Atheism is a belief.

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I know how to use a dictionary.

  1. Yes, and I incorporate its info.

  2. Yes, but I still like to make up definitions as I go along.

  3. No, I believe in "Truthiness"

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  1. Tht1Gy!

    Tht1Gy! Life, The universe, and e...

    Atheists, and their "Our Lady of the Scientific Method", refuse to see their position as one of faith!
    Not one dictionary supports "soft atheism" or whatever it called.

    If I propose a position based on the definition of a word, and every dictionary in which I look the word up gives a definition other than mine, and they are ALL consistent with each other, tell me, is it sane or rational to continue to assert that the dictionaries are wrong?

    I looked in five major dictionaries and two encyclopedias, and they all said basically the same thing: Atheism is the belief that there is no god.

    They (the dictionaries) do not refer to it as simply a 'Lack Of Belief' in god, that's called agnosticism.

    Show me two or three Reference Books that support Soft Atheism or what ever you call it.
    In english.
    This does not include books by "some guy/gal" or wiki waki pidea.

    Just as a point of reference I'm Wiccan/pantheist:
    for more on my point of view. If you care that is.
  2. draqon

    draqon Banned

    Everything is a belief. We cannot not believe.
  3. Cyperium

    Cyperium I'm always me

    Exactly, as long as there is reason there is belief.

    We only know things that are there for no other reason.

    A rock sits calmly on the ground, has no purpouse, no actual meaning of being there. That is knowledge, for what purpouse it is there if it has meaning, that is belief.

    We can only know what we see, reality "as we know it".

    They cannot know that God doesn't exist, that is a belief. They have made a object in mind, what ground does that object have if not belief?
  4. draqon

    draqon Banned

    there is always reason, there is always a belief.

    a rock has a purpose, just like you and I.

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  5. snake river rufus

    snake river rufus Registered Senior Member

    Atheism may be a belief, but it is grounded firmly on logic.
  6. Tht1Gy!

    Tht1Gy! Life, The universe, and e...

    Someone once said to me: "until you understand 'rockness' you will not understand why there are rocks"

    I believe that some sort of mind created things like 'the big bang' but doesn't much pay attn. to minutia, like prayers.
    Which are, IMO, the first level of idolatry.
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  7. Tht1Gy!

    Tht1Gy! Life, The universe, and e...

    sez you!
  8. draqon

    draqon Banned

    everything is based on logic. Perspectives of that logic, is what truly matters. Whose logic is it? What is perceived as chaos of thought?
  9. ashura

    ashura the Old Right

    The problem is your distinction between lack of belief and disbelief. If one does not believe, they're in a state of disbelief and are thus atheists.

    dis·be·lief /ˌdɪsbɪˈlif/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[dis-bi-leef] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
    1. the inability or refusal to believe or to accept something as true.
  10. draqon

    draqon Banned

    that "something" is limited to that something and not everything.
  11. ashura

    ashura the Old Right
  12. draqon

    draqon Banned

    I am just stating that which is apparent to me. No question is being formed by me, I wait for nothing in return as an answer.
  13. snake river rufus

    snake river rufus Registered Senior Member

    Says most everyone who knows how to apply logic to reach a rational answer.
  14. Repo Man

    Repo Man Valued Senior Member

    Great, more semantic false equivalence. My lack of belief in the existence of Santa Claus is a matter of faith?
  15. Tht1Gy!

    Tht1Gy! Life, The universe, and e...

    I did not use the word disbelief, and neither do the dictionaries I reviewed.
    A simple lack of belief would be agnostic.
    I said all the reference books I looked in said "A belief there is no god." not a lack of belief in god.
    the former is an active position and the later is passive.

    Look, I have no problem with agnostics or atheists for that matter, I just think it's intellectually dishonest to argue for atheism and disparage theism, but actually not believe either.
    (not including when one takes a "devil's advocate" POV)
  16. ashura

    ashura the Old Right

    Funny, the one I use regularly,, has both active and passive:

    a·the·ism /ˈeɪθiˌɪzəm/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[ey-thee-iz-uhm] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
    1. the doctrine or belief that there is no God.
    2. disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings.
  17. Tht1Gy!

    Tht1Gy! Life, The universe, and e...

    ... which can be read as "I know you are but what am I".

    Tell me, are these the same folks who used "reason and logic" to decide to drop the atom bomb.

    My point is "reason and logic" have been the cause of much suffering in the world.

    Many 'think' they are are reasonable and logical but don't have a clue.

    The witch hunts and the trials were convinced of their logic and reason.

    GWB and crew think that they are very reasonable folks.

    The "Flags of Reason" hide much insanity. And are used to stifle response.
  18. Tht1Gy!

    Tht1Gy! Life, The universe, and e...

    and which one would that be?
  19. ashura

    ashura the Old Right

  20. Yorda

    Yorda Registered Senior Member

    Atheists are not believers, they are observers. Scientists don't believe in God because they observe that he doesn't exist.

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