"As a Jew, no place but Israel is home "

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by S.A.M., Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Michael 歌舞伎 Valued Senior Member

    Actually that's quite interesting. That guy's family was from Lebanon and I asked him if he felt guilty that he was living on stolen land. I mean, WTF? He cares more about Palestinians then AU Aboriginals?!?!? For ONE, he's not Palestinian and for TWO he's living on stolen land!!!!

    Didn't he see the hypocrisy????

    He said, and I shit you not, that he was only living in AU to spread Islam to people of the world as God commands.

    WTF? Excuses are like arse-holes everyone's got one.

    Didn't he think that MAYBE the Jews think God commands them to return to Israel???

    That's different. Islam is the true religion.

    I ended the conversation there. He would come up to me for YEARS wanting to talk about religion so he could continue to justify his response but I just didn't bother. It's all the same whether Jew, Xian or Muslim: One God, One Book, One Prophet/Messiah/whatever.....

    I mean, come on. There is NO making sense. Again, I don't mean to point out the obvious, but you're Indian SAM. IN DEE IN

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    Imagine there was this Jewish family. Some of their kids remained Jewish, some became Christian, some became Muslims. They would fight with one another all the time. Somehow they suckered YOU into worrying about THEIR bullshit? Daily.

    Weird huh?
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  3. Michael 歌舞伎 Valued Senior Member

    I liked living in Japan and enjoy my time in China :shrug: I actually prefer to be a minority to tell you the truth. If I could have gotten a decent paid job I'd have happily stayed in either.

    Not that it matters, and normally I wouldn't talk about this sort of thing, but I was the only person who tutored the only Aboriginal at the Medical School I worked at - she had failed one year, and was failing when I met her, and with a lot of work she eventually did pass her exam and eventually got her MD and is now practicing medicine as a GP for Aboriginals. She had a hard life. She also often mentioned she didn't "Think" like we did and it made doing her studies difficult. She couldn't figure out whether it was her or White culture. I said it was probably just a language thing because she started to think there was something wrong with her. Which there wasn't. I once told her: SO she wasn't a anal-retentive stuck up douche bag? I'm sure she'd still make a fine MD

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    I don't live there anymore, but, I'm happy that she is now working to make a difference in the Aboriginal community.

    As for Native Americans, I had a really REALLY hot Native American girl friend whose grandmother was (before she passed away) her tribes' Chief Priestess.
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  5. quadraphonics Bloodthirsty Barbarian Valued Senior Member

    The number of states in the world today not based in some variant of ethnic or religious nationalism can be counted on one hand. This is how the world divides up territory, and I find it - shall we say - suspicious that you choose to focus exclusively on Jewish people in this regard.

    Even if this (blatantly prejudicial, unbacked) story is accurate, I don't see what relevance it has to anything.

    Yes, we covered that already. I'm still waiting for you to examine the premise that a Jewish state in that part of the world is necessarily incompatible with Palestinian rights and aspirations, as such.

    North America isn't the Middle East - such speculations don't have anything to do with anything, even if we could interrogate these people as to what they think.

    Which suggests the obvious resolution: Israelis should stop oppressing. That doesn't require uprooting Israel, as such.

    No - but that circle wasn't fashioned by Jews, nor were they put inside it by Jews, nor is it maintained by Jews.

    You might as well ask if a black American is "capable of moving out of the circle where being black is always a consideration." Instructively, you'd sound a lot like the oblivious white supremacists around here.

    Then I suggest you go review his statements to that effect, if you want to understand where he's coming from. Assigning all of his views to "Jewishness" is not an honest, honorable project - it's a way to produce ugly propaganda. Which is not the sort of thing that adults who want to be taken seriously as moral critics of ethnocentricism do.
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