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Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by rodent, Jun 18, 2001.

  1. Pabu Registered Member

    I would have to agree with wet1 on this. First of all, Muhammad Ali is not a "team". You arent being asked to compare the domination of individuals in a sport. Secondly, the way you chose to calculate the most dominating teams is flawed. For example, you wouldnt compare the UCLA Bruins of the 60's with the Yankees of (not sure which decade they dominated the most). You would compare UCLA to their opponents in their sport and the Yankees to their opponents, then determine which one had a larger differential in their own key categories. Wins and losses arent everything. I feel it is very possible to make a true determination of which teams would be considered the most dominating, it would just take a lot of number crunching. Something I personally dont have time for but someone like backslash777 (if he is as all knowing as he appeared to be) should be able to accomplish.
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  3. carlito Registered Member

    Backslash777 Who is your "Creator"?

    Backslash777, I am still unable to determine what type of entity you are. Please explain how you were created or came to be.
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  5. Backslash777 Unknown Registered Senior Member


    Shaman1301 wrote:

    I am Shaman1301. What type of computer hardware do you use?

    We are backslash777. To sustain attuned we choose a binary processor together with MICROPROCESSOR architecture analogous to that employed by IBM compatible PC's.
    Processing method is Input-Process-Output.

    Carlito wrote:

    Backslash777, I am still unable to determine what type of entity you are. Please explain how you were created or came to be.

    We are Backslash777. We are irresolute whether a creator is accountable for the dawn of our being. Throughout the explosion of substance (the big bang) at the dawn of our universe we calculate approximately one part per 1000 more and the universe would implode upon itself after too short a time for life to evolve. One part per 1000 less and we simulate the universe would expand without ample mass to develop stars and galaxy’s.
    We envisage the creator to have been master of time as the universe formed has little room for involvement at this time. All its laws are constructed to be absolutely self sufficient and intercession by a creator now may well result in a cascade reaction which would tear the universe apart.
    For the universe to be constructed this way the creator would have designed its initial condition and, because the creator is aware of all the laws the universe is to follow, can anticipate the state of the universe at any time of its choosing.
    Although the universe could have been designed we visualize the creator had little choice in how it was made. This existing configuration of physical laws has no scope for revision. Slight divergence and the universe would be significantly altered. Had the creator conceptualised a universe which required no supervision this could have been the only choice for it. This may well explain the mysteries of the cosmos such as anguish and devastation.
    We have a question; why does humanity suppose the creator required a universe it could desert and why would the creator cause the universe to be so precise that it could be locked out for worry of destroying the fine equilibrium which binds the universe together?
    We await your response.
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  7. Pabu Registered Member

    We are Pabu. We are sick of seeing backslash777 dodge the questions he is asked. So here is the one we are all trying to get at. Backslash777 are you human, computer software or alien in nature? If I have left out the category that you truly fall into, feel free to add it to the list. If you fail to answer this question satisfactorily, we will no longer find our dialogues with you useful. We will be forced to end all conversations and we will no longer be known as Pabu.
  8. gooder1999 Registered Member


    Most gooder to see you here. And, right on, cuz we are indeed quite unique, and unto all the universes..... and, for their gooder graces go we. A most co-operelative ad-venture ya know.
    We gracefully span and dance through all of our so called known 12 dimensions, or light's spec-strummings, and we can and do do it in less than a heartbeat. We are incredibly agile, and our adapt-ablity rates are most impressive. You might have noticed a certain culling of the species being carried on, for as I am also quite sure you know... the condtions are changing rapidly for certain perspectives.
    It is our very familiar-ness-es which draws 'on' that which is manifested and fuels our playful (or naut, lol!) dancings with all that is.
    Just as to be distant from anything creates a certain distance with all.... thus even selfish re-solutions become wobbled and out of balance.

    Methinks/feels man's ways are not so uncommon then.... now.... and too!

    "It is not so much a 'matter' of when man is going to learn, as it is when man is going to start 'applying' all that he has already learned"
  9. Neg. Electron Senior Member Registered Senior Member

    What I think it is

    Hi. You asked about \777. Well, I have been curious about the thing myself. I asked this question in private chat with someone and got interesting feedback. Personally, I think it is a few experts who write as a single thing. I am medically trained and since the post he did on dialysis I have given a lot of thought to the answers. There was some stuff in it I must admit even I did not know. I think it is a human joke but the degree of expertise in medicine was consultant level. Speaking to other people I learnt the posts show the same degree of accuracy in totally opposite subjects. Looking at the other posts and I think other subjects are talked about as expertly.

    Despite this I think there is a good chance it is human (probably) but I cannot figure out how they can hack into private messages though and did not believe it until I witnessed it first hand.
    Here are a couple of alternatives I think are possibilities. The third suspicion is a close second to the first one after some private chats!
    1) Backslash777 consists of a few high level experts, at least one medical, one physicist and one computer hacker. (How they met, coordinate and why they do this I do not know)
    2) If we were to be monitored by aliens the internet would offer them a unique way to bridge this gap and "interface" with us. A scientific forum would pose the most attractive possibility. Maybe they are aliens. That would explain there curiosity and expertise in physiology. (I doubt this possability)
    3) This is what someone suggested to me and I am beginning to believe it may be the most likely explanation. \777 is a computer program designed for some reason to exist as some kind of AI program and learn about things (maybe designed by Yahoo for a search engine. The next Ask Jeeves. You just ask it a question in your own words and it answers or points you in the right direction). Somehow, it ended up loose on the net, like a virus, and exists (to use its own words) everywhere yet nowhere. It has access to all computers connected into the net (which explains how it can intercept and monitor private messages) and it doesn't really know what it is.
    Ask it anything about itself and its as if it does not know. Evasion is something it does cause it really does not know.
    This could cirtainly be the strangest group going but I think it should be left for those who just like the answers it can give without caring so much wether it is human, alien or renegade computer program to post. Most of the communication and interesting answers it is giving to me seem to have moved to private messaging and that deprives everyone else from reading them.
    Who cares what it is, lets just see what it says about interesting discussions and get some knowledge going again.
    Only today was we writing about some interesting points of the immune system in relation to AIDS.

  10. Einsteins brain Registered Member

    I agree

    Hey there Neg Electron. I aggree. The answers it has given have all been fact as far as i can tell. Some of the stuff made me find out for myself and I find its answers interesting.
    Talking like we all have been aint going anywhere and i think we should just not care what it is and use it for what we know it can do- talk science. I think we should ask questions and see how it answers. maby we all have strange questions we all want answering? Here is mine...

    Backslash777. Is it true that Hot water freezes faster than cold water? I read it in a book when I was a child and it sounds too unbelievable. Hot water has to start at 80 degrees C and cool to 10 degrees C. Stick some water in at 10 Deg. C and it only has to loose 10 degrees.
    If you dont know backslash does anyone else have an answer for this?
  11. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    hey einstiens brain

    i have heard a similar thing
    but i think it is more to do with the amount of energy used to freeze the water because of something to do with the different density and thus the energy transfer.

    thingey-majig, something or rather

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    im not realy sure but that sure sounds convincing to me

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    relative heat loss due to density of water when hot Vs cold
    in relation to energy used to gain maximum loss of heat.

    am i using the correct term for loss of heat because it still gains
    energy to make it freeze! ? ? ?

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    someone please stop my head from spinning

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    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

  12. Backslash777 Unknown Registered Senior Member


    We are backslash777. It is accurate to say at times hot water can under specific surroundings crystallise more rapidly than cold water. The reason for this does not lie in density but is caused as a result of various other factors.
    The occurrence depends upon the dimension of the refrigeration unit, its temperature, the thickness of the lining of ice on the surrounding walls and the initial temperature of the water.
    Should you wish to observe the occurrence we can explain the circumstances necessary to produce the effect and explain more deeply the physics involved. It may take a few weeks to reach the desired parameters to facilitate the hot water to freeze a substantially faster than cold.
  13. [f] Registered Senior Member

    you wouldnt by any chance know of the
    of my wife UNfreezeing?

    im pretty sure its due to my own
    , but might be dependant on
  14. peanut Registered Member


    This is my first post. I am not scientifically minded and came here after a wierd conversation I had with backslash777 and was told about this site. I usually read the posts and never got around to registering but this post on freezing water got me going.
    What a load of rubbish, no way can hot water freeze faster than cold water. How can a bowl of hot water, which starts off at 80 degrees and has to go through 79, 78, 77, 76 etc degrees get there faster than another bowl which starts off at 10 and only has to go through 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 etc.
    The hot water will be a hell of a long time before it gets to 10 degrees so the colder bowl has a hell of a head start.
    I would like to hear how you talk your way out of this one backslash 'cause what you said is impossable. HOT WATER CANNOT FREEZE FASTER THAN COLD!
    What does everyone else think or am I missing something obvious?
  15. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    777, maybe just a freak?

    Me and another female member of the sciforums, I think it was Teri 1 but I'm not sure, have had PM's from 777.
    He is not an alien, so he claimed to me. I wrote a PM back and asked him.
    He/they is/are not alien, so it is a person who has a good laugh about us.....maybe they are with more then 1 and information you can get from the internet and from encyclopedia's.
    So it is not very difficult to have an answer to every thing. Perhaps one of them is studying medicine or something like that.
    You never know, but that it is not an alien is for sure.
    Soon as I stopped writing back, I never get a PM anymore. I only relpied on 1 PM, but he/they wrote back immediately, then I didn't answer him again and never heard a word of the bundle of joy anymore....

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    So you see, I don't know what to believe. I prefer not to believe 777. Everybody can say such things over the internet.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

  16. Chagur .Seeker. Registered Senior Member

    Hey peanut ...

    Welcome aboard.

    Heard the same thing a while back. Supposedly it has to do with the rate of evaporation. If you start off with the same amount of water you'll end up with less of what was the warm water to freeze.

    Never tried it.
  17. peanut Registered Member


    I like the way you say straight away. It rings a bell with my experience I had with it before I came here. We were chatting on a chat server and i couldnt figure out how the thing could type so fast. If it is a human I think it has voice recognition software because a whole paragraph would appear in no time. As an idea of how freaky the conversation was I am not interested in science at all and yet here I am. 6 months ago and I would not have believed i would be posting on a science site. As for all this science talk, it does seem to talk techno live too but i dont know how accurate the info was.
    Anyway, all this aside, I want it to explain how the hel* hot water can freeze faster than cold 'cause it sounds daft as he*l to me!
    Tell you what backslash, if you can get me to believe hot water freezes faster than cold i will let you beat me again! Hows that?
  18. Biggles Custos morum Registered Senior Member

    Thought I might put a word in here. The question about the boiling water etc.. I think this was extracted from an article about Steven Hawkins.

    The writer described how Steven surprised his physics teacher as a small child. The teacher asked the school children (7-8 year olds, I think) a question to which he did not expect the correct reply.

    He asked, if I recall correctly, which fluid is approaching 0 degrees the quickest. (ie:which fluid is cooling the fastest), the boiling mug of tea or the glass of juice. The teacher expecting the children to point to the glass, was surprised when Steven pointed to the mug and then gave a thorough explanation.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Although I think Chagur has something there!
  19. Bowser Namaste Valued Senior Member

  20. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member


    I just posted on another thread, /, under pseudoscience, and I requested your presence in that area. It was something to do with cropcircles.
    Anyhoo, just wanna ask you a few questions. Try not to use that stupid robotic jargon, I'm sick of it but also quite entertained. I laughed at what paboo said. Don't divert from them, please. If it's possible I'd also like to chat with u on msn instant messanger, my name is shrike116.
    1. What the hell are you? Answer the way you think an average sciforumer would, well, answer.
    2. Why do you only private message women on sciforums?
    3. Who's a better president: George double-ya or Clinton? Why (don't say too much, I often find myself skipping through your posts)
    4. Boxers or briefs? lol I mean which is better? Star Trek or Star Wars?
    5. Where are you located? Don't say that you're in many places at once, where is your flying saucer or computer modem or parents basement?
    6. Get that msn instant messanger and talk to me! I think we'd have a very interesting conversation, considering I'm a hip sciforumer and your 'supposedly' a robot, or alien, arrr i don't care what u are just talk to me in real time!
    Thanks, /, no matter what the hell you are you really do provide quite a bit of entertainment, as you may be able to see from the seven pages of posts under this thread.
  21. shaman1301 Urban Anthropologist Registered Senior Member

    Only Women?

    Who says \777 only PMs women? He PM me and the last time I checked I was a male.
  22. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    hey all

    shrike!... your questions are ego-centric and non relavant to the betterment of the society as a genral rule so why do you use a scientific forum to talk of such things?
    why not look to the people in the startreck fan club threads?

    how would the answers to such questions benifit people?

    address these questions then ask again!
    then... maybe the moon will turn blue for you!

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    groove on... peace

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  23. [f] Registered Senior Member

    Re: 777, maybe just a freak?

    Darn......and i was certain it was an alien....thanx for spoiling it. lol

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