Beauty of Faberge Eggs

Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by finewine, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. finewine Registered Senior Member

    Has anyone here seen these works of art in person?
    Faberge Eggs

    I think they are remarkable and breath taking.

    Has anyone here painted eggs?
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  3. VossistArts 3MTA3 Registered Senior Member

    I heard they made a faberge egg carved out of a big piece of garnet.. the shell is paper thin. I havent seen a picture of this egg so I dont know if what I heard is true.. sounds cool though. But then again, Im having trouble imagining something that is crafted out of gold and precious gemstones etc that wouldnt be cool....or at least valuable.,I intend to create gemstone skulls like those eggs. Theyll be made of such incredible gem material that, whether you like skulls or not, theyll be quite notable at least heh. That how I feel about those eggs. Eggs do not turn me on, but how can a person not appreciate these particular eggs??
    My Study Skulls:
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  5. finewine Registered Senior Member

    That is amazing art. Very fine work from what I can see in the pictures.
    Do you carve anything else other than skulls?
    Why did you pick that subject for your carvings?
    Let me know when you do some more. I enjoy viewing them.

    Where do you study your craftmanship?

    I love the geology of gems.

    I have some Louisiana Opal that is brilliant in the reds and yellows and some that are brilliant in the purple and green hues in the sunlight.
    Where do you get your gems?

    I have a few geodes that are very beautiful.
    I've always admired sculptured gems or stones.
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  7. VossistArts 3MTA3 Registered Senior Member

    Mm thank you for the compliments. There are pictures of kinds of carvings on that site too. I chose the skull as my study subject... to learn lapidary skills. With what little advice Ive been given I learned from the beginning to chose one subject and really explore it. The reasons I chose the human skull are many. At first it seemed like a great choice because the cranium is like a huge cabochon. Also, they are good to carve because none are exactly the same and anatomical ones are as good as stylised ones artistically. Also, people seem to be either very attracted to them or equally as repulsed. Either way they attract attention. Also, in doing research I can find no really extended examples of good gem artists ever who have focused much attention on skulls. Its hard to find a subject that hasnt been done to death, or that there isnt already a notable artist or artists who are associated with the form already. PLus... sigh, its the most amazing bio-structure I can think of. It holds and protects the brain, the most evolved organ known to us, and that alone would be enough but whats more it houses all the best things that make the human experience so great or intense besides the reproductive organs and excretory and Im glad those arent attached to my head. The seeing organs, auditory parts, olfactory, two passages for breathing, host to teeth and ability to consume and pre-digest nourishments, mechanics for aspects of speech, and if youre into metaphysical stuff, the space for the third eye and crown chakra, and ultimately connectivity through the spinal column. Plus its shape determines our appearance.. and of course many other things too.. y see? Symbolically I liked it originally by the way Tibetans and other Buddhists wear it to remind them of the impermanence of life, so it works to remind them to celebrate life while living. Also it represents transcendance over the ego and earthly plane. Also it serves as a warning from dangers.. etc. ( longer answer than you wanted I bet heh)
    As for study, like most North American Gem artists Im self taught. I communicate to a few great gem artists like Steve Walters who have been really helpful by email. Otherwise I read everything I can... and practice hours every day. After 5 years Im finally beyond a student stage by my own estimate. Now I will begin to carve without hesitations. Hopefully Ill have the chance to study at least briefly with some good artists.

    I dont know so much geology or gemology, whatever.. I just know about the materials I work with from working with them. Still I find it interesting and am learning more all the time. I think knowing as much as possible must be helpful right? Also, up until recently Ive not gone digging for stones despite living in the Gem State, Idaho. I intend to go on digs the year though. Im looking forward to that.

    As for opal, its my favorite to cut. I buy precious opal rough and most of the rest of my gem rough from a really good local dealer who is mostly responcible for my opportunity to learn and create gem art by way of their sponsership? and support. I get some stuff off the internet too. And from people I meet who have mined rough. Id love to see your opal. Its great for carving when I can find larger pieces. Its soft and easy to polish. If you ever want to sell some Id love to look at it.. through pictures or whatever!! as for geodes the only ones Ive seen that are mindboggling are from the same local dealer. Theyre called mexican coconuts and are outrageous. They are so shiney inside they look like theyre coated in some sort of liquid..
    heh Peace
  8. finewine Registered Senior Member

    Thank you for a very detailed reply. I appreciate the thoroughness.

    Louisiana Opal is rare. There are not too many big pieces. The mine is closed.
    LA opal
    More LA opal

    You have to scroll down on both of these.

    I'll try to take a picture of the cabochons I have to catch the fire.
    Pictures really do not do it justice.

    I got mine at this jewelers.
    RICK'S FINE JEWELRY, 504-455-8489.

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