As an Atheist what do you teach kids?

Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by EmptyForceOfChi, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    When they ask you what happens when you die what do you tell them?,. do you tell them "well see here son when you die worms eat your dead shell and then you never exist again?." or do you cop out and say "I don't know" (borrowing an agnostic teaching)

    Or do you actualy have the nerve and audacity to steal religious teaching and (to your own understanding) Lie outrigfht to them and actualy try to teach them religious ways about heaven?. Like you would lie about the fake tooth fair and fake easter bunny and fake santa that you all love lying to your kids about.

    Or do you just hope they shut up and stop reminding you of your own death secretly that you deep down resent and hate to think about maybe?.

    What comfort do you offer a child who lost her parents when she asks you what hapopened to mummy?

    Be Honest now Atheists and dont even try lying to me it''s better you just hide from my question and not even dare come into my arena and challenge my justice and morals.

    Are there any Honest atheists here who want to really engage me int his debate? are you man and woman enough to be honest and admit you lie to them and steal our teachings of an afterlife?. or are you the bold kind who tells them how you really think it is? you tellt hem how the worms will eat their lifeless shell while they enter into oblivion never to exist again? never to see anyone or open your eyes again?

    Well what say you?
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  3. Pinwheel Banned Banned

    I tell them I don't know what happens.
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  5. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    So you are an Agnostic, if you say yes then this thread was not intended or directed at you it is directed at Atheists only. If you say no then Why do you (From your own understanding) Lie to the child instead of telling them what you think the "truth" is.

    Do you protect little children from "the truth" surely Truth is better than lying to them no? or do you have to lie to them (from your own understanding of what is true) because simply your stance on the subject actualy offers 0 comfort or any shred of hope and joy?

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  7. phlogistician Banned Banned

    Telling children there is an afterlife is telling them lies. I would tell them the truth, that when we are dead, we are gone.
  8. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    I want to see all the Militant Atheist in this thread on the double!.

    People like Dw and M*W, Watch how they Cowar and hide from this thread, they only show up when they think they can say "Prove it" they love the religion sub forum where they can run rampant with their boldness. But this is the Ethics and morals section. and I offer proof, emotional proof, don't tell me the tears of those little children are not proof's they are more real than any proof you can give me.

    Come on all of you militant Atheists I challenge your morals and your justice and your Ethics, Come now and My words will defeat your words, Let's see what your Atheist offers when confronted witht he tears of the beautiful children of the world.

    This is a direct challenge Atheist Vs Theism I will represent Theism All Vs me I don't need anyone else to come and back up my side. I challenge every one of you Militant atheist's right now and don't act like you didn't see my thread.

    Khalid ibn Walid the second is challenging you right now consider my words the sword of allah, my existence Vs your existence Who is Righteous and who is the true Coward.

    Lets go
  9. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned


    So you have given yourself the position of "knower of the truth" and you are saying to me that you have proof that there is no after life?

    You sounded very confident in your convictions you didn't take the logical Agnostic stance you went right for gold didn't you.

    So As the famous saying goes present your proof and back up your claims that the afterlife is a 100% lie that you know for sure.

    How do the poor children you have told this thing to feel? how did they take it let me guess they said "cool we all die and then it's over how great"

    Im sure you are the life of the childrens party.
  10. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    You tell me the actual response of a little child that you actualy told those things too. What did he or she say after? were they happy? did they find comfort in your words?. did they find joy or hope in what you said? Did you even care or take note of what the emotional reply was?

    How did you feel after telling the child they will rot in the dirt and be forever a void int he aabyss of non existence?.

    Hmm? what effect did it have ont he child growing up? did you contribute tot hem feeling depressed? did you lift the spirits of the child? did you see happiness in the eyes ocne you told them?
  11. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    Hmm you type slow must be your slow fingers, I could have typed 20 rebuttles by now and still have time to read my Khalid ibn walid material source of study while drinking a cup of tea and talking to my neighbors over the fence.

    Her i have a great muslim boy as a neighbor he is 8 years old and a pure hearted kid, a kid who actualy asked me 2 days ago "Does god create allt he animals to test us and see what we do to them?" Such intelligence and curiosity.

    Want me to get him right now and bring him tot he keyboard? you can tellh im your theory of dying and what happens after to your consciousness and soul. It won't have the same effect though because he would say "Thats not true " because he is wise for his age and he is also happy and content with hope.
  12. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    I don't have any children but if I did I would try to let them ask questions that they want answered and answer them as honestly as possible. I would also teach then right from wrong either by watching TV, reading or just talking about what's going on around them. There are many ways to teach children without making up myths about invisible beings that are always watching them trying to scare them into being good.
  13. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    Darn Phlo I took a walk around out the front down the road n came back fed my kitten and read the mail/post. and i return to no reply? come on this stuff is childs play.

  14. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    This is a better response,

    But how would you answer these very direct questions I mentioned in the OP?, whent he childs family member has died and they ask what happened what do you say?. and if you have experience in dealing with young unhappy kids who are upset you will know they don't just take one simple answer until you explain the whole of existence.

    I might not have tons of fancy masters degrees but something I do have is real life experience and im sharing one right now.

    The kids will say "so why" and then you answer than they say "why" and then you answer the third time and they want to know more. more, ore more until you have explained everything inthe universe tot hem just to justify that one death.

    They don't just accept "she died and is gone" they ask "where has she gone" and then you tell them an answer and they say "why did they go there" you might tell them "they died" then they will say "why did they have to die" you say because we all must die" and they say "whats the point in living then if we all just die"

    then you say well we live on int he memory of our loved ones, "the kid turns around and says "what about when allt he humans are alld ead" whos memory are we left in

    What the hell do you say then "well life in the long run is a big pointless piece of crap. and there is no point.

    Think about this carefully Spider because i actualy like you and i think you are a good person i would hate too see you live your whole life and still not understand what really matters.

    What really matter sisnt how much science we can do or how much money we can accumilate. the really important stuff is things just like this. the reality of a child crying and they turn to YOU. this child is depending on YOU and only YOU for the support, care, advice, love, hope.

    Do you really want to offer them eternal death and worms eating your dead carcass? because that's the reality of atheism. and it is a dark and gloomy way.

    peace be with you man
  15. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    PLeas be reminded that if you are an atheist you will come out of this thread defeated and a loser.

    This is the Afganistan of threads, enter here at your own caution and yes im being bold you think I don't know what atheism is? you think i wasnt an atheist too?. you think i havent covered all angels before being so bold in my convictions and putting the title of sword of allah upon myself?. taking khalids name and you think I will lose?

    This is the afganistan of threads and it is the graveyard of atheism, I will prove to the world that atheism offers no hope for those crying children, all of the mothers and fathers reading this, drop your degree's when talking to me. drop your Title of meaningless Crap that you have learned it wont help you here. Remember you are mothers and fathers first and your children are what matter, Atheism offers no comfort for your beautiful children.

    I give my word that I will destroy all of your debates and i wont even make an effort i will do it as casualy as i talk about the football scores.

    I will be banned before I lose a single skirmish int his thread, and that is your only hope of victory here, you will have to ban me to win and Cheat to get victory. as long as I can type i promise you that you will all walk out of this thread losing. go and prepare a 20 page post that took your 5 hours to write and i will smite it with one off the top of the dome freestyle.
  16. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    The smart people will avoid even entering this thread and they will act like they don't see it, the foolish will enter and get PWNED just like phlog and his dismal attempt.
  17. sifreak21 Valued Senior Member

    you know whats funny.. i know cathlics christians and atheists.. out of all 3 the atheists are teh ones who let there children make up there own mind where as the other 2 force there kids into the church. so if you want to point fingers do so at the religious now this is my experence of the people i know
  18. Dywyddyr Penguinaciously duckalicious. Valued Senior Member

    Cower and hide?
    Some of us sleep and do other things.

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    Go ahead. Offer proof.
    Tears are "emotional proof" of what exactly?
  19. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    That the person has died.

    I just use the internet to show about evolution. Science would be a very good guide to use in helping anyone understand how human life evolved.

    I'd try to show them many good points about my own life as well as many good examples of the wonders that humankind has done over the centuries with buildings, medicine, art and a myriad of other inventions and ideas.

    I would explain that their friends would miss them and remember them in their hearts.

    The reality is that you die like everything else that has ever lived but I'm being cremated not stuck in a coffin to let those pesky worms eat me up. If you are cremated there's no darkness but put into a coffin there's always darkness because no lights inside the coffin.

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    True so I won't make up myths and stories about invisible beings that they need to be watchful for. I'll be supportive, honest and caring about them.
  20. sifreak21 Valued Senior Member

    sorry efc i cant stop laughing.. you have been proven wrong so many times and humiliated here yet you keep at it.

    your statement just proves the point that the losers are the religious because the actually think they are better than others because the believe in a fairy tale.. yet you want an actuall debate. which might i add say you and dyw got into a debate he would DESTROY you but you will keep skating around it if he actually did call you out.
  21. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned


    That's not answering my direct questions is it, your just trying to take shots at theists without acknowleding any of my posts and direct points.

    So come on lets hear what you tell your children about their death i want to hear what you have yourself actualy told children, or havent you ever even done this?

    I want details what were the responses and reactions of the kids how did it effect their life. and dont event hink of making up lies i will thoughroughly and constantly fire multiply questions at you guage your reply time and scan for any inconsitancies.
  22. sifreak21 Valued Senior Member

    efc please keep going im on the verge of crying due to laughing so hard.. i havent had a good laugh like this in along time i should thank you
  23. sifreak21 Valued Senior Member

    lol again EFC the point of the topic is how does an atheist teach there kids and in my response.. maybe you just didnt actually read it.. i state that the atheist i know support there kids in whatever they want.. wehre as theists actually force there kids to go to church and hear the BS spewing from the mouth of the pastors.. in response to theis ridiculous statement. i DID answer the topic at hand you just didnt want to see it

    my brother is a teacher.. when i visit his classroom "elementary" i have been asked that and my respons is just like CS's i tell them that when we we pass we will be burried. and always rememberd by thoes who love us in there hearts. and there reactions varied one was having a hard time with a grandparent passing and i reassured them that the grandma will always be in there heart and memories of her will never be forgotten. to remember all the fun times and the child went from crying to happy and started telling me how great of a grandparent.
    couple things here
    1. i dont see how detailed responses matter
    2. telling them the truth rather then 100% speculation about heaven and hell and flat out lying to them is a better route to take.
    3. you are far far far FAR from a professional psychologist. so i dont see how trying to be one is goning to help you it will infact just show how false your thread actually is it should have stated "As an Atheist what do you teach kids? so i can tell you how wrong you are"
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2011

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