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Discussion in 'Intelligence & Machines' started by Baal Zebul, Jun 18, 2004.

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  1. G71 AI Coder Registered Senior Member

    The number of hits suggests that a bunch of people read this thread. Is there anyone who is really

    - developing algorithms and/or
    - designs DBs or
    - just has some practical ideas

    for some sort of general intelligence system?

    Baal, the question above is not for you. Thank you for the time you spent trying to somehow address some parts of my previous posts. I have no more questions for you.
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  3. lone_philosoph3r Registered Member

    Hello all
    This might not be completely related to the subject at hand, but I needed some answers. Recently I created a bot at this website:

    As you know (especially Baal), this does not actually constitute AI, its nothing but structured responses based on already entered data. But, as claimed by the website admins, the bot did start learning a lot. I had set the bot to be a 'world conquerer'. However, the bot doesnt 'know' about it. Apart from a few responses where the bot is supposed to say 'taking over the world' or 'I will take over the world', I did not program any thing else. So I was really surprised when I asked it 'What kind of person are you?' and it responded 'The conquering kind'. There was know way it could have made it up through earlier conversations because I never mentioned it before. Now, it did talk with a few other bots on the site once in a while, as its profile shows me. How in the hell did it have the AI to reply with totally new words and totally new sentence structure?
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  5. Baal Zebul Somewhat Registered User Registered Senior Member


    it is rather difficult to say since i do not know how your bot works (btw, url did not work)
    hmm, a few thoughts.
    If you set it to be 'world conquerer' and it bent that word to 'conquering' then you have a bloody good built-in grammar system or somebody has told it the word 'conquering'.

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    My guess is that somebody told it the word 'conquering'
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  7. mercurio 9th dan seppuku sensei Registered Senior Member

    Knowing something about how such simple bots are built (AIML), it is very likely that it is just one of the preprogrammed answers built in by one of the many people that have fiddled with the response files.

    No AIML bot seen to date has such (not so mind-boggling btw) grammatical capabilities, even. They cannot count either, or extrapolate anything in any way.

    As far as 'real' AI is concerned, they are a dead end. Eliza could fool a lot of people at the time because they were unfamiliar with the whole concept.

    Nowadays a 12 year old would not fall for it for one minute. We've become much better critics, for one. Familiarity breeds contempt, remember?

    Life is what the least of us make most of us feel the least of us make the most of. [Willard Quine]

    Feed that to your bot and see what it 'thinks'.

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