will go get the sources of the information that i stated about the allergic reaction,

    we will just compare sources quickly if thats ok with you?

  16. phlogistician

    phlogistician Banned

    Tell you what, you start with 'his real name wasn't Bruce'.
  17. his chinese name is what his family would want him to go by, (his chinese family)

    anyway if he wanted to be called bruce then ok,

    but where did you get the information about bruce dying of a cocaine overdose? can i see your sources please,

  18. lee jun fan.

    BLASTOFF Registered Senior Member

    bruce lee's real name was lee jun fan, also known in his world as little dragon and not just for the film's. it was also said that he died of a simple pain killer, no fancy martial art move/chop or the crap they printed when he passed.
  20. seekeroftheway

    seekeroftheway Let go your conscious self...

    Again, all just theories. The autopsy reports were never released, as said, so we honestly can't really know what killed him if anything, it comes down to point of view (everything comes down to point of view...).

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