"Atheist proves god does exist"

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by universaldistress, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. universaldistress

    universaldistress Extravagantly Introverted ...

    If god is ever proved to exist I would suggest that it will proably be an atheist who does it as they are generally more curious in the sciences. How would that sit with the mainstream religions? Because:

    A, This may be very unappealing to conventional wisdom (will the atheist be held aloft?)
    B, All of the religions except one will be wrong (if not all) (?)
    C, What would this spell for the continuation of any form of praising as god will now be tangible and have his own methods, that do not necessarily relate to conventional wisdom?
  2. universaldistress

    universaldistress Extravagantly Introverted ...

    Have the religious considered this and made any preparation.?
  3. Jan Ardena

    Jan Ardena Valued Senior Member


    Howd'ya figure that out?

    Why are atheists more curious in the sciences?
    In light of this idea, what do mainstream religions have to do with anything?


    Will this be the God of scripture?

  4. quinnsong

    quinnsong Valued Senior Member

    Which scripture the one that Jan believes?
  5. spidergoat

    spidergoat alien lie form

    Yes, they have prepared huge "I told you so" banners.
  6. drumbeat

    drumbeat Registered Senior Member

    No one will ever disprove/prove his existence with philosophical debate. In fact its impossible to do it with science, maths or anything.

    Only God himself could prove he exists. Nothing will ever disprove he exists.
    Get over it.
  7. spidergoat

    spidergoat alien lie form

    Science can already disprove the Abrahamic God beyond a reasonable doubt, it's just that there are other conceptions that cannot be disproved (usually because they do not define God's attributes).
  8. drumbeat

    drumbeat Registered Senior Member

    Yes. There will always be someone saying "there's someone up there looking over us". Even when humans go "up", they will say he is even higher.
  9. universaldistress

    universaldistress Extravagantly Introverted ...

    1, You assume god doesn't want us to know. Maybe the prerequisite for contact is discovery? You assume that traditional concepts of god would apply.

    2,I agree that we can never prove god doesn't exist because he may always be beyond.

    3, I stated IF god is ever proved to exist. So IF god is proved to exist it would make sense that someone interested in the boundaries of science would make that discovery? Praying and praising has failed so far to acquire evidence as is blatantly obvious when discussing with religious-types.

    Is no one willing to counter with an argument rather than stating the obvious? It was a generalisation of a probable stat projection I was asserting.
    This being the opening to the further points I made that nobody seems willing to tackle.

    Is there a selective pondering process going on here?
  10. universaldistress

    universaldistress Extravagantly Introverted ...

    Ha ha. Because what would christianity (as example) make of an unbeliever holding such a coveted position. We aren't talking about a dubious visitation. We are talking about tangible evidence. Would this sit well with the main theist establishments?

    Which one lol?

    Anyway, what has scripture to do with it when most of the scripture will be proved false? Or do you believe the different religions are alligned?

    Atheists is a big grouping. Some willing to entertain notions of possibilities of god, some not. In Britain (as an example) there are a darn sight more people who don't believe than who do. And within the sciences I would say that the percentage is higher still. So if discovery of evidence of god is a fringe thing, which is suggested by traditional religions total lack of scientific (find the truth) evidence. Then it holds that science pushing outwards or inwards will be the source of discovery.

    This point is only the opener. Can You tackle the following A B and C in an logical way?
  11. gmilam

    gmilam Valued Senior Member

    Which concept of "god" are you talking about?
  12. universaldistress

    universaldistress Extravagantly Introverted ...

    Is specific scripture relevant here?

    Lifted from forum guidelines:

    Religion is more interesting from an atheist's view than it is from a theist's. Atheists are prepared to engage in all aspects of discussion about religion as above. Theists seem to just want to avoid these ideas?
  13. universaldistress

    universaldistress Extravagantly Introverted ...

    Any all or none, whatever your preference.
  14. universaldistress

    universaldistress Extravagantly Introverted ...

    What? Told us erroneous info? as if god does exist, most of them are going to be wrong . . .
  15. gmilam

    gmilam Valued Senior Member

    You're the one who asked, I assumed you had a definition in mind. 'Cuz, unless you define the word, there will always be dispute on whether or not what was discovered is really "god".
  16. SciWriter

    SciWriter Valued Senior Member

    Scientists are the ones who look everywhere, not theists, notably Victor Stenger, who took all of science into account, writing a book to summarize it, finding only the natural and nothing extra, super, or beyond, and this is for a Theity who is even supposed to be everywhere, doing everything. Even one measly counterexample would have sufficed. Victor is also atheist, so he was sure to look in that particular regard. The conclusion is that absence of evidence, for a Theity, is indeed evidence of absence.

    I don't even use this surplus argument for my disproofs of God, because mine must apply to a Deity as well. Yet, for a Theity, which is the greater notion of the three main religions, it works fine.
  17. universaldistress

    universaldistress Extravagantly Introverted ...

    God in all definitions is the creator of the universe?
  18. gmilam

    gmilam Valued Senior Member

    No. Pantheists believe god is the universe. God is everything and everything is god.

    Not much to prove there, as the universe obviously exists.
  19. universaldistress

    universaldistress Extravagantly Introverted ...

    There is no difference. Intention or not. It is only a word away
  20. gmilam

    gmilam Valued Senior Member

    I don't know. I've found that different people mean different things by the word "god". It has a lot of baggage attached to it.

    To me, the universe is the only thing I think is worthy of the title. But I've found that referring to the universe as god just confuses people.

    That's why, whenever anyone asks me if I believe in god, I ask them to define the word for me... Just to make sure we're on the same page.

    We seldom are.

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