Artificial Intelligence--What issues do we need to currently focus on?

Discussion in 'Intelligence & Machines' started by ricardonest, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Pincho Paxton Banned Banned

    If a zero particle always moves its radius, and its radius is always 6 you get the universe. If you scale the particle down by 6, but reset your measure so that it is also scaled down by 6 nothing needs to be changed. You can still use 6 as your new measure but you are in a different dimension. If you look at the shape that this creates it is an infinite fractal. You only need a single program loop to keep repeating this process. Then humans come along, and with them they directly evolve to interact with their scale. The eyes evolve to pick up a colour scale, the atoms connect with the atomic scale, an acid enters at a smaller scale and disrupts the larger scale. Really, you shouldn't be struggling like this in your own area of knowledge.
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  3. wellwisher Banned Banned

    Some hardware considerations, used by the brain, could make it easier to develop AI even with software. In the brain, rest neurons are a misnomer since they exist at highest potential. This is due to the pumping and exchanging of cations to form a membrane potential of about 100mv.

    When sensory input enters the brain from the eyes, neurons fire, which means they will lower this potential. The release of energy allows entropy to increase. This means from simplicity to complexity, resulting in a cascade of firing toward lower energy. The sensory triggers the release of energy, which then increases an entropy cascade, which also follows the potential.

    The brain, via individual neurons, will then restore the rest potential of higher energy. It is quickly ready for another cycle, down the potential gradient via cascade firing entropy.

    If one prefers a programming approach to simulate the brain, it would require a way to include something like potential tags to data heirarchy. This is sort of done via comparisons, with higher likelihood ready to cascade. Hardware does this with energy tags, with is more absolute, while programming uses a combination of objectivity and subjectivity.
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  5. Brett Nortje Amateur stripper Registered Senior Member

    The most important thing is to give the computer an image of self. If it is to recognise itself on a network, then it would have awareness of itself. Does it have self awareness on the network? It realises there are things it cannot do to other computers or folders or whatever, but, does it truely recognise some of the netwrok as itself?

    I think we have already given the computer a self, now it needs to recognise that as being itself. This could mean that we would need to program the computer to cater for itself, by regularly counting the amount of space available, and making it want more to be available or used. How does it want? If it were to be told somethings are good, and others are bad, then it would be able to search for the optimum amounts or values.

    Could this be the first step towards consciousness?
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  7. Macunfadebo Registered Member

    how do you even know you are being told some things are good and others are bad?

    first you'd have to know the language, for that you'd have to want to learn the language, but with the way you said this would only be possible if you were told that leaning the language is good, but you can't know you're being told that
  8. BIGBRY Registered Member

    If mankind is on the path to destruction,how will the history books record it?
  9. kmguru Staff Member

    I have a Financial issue for USA and Europe. They are asking for a solution. I ma thinking of using AI? Any issues?
  10. kmguru Staff Member

    They will decide it is about Suras and Asuras...Good and bad people faught and destroyed each other...
  11. Hertz Hz Registered Senior Member

    This reminds me of another thread: generating electricity. The artificial intelligence should generate it's own power (unless it uses solar power.)
  12. kmguru Staff Member

    It can, provided I find a better system via the Quantum Electronic Technology...if such product can be made...
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