belly fat only

example ?
An example is some kind of exercise, that keeps the fat in my fem areas but reduces the fat in my abs.

The net tells me it can't be done, that i why I posted in sci-forums because I figured an expert team of science could prove them wrong.

For example, Michael Jackson, he looks like skeletor. So if I was some kind of master scientist I would make michael jackson eat a bunch of donuts, get fat all in his cheeks and feed him female hormones to put fat in his face. Then, he would say he needs his testosterone because he needs it for his musical drive and stage performance. So as a master scientist what I would do, is develop some kind of method to get rid of his belly fat but keep his fat in fem areas. For instance, I would somehow get rid of the fat of his double chin, but keep the fat above his chin so he doesn't look like skeletor. But to be honest I have no idea how. I thought of liposuction but it doesnt get rid of the chin problem. Second, I haven't the money to do liposuction anyway, so I was looking for some cheap easy method.
I advise you to do cardio exercises and count calories)
I did. I tried it but it only cures the depression for an hour.

Also I tried jogging every day, but no matter what I can't really get into shape or even jog more than 1 block.
Skip the 'jogging' and just walk a few miles every day for a while to get into exercise. :wink:
For example, Michael Jackson, he looks like skeletor.

what possible use other than name dropping to seek to be abusive toward someone is this ?
you are insulting the dead which is a clear sign of very poor education and lack of manners in mostly all cultures.

why would any polite intelligent person wish to help you ?