Better look, higher salary

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    Can a fresh haircut or a touch of lipstick help a woman earn more money in her career? According to a study by University of California it can indeed.
    Findings that link a woman’s grooming habits – rather than innate beauty – with her income were recently published in Research in Social Stratification & Mobility. The study was inspired by one of the researcher's fascination with gender inequality.
    Researchers used data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent & Adult Health, a resource for social and behavioral scientists. It provided evidence of the long-known correlation between one’s attractiveness and earnings: More good-looking individuals reported higher salaries.
    The answer to that is still a bit fuzzy, but what they did find was that grooming explained the entire effect of attractiveness on income for women. In other words, women who put more effort into grooming made more money, regardless of such physical attributes as nice skin or a symmetrical face. Men, on the other hand, while still rewarded for grooming, were also judged as attractive based on biological traits. The data suggest that women need to put in more work for the payoff.


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