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  1. vincent

    vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM

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    US sailor held over Japan death

    The USS Kitty Hawk is based in Yokosuka

    A US sailor in Japan is being held on suspicion of involvement in a local woman's death, the US Navy has said.

    The sailor is being held in US custody near where the incident took place, in Yokosuka - where the USS Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier is based.

    Yoshie Sato died on Tuesday, after being found beaten and unconscious.

    Her death comes at a time when the US is trying to win local support to station a new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier at Yokosuka.

    Analysts say this recent incident could complicate sensitive negotiations between Washington and Tokyo over the redeployment of US forces in Japan.

    Incidents involving US troops and local Japanese are particularly sensitive because of a 1995 case when three US servicemen raped a schoolgirl.

    Reported confession

    Police believe Yoshie Sato was attacked during a robbery, according to local news reports.

    The sailor, who has not been identified, is being held pending an investigation into the killing, the US Navy said in a statement on Friday.

    Japanese media reported on Thursday that the sailor had already confessed to the killing, but Commander John Wallach, director of public affairs for the US Naval Forces in Japan, told Reuters news agency he could not confirm or deny those reports.

    The US Navy statement said it had ordered a "period of reflection" for all its personnel, imposing a temporary curfew requiring them to be back on base by midnight.

    "The entire navy community in Japan is deeply saddened by this incident," the statement said.

    Rear Admiral James Kelly, Commander of the US Naval Forces in Japan, offered his "deep regret and sadness" over the death.

    The US statement said the navy was co-operating closely with the Japanese authorities, but it remains unclear whether the sailor will be handed over to Japanese custody.

    A US-Japan pact governing the conduct of military personnel in Japan does not require such a transfer until suspects are charged.

    But after the 1995 rape of a Japanese schoolgirl by three US servicemen on the island of Okinawa, Washington agreed to seriously consider handing over suspects accused of serious crimes.

    About 50,000 US troops are stationed in Japan under a joint security pact, but Tokyo and Washington agreed late last year to remove 7,000 marines and shift other remaining troops within Japan.


    Where are we here? Japan a reserved, polite, respectful people & culture, yet here we have american soldiers who seem to think they are in the Bronx or detroit, if its nots raping schoolgirls 3 soldiers involved, its robbing & killing women, this is not accepted here, especially by foreigners.

    They are guests of japan, not lords of the manor who can rape and pilage, there people.

    I live in asia & i can not comprehend the state of mind of some of these soldiers, just where are they recruiting from these days, straight from chicagos gangs, or from the state mental asylum.

    I really think a simple state of mind mental test, could weed out these brain dead loonies from the american army, or a culture and geography lesson, to expain the difference between the bronx & Japan.
  2. kenworth

    kenworth dude...**** it,lets go bowling

    so two crimes in 10 years means they think they are lords of the manor?have you been keeping up to date on crimes within japan?
  3. vincent

    vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM

    Kenworth are you up to date, on a soldiers duties, they are not to rape, or to mug and kill women.

    A soldier in a foreign land during peacetime, should be trained to respect the laws of that country.

    The problem here is this, no matter what the american soldiers do in japan, they no the japs cant touch them, they will stand trial in a mickey mouse court in the states, get discharged from the army, and if there unlucky they will get a couple of years in jail for it, in the states.

    Its time america stopped covering there troops in cotton wool, if they mug or rape locals in a foreign civilised country, they must stand trial there, i dont include iraq in that equation as the soldiers & police of iraq, have been infiltrated by the insurgents.

    Japan does not make things up, the man has confessed, japan has a good legal system, there have been tens of thousands of japs demonstrating against us troops in japan, mainly because they are not standing trials for crimes there, what are they fucking diplomats, there soldiers.

    2 incidents you say hell the last incident is getting them all put on a isolated island soon, the japs are pissed with this, and so they should be.

    A uk soldier has been accused of rape in america, where is he going to stand trial in the uk, is he hell, he is standing trial in the states.

    Do you see why people get angry, there is one law for american troops, and one law for other countries troops.

    Another example either in japan or south korea, soldiers killed a bunch of kids in there car, once again no charges, massive demonstrations.

    italy a low flying yahoo american top gun jet flyer sheers a cable car wire, killing 20 or 40 people, once again they head off back to the states as the untouchables.

    you fuck up you pay the price, you dont keep running home to momma america, as long as america keeps up this breast feeding of its soldiers they will continue with there i dont give a shit attitude, because im a untouchable.
  4. leopold

    leopold i miss my coco.

    have you ever heard of "uniform code of military justice".
    military personnel are not bound by civilian justice
    ever hear of disinformation? propaganda perhaps?
  5. vincent

    vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM

    So your saying the british soldier facing trial in america for rape, is against british military law.

    We both know there is only one country in the world who's soldiers are untouchable regarding local laws, they can rob banks, shoot kids anything they want, they all know the only kangaroo charges they will face is in us courts.
  6. kenworth

    kenworth dude...**** it,lets go bowling

    let me give you an update on a citizen's duty,its not to rape,mug or kill women but it still happens.the americans are talking about handing over their troops to japanese justice.
  7. vincent

    vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM

    look ken

    there is more chance of bin laden turning himself in, than america turning in soldier muggers or rapists in japan.

    let me give you an update on a governments duty, it is to make sure there are penalties, and long prison sentences for rapists and muggers, no matter what country they decide to play in, it is not the job of governments to protect there citizens when they have confessed to a crime in another country.

    Only by letting your soldiers know that they are going to be staying in these harsh jails in japan or singapore or thailand, if they break the law there, will these bullshit crimes overseas stop.

    I take my hat of to clinton, when a american kid got caught doing graffiti in singapore, he got 10 or so lashes with a whip on his back, your government tried like hell to stop it, but they did not threaten singapore, the kid got back to the us & was a celebrity making hundreds of thousands out of it, so you see sometimes the price is worth paying, for your crimes.

    American soldiers are not kids, there supposed to be men, so if a US kid can take his punishment, its about time your soldiers stopped hiding under george bushes skirt.
  8. kenworth

    kenworth dude...**** it,lets go bowling

    so do you already know what sentence is going to be given to the soldiers?
  9. Brian Foley

    Brian Foley REFUSE - RESIST

    We have thousands of US servicemen visit Australia each year , especially from the the US Navy they behave themselves accordingly no crime or misbehavior . Especially up in the Townsville military base where many US soldiers do their Jungle warfare training I have been in contact socially with many US servicemen Marines , Army and Navy they are socially approachable peope . I had a good conversation with 2 young Afro-American sailors in a bar they were from the deprived part of urban America but they were great .

    Fact is with 50,000 servicemen in Japan something like this is bound to happen at some stage , you are deliberately blowing this all out of pro-portion to the crime . The fact is certain political elements within Japan want the US military out of Japan so this element is exploiting this incident . I for one listen to know Japanese , especially after their military rampage across Asia which consisted of mass rapes and mass murders and the murder of 5000 Australian soldiers in the POW camps . And I add Japan still has yet to acknowledge and apologize for this cowardly conduct .

    The American soldier's conduct historically , although not perfect , is exceptional when compared with other nations militaries . I may be against US military occupation in Iraq , but I must be fair to say that atrocities commited by US troops inside Iraq are minimal and are of a nature where individual soldiers have exceeded their orders . Evidence of this is the comparison of US military occupation in Iraq versus the cowardly Israeli military enslavement of the Palestinians .
    After witnessing your psychobabbling of incoherent posting and clusterfuck spelling over the 2 day Christmas period I and others are convinced you yourself are a resident of a loony bin .
  10. vincent

    vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM

    Italy condemns cable car pilots

    A US military jury found the jet's pilot not guilty of manslaughter

    An Italian parliamentary commission has branded as "criminals" the crew of a US jet which caused a cable car accident in 1998, killing 20 people.

    The commission said it was clear that the crew and the US chain of command were responsible for the disaster on Mount Cermis.

    It's a shame that these two criminals.. were acquitted

    Ermanno Iaobellis, commission head Only one skier survived when the US Marines jet sliced through cables and sent the cable car plunging to their ground.

    A US military jury found the jet's pilot not guilty of manslaughter, though he and the jet's navigator were dismissed from the marines for destroying a videotape of the flight.

    "It's a shame that these two criminals - because this is what they are - were acquitted.
    So walnut to please you lets take asia, out of the equation, lets take the cable car wire being sheered by a very low flying US aircraft in italy, 20 dead the on board video mysterously lost on return to base, these cowboys went back to the states, there punishment they got discharged, and the pilot got 6 months in jail wow, for killing 20 people thats a good deal.

    You see walnut you can not allow your soldiers during peacetime, to have a free hand to do what ever they want, whether its killing 20 people in italy, or killing a woman in japan.

    The uk soldier who may or may not have raped a american woman in the states, deserves to stand trial in the states, borders are not your passport to commit crimes in other countries.
  11. Neildo

    Neildo Gone

    Well I can't speak for Britain, but:

    - N
  12. vincent

    vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM

    well my guess is on his return to the states from japan, the us courts to punish him, will take all his rambo dvds off him, & strip him of his gang colours, a fitting and just punishment for mugging & killing a japanese woman.
  13. kenworth

    kenworth dude...**** it,lets go bowling

    if you are basing your arguement on a guess of what a military court will decide then you dont have a leg to stand on.
  14. vincent

    vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM

    Well if the italy case that went through US courts is anything to go by, my guess is accurate, and i have plenty of legs to stand on, its you that is legless here, 6 months in jail for killing 20, the soldier in japan only killed one, so its logical as spock would say to assume the judgement here will be far less,
    and having his rambo collection confiscated from him, would fit the crime under current american military law, on killing foreign citizens abroad during peacetime, live long and prosper.
  15. kenworth

    kenworth dude...**** it,lets go bowling

    did the guy in italy kill people through negligence?it seems like it would be a completely different crime
  16. vincent

    vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM

    If a driver through negligence, or from being drunk kills 20 in a car he goes to jail for a long time, a plane is not a toy, he was flying lower than he was supposed too, & his on board cam got lost, showing just what a fuck up there flying skills were.
  17. kenworth

    kenworth dude...**** it,lets go bowling

    please show me a case where a drunk driver has had seperate charges brought against him for each person injured
  18. vincent

    vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM

    Ken you are no legal owl, we both know if you kill someone, while in charge of a vehicle of anykind, and its through negligence you go to jail, a vehicle is a weapon, if put in a fools hands.
  19. kenworth

    kenworth dude...**** it,lets go bowling

    that wasnt what i asked
  20. vincent

    vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM

    kenzty im on the boooxeze a manns got ado whatz a manz gotz a do m,urrzder is nurdser hangz the,m all

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