As an Atheist what do you teach kids?

Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by EmptyForceOfChi, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Please point out WHAT you asked and WHERE you did so:
    I fail to see one single question in that post.
    Maybe I'm missing something... or maybe you are.
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  3. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned


    Oh my god,, i have asked about your children more than twice now, i have also asked how many children tyou have had to e xplaind eath too.

    See you don't even read my posts you just read the first line or something and type some crap.

    And I told you enough times already THE TITLE OF THE THREAD ISNT THE ONLY QUESTION, you don't get to tell me what im asking in my own thread, I have asked manyt hings in many posts. I don't give a damn if every question wa snot mentioned in the Title or the OP Threads develop and evolve and you ignore everything that i have posted nearly. i have asked you repeated times to group all your points together into one detailed post but noope you still cling to your old tactic of breaking it down into as many seperate points you can to score kudos from each point you think is xcounted by some magic fairy and tally it all up.

    You dissregaurd tons of my points and expeiences and not to mentiopn Again certyain Q's.

    now your excuse it they ar enot int he OP so im not answering the,m
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  5. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    Are you F serious? thats it go away fuck off.
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  7. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    Your trying to frustrate me or something im takiong a break from this thread i need some fresh air and a finger break anyway,
  8. dsdsds Valued Senior Member

    I'm not referring to "awkward situations". Questions dealing with death of a close relative or child's fear of his/her own death are not awkward situations. What gets to me is parents who say "I will never lie to my child (about god)". For many, many people, life is shit. Shit that some of us lucky ones can not even imagine. Religion was invented by people to cope through the shit. Living life or coping through life is (sometimes) more important than truth.
  9. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Okay, I'll make it simple for you. Please get someone cleverer than you* to read it out - I don't have children.

    Not a clue. I don't keep track.


    Okay. So what does your "ugly child" have to do with the OP or the thread title? How does "atheism" come into it?

    Which was done. And you were given a link to that post.

    And, as I have pointed out more than once: personal testimony is not evidence.

    * i.e. almost anyone other than you.
  10. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Perfectly serious.
    You accused me of replying to your post and not answering the question.
    There was no question in the post.

    Are you truly that intellectually defective?
  11. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned


    Hmm, I do believe in truth alot and i really do believe that god is the truth and that this life isnt just a one time wham bam thank you ma'am.

    But even if i were a hard aatheist i just could not tell litle children that they are going to die soon (life is short you know this death is just around the corner for us all)

    It does make them sad and it makes you sad too, I really don't want to start preaching this is the Ethical philosophy section not the religion forum so i cannot talk as aloosely here as i have done in the dedicated forums to religion.

    Read my thread on the quran and i can explain to you how this is the right way and the emotional proofs are there if not the scientific proofs, the emotional proof that we go need to believe in god and heaven or we are sad in our heaarts.

    I don't think you are a bad person from how you have explained yourself. you genuinely understand it makes them sad and you are not in denial o this sadness. but what im trying to stress here is the absolutely negative impact this has on a child especialy a child who is in the "pure innocent" stage of his or her life.

    Don't take any notice of my boasting that isn't my intention here espeicaly not towards the good people, it was simple a way for me to attract all the nnegative people into admitting they basicaly don't care about the happiness of children over their own personal hate for god and religion and even his messengers. I am a deciever i admit this i do lie to the enemy and i stand by these tricks of warfare and am not ashamed of using them either. just how the nice atheist guy/girl i think it was a she or a guy who is intouch with his emotions atleast. who would lie to save pain.

    Because this is what it boils down to doens't it if you want to sacrifice your childrens happiness in this life for the sake of themf ollowing your footsteps into atheism and hate for god, not all atheists hate god some simply just think it is a fairy tale and those people usualy leave religion well alone and dust their hands with it.

    But it is these militant atheist who claim it to be "fairy tale" then dedicate huge chunks of their one and only life on earth fighting against the god they claim doesnt even exist.

    they are corrupted people with venom in their words, there is still hope for many of you tot urn back now and stop doing this to our children. i really do care about these kids any kid i don't care what kid any little child i want to protect them and comfort them and This is my motive and my agenda, this is why i know i can't lose this debate because I know my motives are pure and i know they are fueled by hatred for god where as im fueled by love for our children and love for god ofcourse.

    Think about what is really important, especialy if you really think there is no heaven, that means you think you will never see them again when you die, so make the best of it on earth while you can. i don't believe in the thing im about to say and i in no way consider it truth and im not denying god but i will for a second go against my beliefs just to articulate and convey this message to you even though i don;t want to do it.

    If this is really your only life, and we are all going to die and be forgotten when the universe or world ends one day anyway. whats the harm in telling them they are gong to heaven man, is it really such a bad thing to just let them die with peace of mind? to let them live without fear and worry?. i dont believe it is a lie and i believe that it is all real but even if you don't cant you see the beauty of it can't you see how it helps them cope? so what if it's a crutch so what if it's a secutity blanket it makes them happy and they are our children isnt comforting them and making them live in peace our job as elders?

    even though im in my mid 20's im still an elder tot he little kid's i have a responsibility to bring them happiness and so do you and everyone else.

    Peace be with you
  12. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned


    Ok you know what you win, whatever your stance is it's right. i see you answer like 1-2 questions and they wasnt even the main ones. you said "why do you assume it will make them happy to believe in heaven"

    Because it does make them happy and it does bring joy to the kids open your eyes and look around you man. they are happy when they believe im not making it up they really are. maybe out there somewhere there is a child who hates the idea of living forever in eternal bliss but i havent met one who hates it yet. i havent met a kid who actualy says "i want to die and never see anyone i love again" "i dont want heaven for me and my friends and my family"

    Have you met these kids? the ones who hate heaven?
  13. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    I don't think it's ethical at all to prey on a child at their most vulnerable time, in order to spread a religious ideology.

    Children have to know that they won't die any time soon, that their mommy or daddy didn't mean to leave them alone, and that they will be taken care of. They have to know that this life is worth living, even if our time is limited.

    The question of god or atheism is one of the most important ones, it is the beginning of philosophy, which is why atheists are concerned about it.
  14. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Your ego writing cheques your brain can't cash...

    And another assumption.

    Which is nothing to do with the point. Straw man.

    Oh dear. Where have I, or anyone else, claimed this? Straw man.
  15. gmilam Valued Senior Member

    I would definitely teach them that life is too short to argue with idiots.
  16. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned


    How can you garuntee a child or anyone for that matter wont die tommorow?. I could die before sunrise and im well aware god could take me at any time. Life isnt long it's short.

    You think it is "preying" on the children to try and comfort them with hope for the eternal future?. what kind of hunter stalks his prey and offers them words of wisdom messages of hope and hoy and brotherly love for mankind? what kind of hunters do you meet? they sound wonderfull.

    What do you suggest we do for our kids then tell them all "look theres no meaning to life i dont know anything and when you die thats it"

    Is that really a better message and something that will be better for the child's emotional stability and comfort?

    You say atheists are concerned aabout it, but why if you already concluded it's false?, see i think alot of so called atheists deep down have a burning desire for all of this to be true and the reason why they keep attacking the believers is because they want to one day meet somebody who can give them that proof, they keep debating because they want confirmation of the unseen!, they want to know what happens when they die, there is a glimmer of hope left underneath all the fear and all the doubts they still deep down inside wish that it is all true.

    But when you become scared you pass that fear on to the kids when they have a chance of pure faith from childhood, why do you want to strip them of this faith? you know full well that if you give me a group of 1000 children and dont interfere in me raising them all i can turn them all into loyal servants and believers of the most high, and you know i can make them believe when they are really young. why do you think most theists want to home schoolt heir kids, we dont want you guys Ripping the faith from their poor little souls like the monsters you really are underneath all the political correct bs you claim you cannot disguise yourself from me, thats why i call these people scumbags because it's true. selfish little scumbags and im not taking it back i mean it. But even though i think they are scum i still want them to believe and join us because i see hope for you all.
  17. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned


    Ugh i was just saying it because i hate discussing things with you, I can't bond with you or connect you reject everything and are so fused with your negative emotions that you can't even form a basic human connection with me because im a believer and i try to spread the word of god, and you hate it admit it.

    You have won nothing I just can't seem to even debate with you you have a repelling spirit and you just negate and dispel all that is good.
  18. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned


    Yeah and what would you teach them about death how would you handle your little child comming to you saying "daddy i just thought about dying" what would you do?
  19. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    So much so you specifically invited me into this thread...

    Ah. What you're saying is that you persist in making assumptions about me and can't actually refute my points. And have no actual evidence to support your claims.

    Yeah yeah. Another cop-out failure.
    Put it down my "repelling spirit" as opposed to your own gross failure to come up with valid arguments. It makes it so much more satisfying to your ego doesn't it?
    One more comforting fairy tale...
  20. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned


    See what i mean you are impossible, god has put like 500 seals on your eyes and heart.

    It would be easier to be totaly assumption free if you actualy bothered to express your opinions in detailed posts. I have continually asked for your stance on many things and it's like you won't even share anything. i am just repeating myself with you, and there is some serious problem with our communication. can;t you see im like completely opposite to you and we are not compatible and our debates just go in circles.

    Maybe it's not you maybe there is something you can't even control stopping me from reaching you, sometimes I think you cant eeven understand what im saying or even talking about. sometimes i cant even understand you atall and i do not understand your position or stance or snything. it's like you just want to argue you don't want to have a constructive discussion or come to any form of mutual understanding.

    Im not "copping out" i have tried to my own furstration to debate with you for like 10 pages and i still don''t even understand what your talking about or where you stand on the issue. h*** for all i know you might even think im totaly right because your not clear to me.

    I have asked like 5 times now foreyou to write down a nice long post explaining all your opinions regarding the things i have said in all these numerous post's group all your poin'ts together and your opinions on this overall discussion and debate.
  21. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    I could probably tell children they can eat candy for every meal forever and it would make them happy. But as a person who wants them to grow up into functioning adults, I would encourage them to know the more subtle and healthier joys of vegetables. It's our job to prepare them for a happy healthy life in this world. It's our job not to lie to them. There is no evidence for an afterlife. And there is no need to believe in one to be happy.

    "If god is so great, why did he kill mommy or daddy in the first place?"

    I certainly don't want there to be a god, and I'm very glad there is no evidence for it. Faith is poison, because it robs us of the very thing that make human beings so special, our intelligence and reasoning ability. It's quite possible that believing what adults say on faith provided an evolutionary advantage. You don't want a child to question why not to linger at the water's edge because there are crocodiles there, you just want them to obey. But this faith makes them vulnerable to bullshit about god and santa and the easter bunny, and if they take it too far they end up burning people as witches or mutilating their children's genitals for allah.

    If you really want to be ethical, let them make their own decisions when they come of age, a child cannot possibly have the intellectual capacity to make an informed decision about religion. There is no such thing as a Christian or Muslim child. To encourage faith in children is child abuse.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2011
  22. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Inane claims again.

    Since this thread, and others where we have engaged, have been about your claims then why do you need "detailed explanation" of my opinion?

    Correct. You won't discuss the topic at hand and keep seeking to divert from the fact that you don't actually have anything other than hearsay, bigotry and opinion.

    Yup. I'm rational.

    Your ignorance? Probably.

    No, it's a failure on your part to address the actual issue. I understand you.

    A mutual understanding? When your stance and argumentation is irrational? Right.

    Then you obviously haven't read my posts. Or if you have read them your comprehension is lacking.

    And I have told you each time you have asked that I have already done so and have at one point actually linked you to that post.
    Do you see the problem now - you're irretrievably stupid.
  23. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned


    The child wont be able to eat candy forever if he doesnt ecist forever.... come on man scan your own words.

    You have the mentality of an atheist too thats why you see death as a bad thing, "why do mommy and daddy have to die if god is so great" this shows that you see death as a bad thing and something that isnt nice.

    Dying and going to heaven isnt bad its brilliant, dying and not existing is bad because we don't like it, we waant to live! it is built into our instinct to survive so why all of a sudden to you quit your survival mode upon death?. yes we reproduce but your still amditting defeat when you yourself die and are no more.

    You have no idea what children are like when they are young do you, how can you leave them utnil adulthood and reject and deny all their mass amounts of questions? how can they even get to adulthood before somebody answers them when they ask? if you refuse tot ell your kid's why they exist and what happens when they die they will seek knowledge from somebody else hopefully somebody like me! who can lead them into happiness.

    No such thing as a muslim child? want to bet on that? check this out then she is a 2 year old muslim.

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