Big bang flaws:

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    I come back to the Compton effect, which is connected to the interaction of energy with electrons. The electron will absorb some of the energy and the original energy will red shift into lower energy. The Compton effects makes the sun appear to red shift even though it is not moving away from us. It is reasonable to assume that all stars have a base Compton effect since they all output energy and all should have free electrons on the surface.

    According to the current theory, only the sun shows the comptom effect and all the rest of the stars red shift due to motion. There are no free elections from the end of the visible universe to the earth, therefore there is no Compton effect, that will increase with distance, due to more photon-electron interactions over time. How does the current theory prove this?
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    Please demonstrate the Compton effect makes the visible light from the sun redshift.

    The Compton effect is a process which scatters light and has a strong frequency dependence, so cannot be used to explain gravitational or cosmological redshift which affects all frequencies the same and does not blur images.

    // Edit:

    Compton scattering is just another failed attempt to replace the implications of cosmological redshift by fantasy worlds, without physical evidence. It was examined and found impossible to work in 1929.
    Related to cosmological redshift is the gravitational redshift of light emitted from a star. This too, is something that gets tested.
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    how's your 2012's Doomsday Book coming along???
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    I heard it was due to be published in early 2013.:D
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    It's always risky to take on the big bang theory, but to me it's just like witchcraft. Sometimes I feel like man has never evolved at all. The flaws are so obvious that it is hardly worth pointing them out, it's like Noah's Ark. Christians can't see why it's wrong, but it's very obvious.
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    What's wrong with Noah's Ark?
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    It's obviously incomplete, but it does fit the data.
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    A Galaxy fits the data, and like Noah's Ark it is smaller than everyone has suggested. You are looking at a multi-verse, I say wake up. And I don't want replies that use word semantics. Science isn't about semantics.
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    WTF is that suppose to mean?

    Oh, great now your anti-semantic.
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    Oh nevermind, I can't be bothered.
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    And you're not about science.
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    That's true, I'm about the truth, and nature...Pinchoism.

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