Black Holes & Dark Energy a few thoughts

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    Soo... we know that most of matter is very empty.
    atoms(electrons etc to be more precise) have a lot of space between them.
    thus all things comprising of stuff are spongy(per say) in make-up. they contain a great deal more empty space being occupied by moving things.
    Given that matter does come out of Black Holes(stuff comes out which kinda loosely maintains scientific known laws). and... the edge(& more soo centre) of the black hole is unknown as a mechanism of how it works and in what way gravity processes through the event horizon as it pulls matter toward it.
    (i realise i am glazing over many things, i am doing this to get to my thought which i would like people to discuss)
    ... i was pondering the concept of gravity having a potential zero value at the centre of the black hole.
    it occurred to me that if matter is simply compressed so all the space between the atoms is removed then does this help to suggest a potential for the massive amount of gravity beng held as the matter its self is still there. thus the gravity(doesn't break known laws)...
    soo as a passing laymen thought is there some type of action that occurs that instead of infinite compression(as it seems that many suggest there is no such things as infinite...)
    there is something else at play which simply by some type of action, removes the space between atoms ?

    Gravity being maybe some type of by product and conjoint attribute(matter has gravity/mass has gravity) however, the black hole inverts some type of atomic bond process that simply compresses matter allowing gravity to not need what is said to be impossible "infinite gravity and a zero sum at the centre...
    if the centre were something else... what i have no idea.
    i am using occam's razor in basic form to outline the probable need to look at some type of other action happening to allow various laws not to be broken.

    please discus freely
    basic question how does the centre of a black hole work ?
    is there some type of special event that happens in a collapsing star that creates this special thing which may not only be a black hole but some type of special black hole ?
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