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Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by PsychoticEpisode, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. PsychoticEpisode

    PsychoticEpisode It is very dry in here today

    Why is it when an argument gets real close to refuting God that He suddenly is beyond comprehension? How far into an argument must a non-believer be when the words, 'The Lord works in mysterious ways" come about.

    Take killing people for instance....not ok for us but for God it's anything goes. I know there's been a million debates on that subject but at some point in each discussion, when it becomes abundantly clear that no defender of the righteous can explain divine atrocities involving death, then all of a sudden it's beyond anyone's comprehension of how God works.

    In retrospect, it seems that if God does something that suits the believer then it is completely understandable. People don't seem to have a problem understanding God when He is supposedly up to some good.

    Most believers tend to think that children are God's special gift but if a child is allowed to suffer for whatever reason then God is either in His mysterious mode or He's ok with it for a reason we can't have any comprehension of. If it becomes apparent that God is involved in some evil stuff then the conversation will turn to the right of the divine to be incomprehensible. There must be a law that states for everything that's good there is an understanding of God whereas for anything that is bad there is a misconception of how God works.... seems pretty cut and dried.

    I think the Bible is a direct result.... not of God being beyond comprehension but the world itself. Plus how can a Bible be credible if its main character is incomprehensible? But could the Bible have been written any other way? Probably not. It is a book about two incomprehensibles, the world and its explanation. Scientific discovery is changing that balance and God is losing out. We are no longer satisfied or trusting with the incomprehensible and many leaving the flocks for atheism are realizing that there are explanations for things once thought beyond comprehension.
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    The problem is that you cannot prove God, but God cannot be disproven, either. Asking,"Why?" is foolish. If the president won't answer you, why would a God?
  3. PsychoticEpisode

    PsychoticEpisode It is very dry in here today

    When did they join the forum?

  4. scorpius

    scorpius a realist

  5. Betrayer0fHope


    God, by definition, is impossible. A great way to make those "god's plan"ers think is to present them with Betrayer's Challenge :)
  6. lightgigantic

    lightgigantic Banned

    2 quick points

    1 - science sits smack bang in the middle of incomprehension

    2 - Much like science, when one has sufficient comprehension on the subject, progress becomes possible .... I mean try teaching advanced physics to 8 year olds and see how far you get
  7. PsychoticEpisode

    PsychoticEpisode It is very dry in here today

    I should hope so. Comprehending our world is much different than comprehending an absent invisible Creator God. Clarity over blind acceptance is the rule.

    Religion has been trying that approach for thousands of years. As a result we've got you and your ilk to contend with, not easy.;)

    Note: I have a lot of confidence in what an 8 year old mind can accomplish. If we could ever filter out some idiotic ideologies currently suppressing a young minds advancement, then who knows where it could go. Personally I advocate less time spent in such endeavors and letting the kids develop socially.
  8. Oh brother... Strap in, sit back, and enjoy another ride on the qualifications roller-coaster. I'll just watch.
  9. Michael

    Michael 歌舞伎

    Betrayer's Challenge?
  10. lightgigantic

    lightgigantic Banned

    Psychotic episode

    gee, I wonder how much of science would be comprehended if it began from the premise that it was absent and invisible ...
    I guess an easy way to can any claim to knowledge is to blindly advocate that it has no issues of comprehension to act as a foundation

    and is studying post graduate physics a major one?
  11. lightgigantic

    lightgigantic Banned

    what can I say?
    standard fallacious arguments require standard rebuttals.
  12. PsychoticEpisode

    PsychoticEpisode It is very dry in here today

    The trouble is, it isn't. If it was, then we could make it a God or something along those lines.

    That would make a nice disclaimer. However blind acceptance is the avenue of approach for religion. The Earth is flat by the way.;)

    If religious philosophy can be grasped by a 4 your old then why tell him God is incomprehensible? I'd sooner teach the kid physics.
  13. lightgigantic

    lightgigantic Banned

    Psychotic Episode
    and surprisingly enough, your suggestions on the nature of god suffer from the same flaw
    well welcome to the club, I guess

    and heliocentrism?
    (btw is that another antagonistic stab at xtianity in the name of deeply-dying-the-entire-length-and-breadth-of-all-that-is-claimed-under-the-banner-of-theism I see sprouting from your keyboard again .....)
    its simple for the simple hearted

    post graduate physics?
    poor kid
  14. PsychoticEpisode

    PsychoticEpisode It is very dry in here today

    Maybe, but it made me think. Which of all the religions is the easiest to poke a hole in? Should make it a new thread.

    Personally I don't mind the Xians, I actually don't think of them as the worst man has to offer. Their God on the other hand, well, He needs some work. Too weak to be a divinity of choice in my humblest opinion. Maybe that's why He has to be labelled incomprehensible, a prequisite for such a tag being He does or says so many ungodlike things that followers aren't given much choice.
  15. greenberg

    greenberg until the end of the world

    Certainly not fire and brimstone Christiany. Because fire and brimstone Christianity is based on the assumption that fear and urgency can make the best decisions - and as long one is subject to aging, illness, and death, subject to change, subject to having wealth and losing wealth, subject to gaining status and losing status - this long one is subject to fear and urgency, not having transcended them.

    To really - realistically, practically, not just intellectually - refute fire and brimstone Christianity, one would have to be beyond fear and urgency.
  16. StrangerInAStrangeLa

    StrangerInAStrangeLa SubQuantum Mechanic

    Fear is the root of evil.
  17. greenberg

    greenberg until the end of the world

    How come?
    Do explain.
  18. VossistArts

    VossistArts 3MTA3

    The idea of a god might not be so hard to comprehend. A god is something that doesnt exist in any apparent way, but in concept it does exist and since its a concept without a firm definition, any imaginable conditions and attributes can be applied to it on a whim. It doesnt need to make sense like something that actually exists in the real world. Anyone can say anything they like about a god and it affects absolutely nothing more than conversation.
  19. PsychoticEpisode

    PsychoticEpisode It is very dry in here today

    Sounds so simple and yet I wish it were true.

    Try being Salmon Rushdie or a Danish cartoonist.
  20. lightgigantic

    lightgigantic Banned

    new thread?
    maybe you could call it "sciforums greatest hits" or "now for the thread that has always been on our minds - judging the religious genre by its worst possible stereotype"

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