Blood Groups and Sharing Personality traits?

Discussion in 'Biology & Genetics' started by Kumar, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. Kumar Registered Senior Member


    Following are the tables for blood groups:-

    Many personality traits are indicated here and there.

    However, suppose if somewhat we consider;

    Blood as "health and wealth"

    Cellular/formed element portion of blood as "health"

    Plasma as " controlled wealth"

    "Serum as "unprotected/uncontrolled wealth (as without clotting factors)

    Can we relate behaviour of different people for there giving, taking or sharing type of properties/traits of their health and/or wealth in accordance with the above compatibility tables?

    It somewhat looks accordingly, considering blood groups of myself, my family members and friends.

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    Best wishes.
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  3. valich Registered Senior Member

    No they aren't. There are no personality traits indicated between blood groups. You posted a blood "compatibility" table that indicates what blood type a certain blood-type "recipient" can receive from another. None of your whimsical statements follow from what you posted. You need to understand what a RBC (Red Blood Count)/Plasma compatibilty table is before you start making such weird totally-unrelated assumptions and questions. Absolutely no personality traits are suggested in a blood compatibility table. Study and know what you post before you post it.
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  5. Kumar Registered Senior Member

    It is indicated in link provided by me in the quote of my first post:-

    Mant such personality and behaviour types are indicated here or there on internet. Just look at following link on;
    Japanese blood type theory of personality

    Among many traits, I just thought about their sharing type of mentality involving their health and wealth" giving and taking behaviours(not blood sharing). I mean, "O-" group may have "giving" type of nature on health not wealth based works but sharing or taking from just few alike him.
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  7. valich Registered Senior Member

    This is not what you first posted. What you posted was a blood compatibility table that is used by blood donors and recipients.

    Allow me to post the introduction to the article that you are now citing:

    "It is popularly believed in Japan that a person's ABO blood type or ketsu eki gata is predictive of their personality, character, and compatibility with others, similar to the Western world's Astrology. This belief has carried over to certain extent in other parts of East Asia such as South Korea and Taiwan. In Japan, asking someone their blood type is considered as normal as asking their astrological sign in other countries. Though this theory is dismissed by many scientists as superstition or pseudoscience, much is still unknown about blood types."

    After living in Asia - mostly China, but extensively travelled throughout the area - for almost 15 years, I think I am an expert enough to emphatically emphasize how superstitious Asians in general are. I don't see any credible scientific studies that merit any conclusions of this sort.
  8. Kumar Registered Senior Member


    Btw, O- group are universal donor and AB+ universal receipient. Whether O- type commonly has "giving/donating" type mentality/behaviour whereas AB+ type just opposite? Is it ever studied?

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